International Security Expo 2018 Post Event Review

The Olympic Gold

The tension in the air was palpable, international media filled the VIP lounge whilst selected members had privileged seats. The Rt Hon Ben Wallace MP was to give the governments first post BREXIT deal speech at the International Security Expo, his every word being broadcast live across the globe.  He started by stating that the International Security Expo was “leading the way” in delivering an event that brought industry and government together and how right he was!

Jason Wakefield from Todd Research summed up his experience from an exhibitor perspective when he said, “you know it’s a good show when
every coffee you get goes cold where you haven’t got time to drink it.”  He wasn’t the only one, David Roskelly from TruOffice said, “I heard from an exhibitor that they sold 20 units of their product in the first two hours of the event.  They said the buzz was infectious!”

The buzz was infectious because of the 350 exhibitors showing over 1000 products whilst 13 free to attend conferences gave attendees something to complain about, the common complaint was there was too much outstanding content and not enough time to listen to it all.  In fact, over 120 hours of CPD accredited training was provided and available for the Security Institute members over 2 days of the ABC people who came
through the doors from 75+ countries.

“I am responsible for the physical security of the worlds most popular music venue, this event gives me opportunity to engage with a variety of suppliers as well as listen to workshops, in particularly case studies, sharing best practice and challenges is very valuable to me, I look
forward to the 2019 event.” Paul Williams, Head of Security, AEG Europe, The O2

So, what of that content? Rowena Fell from EY was speaking at the cyber conference just as Ben Wallace was making his speech, “I thought I would be talking to empty seats as everyone would be listening to the minister, but even with all of that going on there were people standing 3 deep around the lecture theatre to listen to me, it was amazing,” she said.

The first time co-located International Disaster Response Expo was full until the close at the end of day 2 as were almost all of the conferences in the International Security Expo. One of the speakers, Darren Stanton, the Human Lie Detector, who was giving tips at the Aviation and Borders conference, proved so popular he could be found explaining his skills on several of the stands on the expo floor.

The content across both expos came in for one piece of criticism that the organisers are happy to admit to, paraphrasing the comments from several visitors they said, “There was just too much great content, we really had to cherry pick what we attended but we would have loved to have got to much more, is there any way it could be done again?” If that is the only criticism, then we are happy.

At the core of the International Security Expo was the Protecting Urban Spaces Demonstrator, all 300 square metres of it. An expo first, having a replica urban space built in the centre of the show floor and acting as a practical demonstration for technologies designed to protect those spaces.  The feature brought together government agencies with industry to demonstrate what is achievable.

However, focusing on today is not enough, a key part of day one was looking at tomorrow and not just with the huge innovation streak running through the event, but also looking after our next generation of security professionals.  30 children from the Police Cadets were hosted around the show by the Security Institute as the launch of their Next Generation initiative.

The International dimension to the show was evident with pavilions from the USA, Canada, China and the EU, not that the BREXIT word was far from people’s lips. 45 International delegations were hosted around the event and the worlds press descended to visit and has the opportunity to report Ben Wallace’s BREXIT speech live with Frank Gardner from the BBC and Erin McLoughlin from CNN quizzing him.

International was the underlying theme at the collocated International Disaster Response Expo with its own AAA visitors listening to 40 presentations and discussions with subjects ranging from building the Ebola Hospital in Sierra Leone, through the global landmine crisis as seen by the HALO Trust, to mentoring the Black Mambas, a South African all female anti-poaching unit all enhanced by exhibitors from across the globe. At its core the Government and NGO Zone had DFID, UNHCR, WFP, BRC and the Cabinet Office EPC all packed with visitors.

The Secured by Design team summed up the events perfectly when they said, “Fantastic couple of days where we were among the many exhibitors at this flagship security show, which attracted representatives from Government, Law Enforcement, Military, Transport and Borders, Cyber Security, and Public & Private sectors.”  Now is the time to firmly ink into your diaries 3rd and 4th December 2019 when the next International Security and International Disaster Response Expos will be held back at Olympia and this time even bigger than before!  If 2018 was an Olympia Gold, just think how good the 2019 will be.

Interested in attending International Security Expo 2019? You can reserve your free pass here:

Please note: Official registration for International Security Expo opens later this year.

