The New Centipede Barrier from Ibex Supplies

Fans of the Turtlegate expandable barrier will be very interested to learn about our new Centipede Barrier. It’s a new retractable barrier designed to be light, robust and simple to use. Ideal for any situation, indoors or outdoors, where the flow of people or traffic needs to be controlled.

Controlling the flow of pedestrians and vehicles is an important part of facilities management. Whether for public safety, to direct traffic flow around maintenance, slip and trip hazards, an incident or something else, having a fast and lightweight barrier is key.

The new Centipede Barrier

The Centipede Barrier takes the already excellent design of the Turtlegate barrier one step further. Constructed of aluminium and measuring either 1.2m or 1.8m in height and expandable to 2.1m in length, this new crowd barrier is something else!

The Centipede Barrier has eight wheels instead of six for increased stability, contracts to just 400mm and weighs just 24.5kg (1.2m high). This new expandable fence uses interlocking latches so it can be easily extended across a road or walkway and can be used indoors or outdoors.

The Centipede Barrier is available in yellow, red, black or grey and can even be powder coated to any RAL colour!

The Turtlegate Barrier

The Turtlegate Barrier from Ibex Supplies is our class-leading expandable barrier suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Measuring 1.3m or 1.8m high and expandable to 2.1m in length, it’s a very flexible tool that weighs just 26.3kg (1.3m high).

When closed, the Turtlegate Barrier measures just 430mm and rests on six wheels. This enables efficient storage when not in use and safe transport. Locking connections ensures you can chain barriers together to provide longer traffic control without being cumbersome or too heavy to manoeuvre.

The benefits of using expandable barriers

Both the Turtlegate Barrier and the new Centipede Barrier deliver a simple yet robust crowd barrier for use in a range of situations. With awareness of public safety at an all-time high, organisations need a simple way to control foot and vehicle traffic around hazards and away from work. These expandable fences are the answer.

Some of the benefits of expandable barriers include:

Easy to store and manoeuvre

Your crowd barrier needs to be easy to store when not in use. The concertina design requires minimal storage space and is very easy to move. Both the Turtlegate Barrier and Centipede Barrier have robust wheels that enable easy transport from storage to deployment.

Both barriers fold into a small, easy to handle package and expand quickly with minimal effort. They can both be linked securely and daisy-chained across any area to provide effective control over traffic.

Safe to use as well as providing safety

Any public safety product is only effective if it is safe for users as well as those it is trying to protect. Both expandable barriers are light for their size, easy to move thanks to those rugged wheels, can be locked shut while in motion and can be easily extended and locked into place.

Wheels negate the need for heavy lifting and the wheels have been specifically designed to work on most surface types, including uneven ground.

Effective at guiding traffic

You often see expandable fences in railway stations and on the London Underground. There are few more effective ways to direct traffic away from work, hazards or places you don’t want people to go.

They are also effective at redirecting vehicular traffic as well as foot traffic. They are high enough to be seen from a distance and come in highly visible colours. The Centipede Barrier can also be powder coated to match organisational branding.

Cheap to buy and use

The balance between cost and quality has been struck perfectly with the Centipede Barrier. It is cost-effective enough to be bought in bulk while delivering quality construction, innovative features and longevity.

These expandable barriers have been designed specifically to work both indoors and outdoors. The rubber wheels with tough plastic inserts roll easily in most conditions and won’t mark delicate floor surfaces. Aluminium won’t rust and the powder coat finishing will survive almost any weather conditions the UK could throw at it!