Code Handle® protects a physiotherapy practice with secure, stylish PIN-operated handles

London, September 2019 – In all medical settings, people are coming and going all day. Therapists leave their personal belongings in changing rooms, patients want privacy in consulting rooms, open or unlocked doors can be an invitation to opportunists. Yet keeping track of mechanical keys can be a tiresome task for a small practice. There is a solution: the Code Handle PIN lock from ASSA ABLOY.

In Irun, in Spain’s Basque country, Fylab sought easy electronic door security for their consulting rooms. These rooms house expensive specialist equipment for the various therapeutic disciplines offered by Fylab. Requirements were straightforward: a simple, secure, keyless access solution designed to work in a facility that gets a lot of daily traffic from professionals and the public. They needed a locking device that is easy to retrofit and incorporates a contemporary device design to match with Fylab’s modern medical workplace.

The Code Handle PIN-locking door handle added electronic security to three consulting-room doors at Fylab — without wires or cables. Two screws fit a Code Handle to almost any interior door (between 35mm to 80mm thick). You don’t even need to change your existing door cylinder.

“I am no artist or handyman, but I managed to fit the handles within 10 minutes,” says Fylab founder, Borja Saldias Retegui.

Code Handle has many advantages for a small medical practice

Code Handle adds electronic security to almost any interior door without disrupting its aesthetics. If you need to secure a door facing a public space, Code Handle does it subtly and with zero hassle. At Fylab, Code Handle devices locks both wooden and glass doors, keeping equipment and therapists’ personal belongings safe.

“We like the solution a lot because we can do away with keys,” adds Borja. Code Handle removes the need to track cumbersome keys or install expensive access control. Because every Code Handle allows up to 9 different PIN numbers (4 to 6 digits), all authorised staff at Fylab can have their own security code. The practice manager cancels or amends PINs at any time using the master PIN. Two standard batteries (CR2) slot inside the handle, typically lasting 30,000 lock/unlock cycles before replacement. It’s simple.

“Code Handle is unique in comparison to common code door locks: it has the code function and battery incorporated inside its handle, so you don’t need to make extra modifications to your door,” explains Lars Angelin, Business Development Manager for Code Handle at ASSA ABLOY EMEA.

Auto-locking is another helpful feature. When the door closes, Code Handle locks it automatically. You don’t need to put down whatever you are carrying, and no one can open it from the outside while you are not looking. To keep the door open briefly, you simply hold Code Handle down for 5 seconds and it remains temporarily unlocked. For convenience, Code Handle always opens freely from the inside.

“Code Handle provides the most simple solution for access control in a small facility,” says Borja.

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Videx Strengthens Flagship VX2200 Door Entry System

Videx, a leading manufacturer and supplier in access control and door entry systems, has improved its flagship VX2200 door entry system, by introducing a lift interface module which enables lift control via the entry intercom within an apartment or office.

The 2216 is the latest accessory for the VX2200 system, a two-wire audio and six wire video system for up to 998 apartments with multiple entrances and full concierge facilities.

Neil Thomas, National Sales Manager at Videx UK, said: “The 2216 makes the VX2200 an even more ideal door entry system for a wide range of buildings, from residential flats to commercial offices, by enabling occupants to control the lift from their office or home. When entry is granted, the lift can be called and access to floors can be restricted accordingly so the visitor can only access the floor where they’ve been given authority by the resident or occupant. For example, a tenant on floor two can call the lift for their visitor and will only allow them to get off at floor two. Restricting visitors’ access to only the floors they’re allowed to visit strengthens the building’s security while also helping the visitor to find the apartment or office they’re visiting.”

The 2216 is fully programmable via bespoke software allowing any floor to be assigned to any apartment. Additionally, the entrance panels which are allowed to call the lift can also be selected.

The interface includes eight relay outputs, which can each be assigned to a floor, serving eight floors at a time. For buildings with more than eight floors, it’s possible to use multiple 2216 modules for a maximum of 128 floors.