Keeping up with the changing face of security. By Philip Ingram MBE

We have been lucky in 2018 after the terror that tore across Europe and the UK in 2016 – 2017 with vehicle, knife and bomb attacks happening in Nice, London Bridge, Westminster, Manchester and Barcelona. These are just a few of the places left reeling from a wave of extremism targeting people going about their normal lives and enjoying themselves. The often crudeness of the weaponry used belies the sophistication of many of the attacks.

2018 has been successful for the security services with a number of attacks being stopped, but the UK Counter Terror Police continue to remind everyone that they have approximately 600 active investigations going on with over 3000 people of immediate concern and another 20,000 on their radar!

2017 was marked by some of the most virulent global cyber-attacks with Wannacry infecting more than 230,000 computers in over 150 countries disabling parts of the UK’s health care in the NHS, the Spanish Telecoms giant, Telefonica and FedEx. North Korea was blamed for this incident.

In another state blamed attack, Russia was blamed for unleashing the NotPetya attack on the globe which hit many government systems in the Ukraine and elsewhere but had a massive impact on global logistics with the shipping giant Maersk falling victim and having to shut down its terminals in 4 different countries for a number of weeks costing the company an estimated $200 million in losses.

2018 has seen a development of the threat environment with the introduction of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) meaning that data breaches could well have huge implications for companies that suffer them with a €20 Million or 4% or global annual turnover fine brining additional focus to the cyber security environment.

In addition, whilst not a terror attack, we saw the first use of the colourless, odourless, virtually undetectable nerve agent Novichok, used on the streets of the small, sleepy English city of Salisbury. The attack, against a former Russian intelligence officer who defected to the West, Sergei Skripal, resulted in 7 people being contaminated and one dying. The British government quickly blamed the Russians and the international community followed suit.

At the same time, ISIS and Al Qaeda terror videos and propaganda are advocating the use of drones against crowded places, during the FIFA World Cup in Russia an ISIS propaganda video was released in which the terrorist group claim that they would attack with drone bombs. The recipe and design for chemical weapons and chemical dispersion devices is freely available in the extremist circles according to Aimen Dean, a former MI6 spy inside Al Qaeda in his book ‘Nine Lives.’

Andrew Parker the Director General of MI5 said in May this year that, “Europe faces an intense, unrelenting and multidimensional international terrorist threat. Daesh continues to pose the most acute threat, but Al-Qaeda and other Islamist terrorist groups haven’ gone away.”

Keeping abreast of the threats, the countermeasures, the developing technologies, having a platform to discuss and share best practice is always a challenge for the security community. This is where Peter Jones, the CEO of Nineteen Events comes in. He recently said in a blog, “all I want to do, with my team, is something to help make it a little less chaotic and bring the chance of a little more safety and security. If I can do that, then it is all worth it and will leave the world a little better for my loved ones!”  This is his mantra behind the International Security Expo.

What many don’t realise is a big part of his team consists of 40 Advisory Council members who come from all aspects of the security community including Government, Industry & Academia, all at senior levels and they assist in the development of International Security Expo and help shape the content to attract the highest calibre visitors.

That content is delivered in 12 free to attend conferences held over the 2 days and these conferences include: Retail, Hotel, Education, Maritime and Transport, CNI, Crisis Response and Business Continuity, Protecting Crowded Places, Night-time economy, Designing Out Terrorism, Cyber, Data and Information Security, Aviation and Border security and finally Facilities Management security. Some of the speakers come from the Advisory Council but many are industry leaders in these spheres and are not generally on many conference circuits.

The International Security Expo provides a unique platform for the entire security industry to come together to source products, share experience and gain the knowledge needed to address current and emerging security challenges. It and all of the conferences are free-to-attend and unite the entire security community allowing shared learning and collaboration from Government, CNI, Law Enforcement, Military, Major Events, Transport & Borders, Cyber Security, Facilities and Public and Private sectors.

A key theme running through the two days of the expo is that of innovation and many new technologies will be on display, ranging from a cost effective British built drone with thermal and optical zoom cameras that has a flight time of an hour, to the Protecting Urban Spaces feature. This new immersive demonstration area will showcase physical products, technologies and have live scenarios to illustrate how urban spaces can be protected from mass casualty terrorist attacks.

Given its ambition, the UK Government has come on board in strength and forms the core of the Government Agency and Department zone. The USA, Canada, China and the EU all have their own zones but it is expected that representatives from over 50 countries across the globe will attend the event. In fact, over 12,500 are confidently expected to attend over the 2 days, the networking alone will be amazing.

