The Latest Non-Confrontational Body Armour Design

Non-Confrontational Body Armour PPSShivizstabvestUK headquartered PPSS Group have now launched newly designed Non-Confrontational Body Armour ‘Tabard Style’ stab resistant vests, aiming to improve the appearance of those wearing them.

We all know too well that some professionals wearing body armour can certainly sometimes be perceived as aggressive, confrontational or authoritative looking.

This doesn’t make us, the general public, feel any better when Read more

How can Body Armour Help Britain’s Security Guards to Stay Safe?

Body ArmourBody Armour for security guards, every shift can bring a number of risks – some minor, some fatal. Security personnel are hired in various capacities across the UK: patrolling shopping centres; keeping business estates secure; guarding gated communities; providing close protection to VIPs; and monitoring public & private events. Each assignment can bring its own threats, from knife-wielding shoplifters to armed thieves.

To ensure you can protect your clients to the very best of your abilities, you need protection too. Body armour can defend against multiple weapons, such as knives, needles, and guns. However, there is no one-size-fits-all vest to protect against all risks – there are armours to defend against most weapons. SafeGuard Clothing take a look at each, and see how they can help keep you safe. Read more