Neil continued: “Once set up, the module is controlled via the lock button on the intercom telephone within the apartment. When the occupant grants access to the visitor by pressing the lock button on their telephone or videophone, as well as opening the door to allow them into the building, the lift will also be called automatically.”

The 2216 can be used on new or existing installations and is powered from a 12Vdc power source. Additional features include a lift override feature to either disable all lift calls or enable calls to all floors and both USB & RS485 connection for programming via the Videx VX2200 PC software.

The 2216 accessory is also ready for the new Videx IP system where it can be used as either a lift interface or additional relays controlled by apartments for features such as turning on lights and activating third party technology and integrated appliances.

For more information about the 2216 and how it strengthens the VX2200 door entry system, please visit:

Amthal Opens Doors with CAME BPT

Amthal has partnered with CAME BPT on a number of prestigious projects to create bespoke door entry systems that operate using integrated smart technology for the benefit of residents across the UK.

Renowned intercom specialists CAME BPT has continued to specify use of Amthal, operating with leading real estate consultants to design and integrate door entry solutions in line with high-end specification.

CAME BPT and Amthal have worked together from initial design and specification stages to create specialist networked systems, incorporating high-end smart technology entrance panels and video hands free intercom handsets.

Says Steve Bond, Installer East Sales Manager at CAME BPT UK: “Amthal as an all-encompassing fire and security specialist, collaborates well with our team to deliver on smart technology, created and installed to achieve exact customer expectations.

“The real professionalism is shown in Amthal’s ability to partner with us right from the initial design process, through planned installation to maintenance and monitoring services.  To the customer, this minimises the supply chain and ensures a more efficient works programme from start to finish, and ongoing!”

Most recently, Amthal and CAME BPT have collaborated to upgrade smart video control at the prestigious Arundel Square development.

Based in the heart of Islington, Arundel Square has been designed in symmetry of the surrounding prominent Victorian terraces.  Run by a Resident’s Management Company (RMC,) it presents studios 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with full concierge services, overlooking a professionally landscaped vista of an established garden square.  

With every finishing detail considered in line with the sensitive design, a necessary upgrade to its video intercom system was extensively planned with a bespoke solution, created by CAME BPT in partnership with Amthal to complete the integrated installation.

Jamie Allam, Amthal Commercial Director concluded: “The work at Arundel Square is testament to our close working relationship with CAME BPT, whereby we are confident in their products and know we can operate together well to ensure a smooth delivery with minimal disruption to those involved.

“By being involved so early on, we are able to understand and make recommendations on the right approach, when it comes to security design and installation without compromising on style or cutting edge technology. The result is the perfect blend of smart security, to add finishing touches to any development and guarantee a very professional job all round.”

Independently owned, Amthal Fire & Security is dedicated to satisfying end user needs for security safety and convenience offering design, installation, service and remote monitoring of advanced electronic fire & security solutions, including intruder, fire, access and CCTV systems. 

Amthal Fire & Security are accredited by the Security Systems and Alarm Inspection Board (SSAIB) United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS) and British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE)

Details on CAME BPT can be found at   For more information on Amthal Fire & Security, please visit

London and South East Sales Manager to Boost Videx Growth

Videx Security has appointed a new Regional Sales Manager for the London and South East region.

Mabs Alam has vast sales and management experience and understands the access control and door entry market well. He takes on the role to help drive business opportunity and growth specifically in the South East region including London. Mabs will be focused on generating new business opportunities as well as maintaining positive relationships with existing customers.

Talking about his new role, Mabs said: “A key focus of my role is to maintain and improve existing relationships with security distributors, wholesalers and security installers as well as bring in new clients and business opportunities. I am also concentrating on offering ongoing support to customers including site visits and surveys in partnership with customers so that the most appropriate systems are installed and used to meet specific and relevant entry needs. It’s great to join Videx as they have an outstanding reputation in the industry and are highly regarded as a leading door entry and access control manufacturer in the UK.”