With the rapidly changing threat landscape the one place to come for 2 days to be brought up to speed with everything that is needed, is the International Security Expo. This is one not to miss. Visit for further details and register to attend the free conference series.


Larger – with an additional hall – and even more international and closer to the market it represents. SICUREZZA 2019, the event organised by Fiera Milano that will take place next year from 13 to 15 November, aims at achieving these objectives.

Drawing on the important results achieved last year – 25,569 certified professional visitors (+35%) and 465 direct exhibitors (+40%) – SICUREZZA 2019 is ready to continue its international development, which has turned it a into major European event for the Security & Fire industry. The project will focus on the challenges of this industry, its constant evolution, and the changing roles and professions.

In an increasingly digitised and interconnected world, given the growing integration and interoperability between different systems, security technology has become essential in any field. From a simple protection tool, it has turned into an important strategic element. Technologies don’t just perceive an alarm. Today, they also monitor and connect different processes, collect and manage data, interpreting them in a smart way.

That’s why the 2019 edition of SICUREZZA will focus on integrated solutions and cyber security, a cross-cutting topic for the management of increasingly smarter technologies that are also asked to protect and transmit data.

Moreover, given the increase in demand for public security, SICUREZZA 2019 will pay special attention to urban security, an application field to which companies are dedicating quite a number of solutions.

In the background, the Italian market continues the positive trend of the past few years, thanks to its constant evolution and increasing demand for security at all levels. 2017 closed with an overall turnover increased by 7.2%, +6.6% of exports (source: ANIE Sicurezza, June 2018).

This sector confirms to by dynamic. On the one hand, Italy has the production and technological capacity to penetrate into international markets, and on the other hand it represents an interesting market for international players who are looking for new opportunities.

That’s why SICUREZZA aims at being an internationalisation tool. And to do so, it keeps investing in international presentations and incoming top profiled buyers from interesting countries from a business point of view, especially Southern Europe and the Mediterranean Basin.

The international roadshow has already started. It will be an opportunity to meet players from all over Europe and present the project and the opportunities that the Italian market can offer. SICUREZZA will give a few presentations in different countries during workshops, events, and trade fairs.

There will be also presentations in Italy. The first stop of the national roadshow will be at Smart Building Levante, the event dedicated to building automation that will take place in Bari in November. Here, SICUREZZA will have the chance to meet players and producers from the South of Italy and show them the latest news of the new edition.

Its presence falls within the collaboration with Pentastudio. Even in 2019, the event will take place simultaneously with Smart Building Expo, the trade fair organised by Pentastudio and Fiera Milano, which will add other two product areas in this edition: smart city, which will focus on 5G connectivity, and renewable energy production, respectively.

A safe and smart city will be the common thread of the two events, in a context of increasing synergy. There are many common elements between smart building and security technology. This bond is getting closer in relation to the integration between systems that connect civil plant engineering with advanced technologies, which require security solutions that ensure protection.

Shifting from advertiser to educator: IFSEC’s customer-led success in 2018

UBM EMEA is proud to announce yet another successful IFSEC International. 2018 marked the show’s inaugural year of change following an intensive customer-led insight project, which saw demands from the security industry steer the show towards a high level integrated security summit. As evidence of its success, IFSEC International 2018 welcomed 27,353 visitors and a 10% increase in visitor density.

Gerry Dunphy, Brand Director of IFSEC International commented, “It’s a privilege to let to the global security industry guide the direction of the show. Ultimately, it’s created to provide solutions to the world’s most pressing problems – whether that solution is a new piece of technology, an expert answer to an anxiety about security or a tried and tested piece of physical equipment. IFSEC International held every answer under one roof.”

The show’s shift from advertiser to educator was palpable, with thought-provoking panel debates, training sessions and keynotes striking a new wave of interest from industry leaders. Attendance from some of the most senior security professionals was a testament to this, and overall, the event attracted a higher quality of visitor and a far more exclusive array of experts than in previous years.

Jim Ludwig, Managing Director of Texecom echoed his views in 2017 by calling IFSEC International 2018 “3 days of adrenaline.”

Jo Vause, Marcoms Manager UK & IRE, Honeywell Security Solutions explained, “We feel very positive about some of the leads we generated… We are looking at booking demonstrations with a couple of the visitors.”

