The New Centipede Barrier from Ibex Supplies

Fans of the Turtlegate expandable barrier will be very interested to learn about our new Centipede Barrier. It’s a new retractable barrier designed to be light, robust and simple to use. Ideal for any situation, indoors or outdoors, where the flow of people or traffic needs to be controlled.

Controlling the flow of pedestrians and vehicles is an important part of facilities management. Whether for public safety, to direct traffic flow around maintenance, slip and trip hazards, an incident or something else, having a fast and lightweight barrier is key.

The new Centipede Barrier

The Centipede Barrier takes the already excellent design of the Turtlegate barrier one step further. Constructed of aluminium and measuring either 1.2m or 1.8m in height and expandable to 2.1m in length, this new crowd barrier is something else!

The Centipede Barrier has eight wheels instead of six for increased stability, contracts to just 400mm and weighs just 24.5kg (1.2m high). This new expandable fence uses interlocking latches so it can be easily extended across a road or walkway and can be used indoors or outdoors.

The Centipede Barrier is available in yellow, red, black or grey and can even be powder coated to any RAL colour!

The Turtlegate Barrier

The Turtlegate Barrier from Ibex Supplies is our class-leading expandable barrier suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Measuring 1.3m or 1.8m high and expandable to 2.1m in length, it’s a very flexible tool that weighs just 26.3kg (1.3m high).

When closed, the Turtlegate Barrier measures just 430mm and rests on six wheels. This enables efficient storage when not in use and safe transport. Locking connections ensures you can chain barriers together to provide longer traffic control without being cumbersome or too heavy to manoeuvre.

The benefits of using expandable barriers

Both the Turtlegate Barrier and the new Centipede Barrier deliver a simple yet robust crowd barrier for use in a range of situations. With awareness of public safety at an all-time high, organisations need a simple way to control foot and vehicle traffic around hazards and away from work. These expandable fences are the answer.

Some of the benefits of expandable barriers include:

Easy to store and manoeuvre

Your crowd barrier needs to be easy to store when not in use. The concertina design requires minimal storage space and is very easy to move. Both the Turtlegate Barrier and Centipede Barrier have robust wheels that enable easy transport from storage to deployment.

Both barriers fold into a small, easy to handle package and expand quickly with minimal effort. They can both be linked securely and daisy-chained across any area to provide effective control over traffic.

Safe to use as well as providing safety

Any public safety product is only effective if it is safe for users as well as those it is trying to protect. Both expandable barriers are light for their size, easy to move thanks to those rugged wheels, can be locked shut while in motion and can be easily extended and locked into place.

Wheels negate the need for heavy lifting and the wheels have been specifically designed to work on most surface types, including uneven ground.

Effective at guiding traffic

You often see expandable fences in railway stations and on the London Underground. There are few more effective ways to direct traffic away from work, hazards or places you don’t want people to go.

They are also effective at redirecting vehicular traffic as well as foot traffic. They are high enough to be seen from a distance and come in highly visible colours. The Centipede Barrier can also be powder coated to match organisational branding.

Cheap to buy and use

The balance between cost and quality has been struck perfectly with the Centipede Barrier. It is cost-effective enough to be bought in bulk while delivering quality construction, innovative features and longevity.

These expandable barriers have been designed specifically to work both indoors and outdoors. The rubber wheels with tough plastic inserts roll easily in most conditions and won’t mark delicate floor surfaces. Aluminium won’t rust and the powder coat finishing will survive almost any weather conditions the UK could throw at it!

Optex To Launch New Vehicle Sensors At Intertraffic

(STAND  07.102B.OPTEX, the leading manufacturer of detection solutions, is to launch a new series of highly reliable and very easy to install vehicle sensors in Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) at Intertraffic – the world’s leading trade show for traffic solutions – held between 20th and 23rd March in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The ViiK vehicle sensor series will comprise two models: the OVS-01GT, designed for gate, barrier or industrial door activation and the OVS-01CC as a moving vehicle counter. Both sensors are centred around Frequency-Modulated-Continuous-Wave (FMCW) technology.