Mabs’ role is heavily proactive and sales focused where a lot of time will be spent cultivating new and existing relationships with a wide range of installers, consultants, surveyors, developers and architects across key sectors for Videx including local authorities, housing associations, schools, hospitals and universities.

Neil Thomas, National Sales Manager at Videx, added: “Mabs is a great addition to our sales team and has fitted in really well with the rest of the team. His experience and knowledge both of the access control market and from a sales and business development perspective is second to none and we can’t wait to see the impact of his hard work and skill set throughout the new year. As well as generating new business, it’s vital Mabs develops a good relationship with our existing clients and that’s something that’s already got off to a positive start which is great to see.”

For more information about the products and services Videx provides, please visit

Videx Completes Bespoke Residential and Commercial Door Entry Installation

Videx, in partnership with Enterprise Security Technologies, has successfully installed a complex door entry management system at Connaught House, which provides private residential housing and commercial offices in the heart of London.

The key access control requirements was to provide a secure easy-to-use system with 24-hour video door entry to visitors, providing a clear image of the person arriving. The door entry panel also had to be designed to specific requirements so that it could be easily installed into the existing environment.

Talking about the installation, Ben Davies, South East Sales Manager at Videx, said: “Most residents at Connaught House are internationally based – as far away as Saudi Arabia and India – and they come and go from their properties, using their apartment as a London base, but they mainly live elsewhere. Providing secure and convenient access control was therefore an absolute priority. A key aspect of the project was to also install a system that was specifically designed to meet the client’s needs so a bespoke panel was created so that the old panel could be replaced, using existing cables, without expense or time spent on making alternations to the surrounding brickwork or having to repair any damage from the installation of the new panel.”

Enterprise Security Technologies, working closely with Videx, recommended and installed the Videx flagship VX2200 digital door entry system to ensure the security of the apartments and building but also allow easy and convenient access as well as 24-hour contact with a concierge and security team.

Neil Cook, Director at Enterprise Security Technologies, added: “It was a complex project but by matching the client’s bespoke requirements to one of Videx’s leading door entry systems, we were able to overcome the challenges presented, quickly and smoothly. Residents can clearly see visitors on a video image and grant access easily if needs be or contact a 24-hour security team immediately if required. We recommended that our client chose the Videx VX2200 system because of its audio and visual qualities coupled with its ease of use.”

For more information about the door entry systems Videx makes specifically for commercial and residential properties, please visit: or call 0870 300 1240.

New Video Door Entry Panel for Individual Apartments

Videx has introduced an internal video door entry panel to the access control market.

The KR-AV offers individual residential apartments a door entry solution for visitors who have already gained access to the communal main building. The KR-AV enables an additional entry point outside individual apartments so residents can see the visitor on their videophone, talk to them and grant or deny access.

Neil Thomas, National Sales Manager at Videx, said: “The KR-AV is ideal for residential apartment blocks because it provides added security and peace of mind by enabling residents to verify that they are opening their front door to the person they have allowed initial access to the building and not someone else who may of gained access by other means. We have developed the KR-AV based on customer feedback and a demand from clients who wanted a door entry solution that could provide greater security within buildings. What’s more, the KR-AV is also useful for residents with disabilities which prevents them from being able to answer their front door in other ways.”

The KR-AV is available as a flush mount internal video door entry panel available in white (KR-AVW) or black (KR-AVB) finishes or a surface or flush vandal resistant entry point. For use with the VX2200 system, the panels can be used either standalone or as part of a larger system where each individual apartment also needs a local entry panel next to their front door. Features include an integrated colour camera and call button. The internal units also include a service button (to switch on a light or other service) and a coded keypad for resident access control.