In today’s landscape, there is no conversation more critical than security. As a platform for this discussion, IFSEC International 2018 welcomed the brand new Keynote Arena, which hosted a catalogue of world class speakers to drive and reflect on the most pressing questions today. Crowds watched Christian Horner, Team Principal of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Frank Gardner, the only British journalist permanently assigned to cover the War on Terror, Michael Chertoff, the former U.S. Security of Homeland Security, Silvino Schlickmann, Director of Cyber Crime at INTERPOL and many more.

Created in partnership with City Forum and London First, the Securing the Open Society of 2030 programme also consisted of an unparalleled series of masterclasses and summits which set a new and critical standard for thought-leadership assemblies across the UK security industry.

The show also celebrated the newly exclusive partnership with Newbridge Events, who brought in some of the biggest security buyers, with budgets of over £1 million to the show as part of the Hosted Buyers Programme. David Woodbridge, Managing Director of Newbridge Events said “We are delighted to be working with IFSEC & FIREX International to deliver the VIP Hosted Buyer Programme for IFSEC & FIREX. This bespoke and high-level programme offers carefully selected buyers a personalised schedule of meetings to allow them to maximise their time at the event and proactively enhances the process of meeting the right people. For exhibitors it brings highly relevant buyers onto their stands and delivers real lead generation where every meeting has a purpose.”

The Government Pavilion welcomed The Joint Security and Resilience Centre (JSaRC), Defence & Security Organisation (DSO), the Department of International Trade (DiT) and The Department for Transport. Visitors had the exclusive chance to pose their burning questions to the governmental bodies orchestrating their legal guidelines. In turn, IFSEC successfully created a platform to achieve the answers keeping the security industry up at night. The continued presence of the Home Office added further gravitas to IFSEC’s criticality and credibility within the security industry.

A vital part of the show’s change was the introduction of ‘Show Me How’ features across the show floor. The customer-insight project unanimously revealed that security professionals want to be shown how to make use of emerging technologies with the terms ‘Show me how to install the latest kit’, ‘Show me how my business can move into new areas’, ‘Show me the capabilities’ commonplace.  In addition to impartial Show Me How demonstrations on the show floor, IFSEC introduced Speakers Corner, which gave businesses the chance to pitch their products in 10 minute slots before Q&A sessions.

Likewise, tailoring to the growing demands of installing security equipment, The Future of Security Training Theatre, powered by Tavcom and sponsored by Panasonic UK, offered jargon-free training into cloud base platforms, cyber convergence, smart IoT enabled solutions and fully integrated building management systems.

Also new to show’s educational programme was The Converged Security Centre, brought to you Vidsys, whilst The Home Automation Theatre sponsored by CEDIA and KNX returned for another successful year. 

Jeremy Rees, Acting CEO, ExCeL London, commented “We were delighted to welcome IFSEC to ExCeL London. Our teams are working closely with UBM to support their ambitions for growth and we are delighted that they had another successful event with us. This event, together with the wider P&M series, is playing a vital role in maintaining and creating safe and secure environments, something that resonates strongly with us. We look forward to welcoming visitors and exhibitors again next year, when they will be able to travel to ExCeL more quickly than ever before via the Elizabeth line.”

IFSEC 2019 takes place from 18 – 20 June 2019 at ExCeL London. For more information about participating either as an exhibitor, sponsor or visitor please visit or contact

About IFSEC International

IFSEC International is organised by UBM, which in June 2018 combined with Informa PLC to become a leading B2B information services group and the largest B2B Events organiser in the world. To learn more and for the latest news and information, visit and

SALTO products on show at IFSEC 2018

SALTO Systems is set to showcase a range of security products at IFSEC in June, with a strong focus on mobile and cloud based access control solutions. Find us on stand G100.

The SALTO team are taking part in IFSEC’s Show Me How programme which means our product experts will all be wearing ‘Show Me How’ badges. Go up to any member of the SALTO team wearing a Show Me How badge and ask for a product demonstration at any time during the show.

