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RISCO leads the way with launch of RISCO Smart Home

Risco Smart Home IriscoRISCO Group, the leading global manufacturer of end-to-end solutions for the professional security market, has announced the launch of RISCO Smart Home – its first complete connected home security solution.

RISCO Smart Home aims to provide end-users with a professional security system that boasts intelligent home automation; combining video monitoring, energy management, smart access and easy control of lighting. Continue reading...

CIAO! – Comfort Intelligent Home System Now Speaks IIalian

Intelligent Home SystemCytech Europe’s COMFORT INTELLIGENT HOME SYSTEM now speaks Italian so all the home automation and security system voice responses can be heard in Italian instead of the standard English language version.

Italian now joins Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Chinese and Thai language versions of the COMFORT system. Continue reading...

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