Heard Launches Unique New Em Anti Terrorist Security Bollard

Heald Anti Terrorist Security Bollard H1 EvolutionEast Yorkshire firm Heald Ltd today proudly announces the launch of its innovative new HT1-Evolution high security Anti Terrorist Security Bollard. 

The unique design of the Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) bollard means it can be installed at a depth only slightly greater than the height of the actual bollard itself with no loss of protection.

The one metre rising bollard requires an excavation depth of just 1.1 metres but is strong enough to stop a 7.2 tonne truck travelling at 64 kph (40 mph)

That was what the HT1-Evolution achieved in the stringent new IWA crash test and it was fully operational afterwards.

Crash tests for Hornsea-based Heald Ltd’s range of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation security barriers are so spectacular that videos go viral on YouTube.

Unusually there is no central cylinder inside the rising bollard, contributing to its strength and durability. It is raised and lowered by incredibly strong belts, powered by an electro-mechanical motor or by hand-wind or battery drill.

The HT1-Evolution is available with stylish stainless steel covers, in a range of colours, to blend in with any environment, making it an ideal choice for locations where high security is needed but a low profile solution preferred.

The sleek design features no trip or trap hazards, making it extremely safe for members of the public.

Easily operated in a variety of methods – manually/battery drill/electro mechanically operated/hydraulically operated – You choose the method. All of these options are available with the new Heald Crash Tested Evolution Bollard

Where automatic operation is required the Evolution bollard is available with a variety of access control options, it can also be operated with in an EFO (Emergency Fast Operation) where required.

The bollard is also available with a range of sleek covers and can also be supplied with granite or stone inset in the base plate to enable integration with any surroundings. 

Company director Debbie Heald commented: “This is another great day for Heald. We have been looking to design a suitable EM bollard for a while now and have come up with a fantastic product for not only Inner City sites but also sites which have limited or no power, the bollard can be operated by a standard battery drill!  It is another great innovation from Heald providing a much needed solution for our customers.”

Patent Application Number GB1514970.1

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