Along with demonstrations of our technology and software, visitors can explore the wide range of products that SALTO has to offer including:

The new version of our class leading JustIN Mobile solution combining BLE and NFC capabilities in a single app. The JustIN mobile platform is one of the most complete and powerful mobile platforms on the market. With just a single app, depending on the type of mobile phone used, it will activate its BLE or NFC element, enabling users to open doors just by presenting the smart phone to the BLE or MIFARE equipped handle set, cylinder, wall reader, etc. Thanks to its live bi-directional communication, you can make changes to the user’s access plan remotely and on the go. All access rights are sent directly OTA (Over The Air) no matter where the user is, directly from SALTO ProAccess SPACE software to the user’s smart phone, so they will always have up to date access rights.

JustIN mobile is a bi-directional system that converts any offline access control device into an online device without additional hardware, without installation, just by using JustIN mobile technology. And, with its multi-site application enabling users to have different keys for different sites, it also enables messages to be sent to the user for different sites and locations, i.e. where a hotel is or where a site you need to visit is located. All the information you need is there: a picture of the site, a phone number for the site, the address linked to the GPS app, messages for the user and more. It’s much more than just a key to access a door!

SALTO KS ‘Keys as a Service’ is the most advanced and flexible cloud locking solution on the access control market. Its proven reliability and stability in cloud-based access control means SALTO KS offers a solution with no need for complex IT infrastructures and provides superior functionality and performance over traditional security solutions. This makes it ideal for those kinds of projects such as co-working spaces or retail services where the users can move from one location to another.

With SALTO KS there is no need to give physical keys to users, administrators can manage the system and access it remotely. It requires minimum maintenance and provides increased flexibility , access control from anywhere and is cost-effective. Users can also integrate multiple cloud services through SALTO KS access control including cameramanager, a Cloud platform that allows users to manage cameras and monitor live streaming and record door events – openings, rejections etc.

Smart homes are here, so open the door to the latest in home security with our Danalock residential smart lock. Danalock can replace the traditional home door key with an electronic system that allows users to use their smart phone to control their doors, their guests and their home. Designed to simply retrofit most existing doors, Danalock is incredibly easy to install and set up. Just download and install the Danalock App on your phone and be guided quickly and simply through the calibration and setup of the Danalock.

Besides these products, we will also be showcasing XS4 One, XS4 Mini, Aelement and Aelement Fusion with BLE and BLUEnet wireless capabilities, mullion readers, panel readers, long distance readers, ProAccess SPACE 5 software and much more.

So, stop by and take a look at our products, technology and software. We look forward to meeting you at stand G100.

Edesix to showcase wearable cameras for VMS market at IFSEC 2018

New and improved VideoTag-100 will also be on show

IFSEC 2018, Exel London

19-21 June 2018

Stand No. C340

Edesix, market-leaders in the provision of Body Worn Cameras (BWC), will be showcasing its integration to leading Video Management Service (VMS) platforms at IFSEC 2018.

ONStream integrates Edesix’s VideoManager software with existing VMS, traditionally used to showcase fixed IP camera footage. This software enables ONVIF compliant VMSs to display Body Worn Camera footage, allowing live feeds from wearable cameras to appear alongside CCTV footage, meaning captured video can be instantly shared and viewed by security staff.

“Body Worn Cameras have been proven to help improve the safety of those in public facing roles, whilst producing compelling legal evidence when needed,” explains Richie McBride, managing director of Edesix.

“One of the most important recent innovations in the BWC market has been the ability to integrate the cameras with existing VMSs, enabling organisations to unify a site’s security and monitoring system, and create mobile and first-person viewpoints whilst adding contextual detail to footage.

“Fixed security cameras connected to a VMS are a powerful tool for monitoring and securing many different environments, from retail floors to distribution centres. This gives security teams the ability to view unparalleled detail of incidents as they unfold. The software furthers the potential of your VMS, protects valued staff, and captures concrete and secure footage for future review. It enables immediate response by security teams and offers reliable footage for later review by supervisors. It also means live streams can be recorded as evidence, which can then be securely shared with third parties, including the police. The service is fully encrypted with audit trails to protect the evidential quality of footage stored.”

Edesix’s VideoTag VT-100

Edesix will also be showcasing its new and improved VideoTag VT-100 camera, where the incident recorder meets the Body Worn Camera.

The VT-100 is recording device specifically designed to meet the needs of retailers, lone workers and other public facing businesses. It is similar to the VT-50 incident recorder, which was launched at IFSEC 2017, but with the benefits of greater durability and a longer battery life.

