The Surface Mounted Fixed Bollard Matador Stands its Ground Again

Surface Mounted Fixed Bollard HT1-Matador3

Surface Mounted Fixed Bollard
The latest innovation by Heald the HT1-Matador has now had its fixed bollard tested, the same impact test was undertaken on one of the single fixed bollards.

The test comprised of one of the HT1-Matador’s end bollards being crash tested at a 45 degree angle, it successfully arrested the vehicle with zero penetration and zero dispersion.

HT1-Matador3The HT1-Matador fixed comprises three or four fixed bollards mounted onto a specially designed plate, it is truly surface mounted and requires simply bolting to an approved concrete foundation. It therefore has the unique advantage of being installed on a permanent or temporary basis.

It is bolted into place by specialist fixings available from Heald. It also has the option of being fitted into the ground, rebated 125mm in a site specific foundation.

It is another revolutionary new product which requires no additional ties or anchor points, it simply sits beside your entrance barrier and secures the perimeter.

HT1-Matador3It can be fitted in conjunction with other Heald products such as HT1-Matador moving automatic bollards or HT1-RaptorShallow mount HT1-Viper blockers or any of our other products.

This now means that any of our automatic HVM barriers can be fitted with added advantage of a complete perimeter solution.

For more information, please visit HT1-Matador3 and HT1-Matador4.

Patent application number: GB1119393.5

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