The above ground ViiK vehicle detectors are an ideal solution for sites where ground loops cannot be installed, such as where the road surface is damaged or unsealed, paved with cobblestones, or above drains or pipes.

The ViiK OVS-01GT model, which combines Microwave with Ultrasonic technology to sense both a vehicle’s movement and presence, is especially suited to sites where induction loops may have previously been considered, but the customer does not want disruptive ground works.

The OVS-01GT detects the presence of small or large stationary or moving vehicles within 5.5 meters while ignoring human traffic. It is easy to install; unlike ground loops, no civil works are required as the device is mounted at circa 500mm from the ground. The OVS-01GT connects to an automatic gate, barrier or industrial door operator, and includes menu programming, five sensitivity settings and five human cancelling selections, all with one-button calibration. It suits simple gate activation applications as well as being part of state of the art parking systems.

The OVS-01CC can detect and count small or large moving vehicles up to 60km/h in single lane applications. The vehicle counter can similarly be mounted quickly and easily on a pole or wall at 90 degrees. Its detection area (up to eight metres) can be customised with eight range settings, five sensitivity settings and one-touch calibration. Perfectly suited for counting cars in open retail parks, or monitoring traffic in high streets.

Jacques Vaarre, Managing Director for OPTEX EMEA, says that after having successfully launched the new range of vehicle detectors and counters in Japan and in North America, we are delighted to introduce the ViiK range to the EMEA market at Intertraffic: “It gives users a viable choice over ‘traditional’ ground loop sensors; both models are highly reliable and very easy to install. By choosing an OPTEX detector, you are losing none of the performance, but gaining all of the benefits by not having to dig up the roads or disrupt traffic.

“Step by our booth at Intertraffic to learn more about the vehicle sensor applications and to get acquainted with these new sensors in the Optex sensor product range.”


How to secure your property or land with a Portcullis Automation gate

PortculisAutomationGatePortcullis Automation Gate, whether it be commercial or residential, we all worry about the threat of theft. Avoiding such crimes can be an ominous challenge for many property and land owners.

Burglaries and vehicle theft are reportedly on the rise in the UK in 2017 and this should be a warning for everyone, including businesses. With UK crime previously on the decline over the last twenty years, many people may be guilty of resting on their laurels regarding security however that twenty year decline is now forecast to end. Read more

Cova Security Gates wins Manufacturing Business of the Year 2017 and celebrates three decades of success

Cova_SecurityCova Security Gates, the leading manufacturer of quality perimeter security equipment, has been awarded Manufacturing Business of the Year 2017 at the prestigious Gatwick Diamond Business Awards. Being recognised for its continued innovation and commitment to customer service in this way comes at a significant time for Cova, with the company celebrating its 30th year in business. Read more

Heald Ltd launch the new innovative Evolution Bollard

HEALDBOLLARDSOn September 1st 2015 – East Yorkshire firm Heald Ltd proudly launched the new and innovative HT1-Evolution high security rising bollard.

The unique design of the Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) bollard means it can be installed at a depth only slightly greater than the height of the actual bollard itself with no loss of protection.

The one metre rising bollard requires an excavation depth of just 1.1 metres but is strong enough to stop a 7.2 tonne truck travelling at 64 kph (40 mph). Read more

Heard Launches Unique New Em Anti Terrorist Security Bollard

Heald Anti Terrorist Security Bollard H1 EvolutionEast Yorkshire firm Heald Ltd today proudly announces the launch of its innovative new HT1-Evolution high security Anti Terrorist Security Bollard. 

The unique design of the Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) bollard means it can be installed at a depth only slightly greater than the height of the actual bollard itself with no loss of protection.