The VT-100 has been proven to deter aggression, protect staff and provide secure evidential-quality footage on demand. It is robust and weatherproof, while remaining lightweight, unobtrusive, cost-effective and easy to use. The VT-100 can record up to four hours of continuous footage, requires no extra training, streams live footage if required, and has a standby battery-life of up to six months, meaning users don’t need to worry about charging the device often.

McBride comments: “We are delighted to announce the launch of the VideoTag VT-100. The beauty of this product is that it bridges the gap between the smaller incident recorder and the more powerful Body Worn Camera. The VT-100 will allow staff in public-facing roles, who are not always part of the security team, to create a safer working environment for themselves and their colleagues. It offers a cost-effective, secure and practical approach to wearable security for incident recording and workflow management.”

Edesix will be showcasing its VMS integration and the VT-100 at this year’s IFSEC. If you’d like to meet with Edesix at the event for a live demo, please email or call +44 131 550 3827 to set up a meeting.

For further information about Edesix please visit

Join the critical security conversation this June at IFSEC International 2018

IFSEC International is Europe’s leading security event and the only global stage committed to co-creating the future of integrated security. It is the critical, measured response to a world of ever-evolving threats, inviting every vertical of the security industry to forge the global agenda.

In 2018, IFSEC International’s magnetism will stem beyond its status as a world-class security exhibition and conference show. Whatever your role in the industry, you have a part to play in global security. IFSEC International is your platform to share ideas, discover best practice and get hands on with the latest physical and integrated security products.

IFSEC International 2018

Security is the world’s most critical challenge and IFSEC International is here to drive global safety. It is here to innovate, inspire and transform professionals, products and places.

The global security landscape has shifted. 2017 saw attacks take on new shapes, become more insidious and more intrusive. In order to keep pace with these ever-evolving threats, IFSEC is evolving too – with a change directed by you.

2018 marks the beginning of IFSEC’s evolution, with three carefully curated days designed to give you the answers to the security questions keeping you up at night.

IFSEC’s unparalleled seminar programme is a testament to this. New to 2018 and in partnership with City Forum and London First, the IFSEC Keynote Arena will welcome leading security strategists from government, academia and industry to drive and reflect on topics around ‘Securing The Open Society of 2030’. By taking a pivotal role in thought leadership and attracting a world-class calibre of speakers, this feature sets a new standard for security events around the world.

This is an exclusive opportunity to hear Mr Michael Chertoff, Co-founder & Executive Chairman of The Chertoff Group, discuss 2030 forecasts of emergent threats to national security. You’ll hear Dr Pippa Malmgren, Founder of DRPM Group and former Special Assistant to the President of the United States, George W Bush, share how everyday signs can help us navigate a turbulent world. Mr Silvino Schlickmann, Director of Cyber Crime at INTERPOL, will also join to talk about the changing face of cyber criminality. The brand new Keynote Arena will also connect you to inspirational global learnings from industry pioneers, including Christian Horner, Team Principal of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing and Frank Gardner, the only British journalist permanently assigned to cover the ‘War on Terror’ as they tackle today’s biggest security questions across CCTV, cyber criminality and emerging threats.

Also new to 2018, the Converged Security Centre, brought to you by Vidsys, which complements the show’s focus on the convergence between physical security and IT, striving to help you understand your role as an installer, integrator and end user. Powered by the pioneering architects of Converged Security and Information Management, this will feature a range of simulations and case studies detailing the capabilities of a fully converged security system.

The show will also feature The Future of Security Training Theatre, powered by Tavcom, sponsored by Panasonic UK, the Drone Zone, the BRE Global/LPCB Attack Testing Zone and the adrenaline-packed finals of the Engineers of Tomorrow competition.

Whatever your role in the security industry, IFSEC is for you. Discover the possibilities for your business and gain a valuable understanding of the latest technology, whilst talking to the experts and learning skills you can implement and benefit from immediately.

IFSEC is evolving

IFSEC is evolving and is designed to deliver the message that security is critical in today’s society. Security professionals around the world are asking to be shown their way around the future of integrated security, and IFSEC 2018 has been built around this request. Following extensive research, IFSEC’s focus is expanding to encompass the growing convergence between physical and cyber security.

