Grand New Video Surveillance Certified Course from Mayflex

Grandstream training now available from Mayflex

Video Surveillance Certified CourseMayflex and Grandstream Networks are working together to bring customers the opportunity to become Grandstream Networks IP Video Surveillance Certified Course with their new exclusive training courses.

Mayflex has expertise in IP surveillance solutions and is dedicated to supporting customers who want to learn more about installing these products.  Already offering courses on ACTi, Mobotix, Milestone and a general introduction to IP, this new course on Grandstream demonstrates how Mayflex is committed to helping customers. Read more

SANYO to offer HD camera technology training courses

HD camera technology training coursesSANYO has announced that it will be offering HD camera technology training courses to educate end-users, specifiers and consultants, installers, system integrators and distributors on how to design, install and commission a CCTV system based around Full HD camera technology.

“Since the beginning of 2010 we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of people who wish to learn more about our Full HD camera range,” said David Hammond, European Sales Manager for SANYO’s CCTV division. “It is clear that there is a hunger for information on how to capitalise on the substantial benefits offered by Full HD camera technology. We have therefore decided to invest in the development of four separate modular training courses, all of which will be certificated and tailored to cater for the specific requirements of different types of stakeholders, i.e. end-users, consultants, installers/system integrators and distributors.” Read more

BSIA publishes guide to access control for the education sector

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has published a new guide to aid the education sector in the application of access control systems.

Education sites face a variety of threats including theft, vandalism and trespass. Therefore, safeguarding the wellbeing of pupils and staff is paramount. Access control systems can do just this by protecting assets as well as ensuring the physical safety of everyone onsite, whilst maintaining the continuity of education by preventing disruptions caused by theft and damage. Simple to use, access control systems are effective and provide staff and pupils with the high level of crime prevention they deserve. Read more