The one metre rising bollard requires an excavation depth of just 1.1 metres but is strong enough to stop a 7.2 tonne truck travelling at 64 kph (40 mph) Read more

Procter Automatic Security Gates launches new specification checking service for architects and specifiers

Security Gates Procter gate hazardsProcter Automatic Security Gates, a UK leader in the design, manufacture and installation of automatic swing, sliding, telescopic and bi-folding gates, is launching a free specification checking service for architects and specifiers. This service will help to ensure that new powered gates comply with all current safety standards and Read more

Three Tests, Three Passes for Heald’s Surface Mount Sliding Bollard System.

Surface Mount Sliding BollardHeald’s HT1-Matador3 and HT1-Matador4 surface mounted sliding Bollard automated systems achieved PAS68:2010 zero penetration classification no less than three times in recent crash tests.
The system is available in two models: HT1-Matador3 and HT1-Matador4. Both comprise of two static outer bollards; the HT1-Matador3 has a single inner sliding bollard, and the HT1-Matador4 has two inner sliding bollards. Read more

Heald to exhibit at ASIS International 2012

Heald t ASIS InternationalWe are pleased to announce that Heald Ltd are attending this year’s ASIS International exhibition at the Pennsylvania Centre, Philadelphia between 10-13 September 2012.
Our manufacturing partners in the USA, Ross Security Systems, will be exhibiting our shallow mount HT1-Raptor system as well as showcasing our other systems such as our Surface Mounted Matador and shallow mount HT1-Viper Roadblocker.
We would be pleased to meet with you on stand #864 to discuss any security requirements you may have.
If you would like to arrange a meeting with myself and Rod Heald, please confirm a date and time convenient to yourself, alternatively we look forward to speaking with you anytime at the exhibition.
Please see link here with details of the event, if you would like to view our products in the meantime, please visit our website
We look forward to meeting with you soon.

The Surface Mounted Fixed Bollard Matador Stands its Ground Again

Surface Mounted Fixed Bollard HT1-Matador3

Surface Mounted Fixed Bollard
The latest innovation by Heald the HT1-Matador has now had its fixed bollard tested, the same impact test was undertaken on one of the single fixed bollards.

The test comprised of one of the HT1-Matador’s end bollards being crash tested at a 45 degree angle, it successfully arrested the vehicle with zero penetration and zero dispersion. Read more

Age Proves No Barrier For APT Flexible Bollards

Flexible BollardAPT Security Systems, the high-end specialist security integrator, has created a bespoke version of its Flexible Bollards Range to complement the existing bollards installed by Southend Council for various road safety applications.

The Essex council had been using another supplier for the bollard installed on pavements to protect kerbs, pedestrian crossings and car park entrances, but was Read more

The Strong Arm of High-Security Barriers

Tests confirm Avon Barrier Company’s latest rising-arm anti-terrorist security barriers are the strongest manufactured to-date

Avon Barrier Company has launched its latest rising arm barrier – the EB1400CR Trojan which is also the strongest barrier of its type it has designed and manufactured to-date. The barrier has been specifically developed to meet threats posed by extreme Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) attack and offers one of the highest levels of protection available anywhere in the world, states Avon Barrier Company. Read more

New Venture Brings Bavak Proven Vehicle Access Control Technology to the UK

BavakA new joint venture between Bavak BV and ParkSecure has been launched to bring a new range of perimeter security and access control technologies and specialist support services to installers and end-users throughout the UK and Ireland.

The Dutch security group Bavak BV already has a large installed-base Europe-wide, with gates, barriers and blockers protecting a number of high profile military and government sites. Read more

Plantscape bids to foil ram raids and terror attacks with a new security planter

security planterThe UK’s leading supplier of floral features is helping to save lives and protect property after developing a security planter capable of stopping vehicles carrying out ram attacks. Plantscape, based in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, has successfully tested a new version of its self-watering planter to the BSI PAS 68 standard after it withstood a horizontal impact test involving a 2.5 ton Toyota Hilux pickup travelling at 64km/h (40mph). Read more