For more information about the KR-AV, please visit:

Videx Launches Distribution Box for Video Entry Systems

VudexDistributionBoxVidex has introduced a new distribution unit, the 316C, for its digital VX2200 range of door entry video systems.

The distribution box makes it easier for video systems to be installed, designed specifically for use with Cat5/Cat6 cabling which is becoming an increasingly popular cable choice for video entry system installations.

Steve Natton Special Projects manager at Videx said: “The 316C distribution box is specifically designed for the digital VX2200 video systems which enables Read more

Videx Enhances Portal Plus Range with New Features

Videx Portal Plus Range ImageVidex has introduced a range of new features to its popular Portal Plus range, the door entry provider’s networkable access control system that supports proximity, keypads and bio access readers.

Portal Plus is used in many applications across the private and public sector and is scalable from simple one entrance systems through to multiple entrances with local or remote management facilities.

Talking about the enhanced range, Neil Thomas, National Sales Manager at Videx, said: “The new features offer even more flexibility and customisation to users, adding Read more

Videx Charitable Trust Presents £10,000 Cheque to The Bobath Centre

Videx presenting cheque to Bobath Centre

The Videx Charitable Trust, established by Videx Security, recently donated £10,314 to The Bobath Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy. The charity is a specialist treatment centre that aims to improve the quality of life for children so that they are healthy and active, and can participate in everyday life to the best of their ability.

The money, which was raised at the company’s annual golf day, will be invested in the Charity’s facilities and provision for the children it cares for and the families it supports and to enable The Centre to reach and help more children with Cerebral Palsy. Read more

Videx Launches New Digital GSM System With Proximity Access Control

Videx_Door_Entry_With Proximity Access ControlNew System Comes with Integrated Proximity Access Control and Coded Access.
This month, Videx launched its new digital GSM system that can provide access control to a wide range of gated properties, office blocks, apartments and commercial buildings.

The new system uses mobile technology to communicate and operate doors, automatic gates, car parks and remote site applications, making it a perfect security solution for unmanned sites and communications outside of normal business hours. Read more

Videx Introduces Rain Shields For 4000 Series Door Entry Range

Videx Rain CoversVidex has introduced a range of rain shields for its popular Videx 4000 series modular door entry range.

The 4000 series is an audio and video entry panel system to meet a wide range of access control needs. It can be customised for any application range, from smaller installations such as residential and private housing applications, to large installations including local authority and house association properties. Read more

Videx Targets Growth Across UK and Ireland with Key Recruits

Videx_SecurityVidex, the experts in door entry and access control, have appointed new sales managers to drive business opportunity and growth in key areas across the UK and Ireland.

Ben Davies joins the firm as South East Regional Manager with over 10 years’ experience in the door entry market where he has worked for several high-profile access control companies in the UK. He excels in generating new business, growing the profitability of existing clients and exceeding sales targets and, as such, is a welcome addition to the Videx team. Read more

Videx Expands its Presence in the Student Accommodation Market with Cardiff Development

videx-door-entryVidex, the experts in door entry, has recently fitted out a large scale student accommodation development in partnership with Welsh installation company Protectorcomms for Cardiff University students. The development consists of 320 apartments as part of an ongoing accommodation project, which is designed for those who have chosen to live and study in Cardiff City.

Talking about the project, Mark Gibbon, Midlands and Wales Sale Manager at Videx, said: “In partnership with Protectorcomms, we recommended and Read more

SRS – Universal Proximity Reader (Wiegand 26)

srs-door-entry-direct-acThe Universal Proximity Reader is designed to work with all access control systems provided they have a Wiegand input for communication. The UPR reads cards & tokens at 125kHz and transmits the data to the controller while providing a visual and/or audible signal using the LEDs/Buzzer if the card is recognized and valid or invalid. The Universal Proximity Reader can be wall mounted or flush mounted in a door entry panel with a 40×40 mm cut out making the UPR suitable for external or internal use. Read more