CIAO! – Comfort Intelligent Home System Now Speaks IIalian

Intelligent Home SystemCytech Europe’s COMFORT INTELLIGENT HOME SYSTEM now speaks Italian so all the home automation and security system voice responses can be heard in Italian instead of the standard English language version.

Italian now joins Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Chinese and Thai language versions of the COMFORT system.

Cytech Europe Limited is the UK distributor of the Comfort Intelligent Home System that incorporates a KNX-enabled, advanced intruder alarm system, a home automation system that can control lighting, appliances, heating and airconditioning, an 8 mailbox voicemail system and doorphone intercom system.   Comfort products include designer scene control switches, digital answering machine, hand-held remote controls, talking keypads.

Comfort is recommended and fitted by a nationwide network of custom installers in the UK and Ireland listed on the website: under Contacts.   Comfort products are available from UK and Irish distributors listed on the website.

See the Comfort Video: