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As well as your feature being posted on the website your latest news will also feature in our monthly e-news which is distributed to around 70,000 security industry professionals.

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More Info

Website stats

5000 Monthly visits
9100 Page views
84% New visits

Traffic Source

67.02% Search engine
18.51% Direct traffic
14.26% Reffering sites
0.21% Other

Traffic by Continent

46.80% Europe
30.21% Asia
16.59% Americas
2.97% Africa
3.40% Oceania

Target Market

UK and World Security Industry Manufactures, Managers, Buyers, Installers and Professionals.

Image Requirements

E-news image File Size

We recommend keeping file sizes less than 1MB. Larger files load slowly in subscribers’ inboxes.


When sending in images, use JPG or PNG format. You can use GIF format if you need to retain transparency, but keep in mind that this format supports fewer colors.  A GIF can be good for a logo or icon, but stick with PNG or JPG for photos and other images that use a lot of colour variety.

Color Mode or Profile

Web images should be set with the RGB mode.

Image Sizes

Your image will be set in 300×300 as anything out side can be cropped.

Banner Adverts

125px X 500px Sky scraper banner adverts Files JPG, Animated GIF.