In response to the pleas of the global security industry, IFSEC 2018 will show you how to install the latest kit, show you what it does and show you what it takes to maintain it. IFSEC will show you the future, and it will show you how you can take advantage of emerging opportunities and the vendors you can trust. A vital part of this is our ‘Show me how’ demonstrations: Wherever you see a designated technician or enabler wearing a Show Me How badge, you can expect a detailed explanation of a product. IFSEC will bridge the knowledge gap, and take the lead on demonstrating the latest technology. Make real-world sense of products through hands-on demonstrations.

IFSEC International is also introducing the Government Pavilion, new for 2018. The Government Pavilion adds further momentum to the show’s mission to host the global security conversation. In connecting the wider security industry to governmental bodies in such a way, IFSEC acts as the vessel of communication, driving and reflecting on critical industry movements whilst providing leading bodies with the platform they need to share their expertise and answer the questions security professionals have about the changing security landscape.

Security is critical – IFSEC 2018’s new features mean it continues to be the place to be a part of the conversation.

Education and Seminars

IFSEC will tackle every vertical to deliver a behind-the-scenes look at security’s changing technology trends. Dedicated to showing you how to tackle the latest technologies, these sessions will answer the security questions keeping you awake at night.

City Forum and London First will also co-host security summits and masterclasses at IFSEC 2018. To secure your place at a security summit you will need to book your ticket in advance. With a catalogue of world-class speakers, the two half-day security summits add further authoritative impetus to Europe’s largest annual security trade show.

Introduced to give security strategists a focused opportunity to hear and debate a formidable range of subjects, the half day summits take place on Wednesday 20th June and Thursday 21st June in the gallery suites between 9:45am to 1:00pm, away from the exhibition floor and will focus on the following key themes:

Wednesday 20th June 2018: Thinking through the impacts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – humans, machines and data

Thursday 21st of June 2018: Smart safe cities, people and resilience

Half day summits will be hosted by City Forum and London First – to purchase your ticket, visit

Speaker’s Corner

An extension of ‘Show Me How’, the dynamic Speaker’s Corner is where solution providers showcase their most cutting-edge products in 15-minute time slots, followed by interactive Q&A sessions.

The Future of Security Training Theatre, powered by Tavcom, sponsored by Panasonic UK

A rare chance to sit down and be taught by experts in essential CPD accredited presentations. The Future of Security Training Theatre will help you learn exactly how to make sense of the future – and how to capitalise on the emerging possibilities that come with it.

Borders & Infrastructure Expo

Borders & Infrastructure Expo is home to the BRE Global/LPCB Attack Testing Zone, the Drone Zone and the Government Pavilion. Collectively, Borders & Infrastructure Expo focuses on products, solutions and learnings for large scale security issues faced by border control, critical national infrastructure, transport, healthcare and key strategic assets.

The BRE Global/LPCB Attack Testing Zone

Watch expert technicians from LPCB/BRE put perimeter and protection solutions to the test in a series of real-life attacks, live on the IFSEC show floor. Witness LPCB accredited fencing, shutters, doors and covers tested against non-certified alternatives and see how they fair.

The Drone Zone

Back for its third year, the Drone Zone is larger than ever before. Exhibitors with drone and anti-drone technology will be once again brought into a dedicated area of IFSEC to showcase their high-quality UAV products. It is a unique chance to see the live application of UAVs and better understand how they can help you protect your business and play a critical part of contemporary security management.

Engineers of Tomorrow

The Engineers of Tomorrow competition, which sees young engineers and apprentices compete against each other in a live installation challenge, returns to IFSEC International for its 20th year.

This year the competition is taking a further step towards tackling the growing engineering skills gap by adding a live installation challenge for fire apprentices, as well as for those from the security sector, following a successful trial in 2017. The competition will pit more than 60 young engineers – working in teams of two – against each other. Heat winners will be invited to the Security & Fire Excellence Awards in November 2018, where an overall winner will be announced and claim a £1,000 prize.

Meetings Service and Networking Areas

Speak directly with your preferred suppliers and solution providers by pre-booking meetings with them before you arrive. IFSEC’s free meeting service ensures you speak with the people who are important to you.The SSAIB ICEBAR is your dedicated networking area, where you can meet old and new connections and chat about the issues you face as a business. ASIS and Security Commonwealth members also have exclusive access to the ASIS Lounge, designed to ignite collaboration.

IFSEC takes place from the 19 – 21 June 2018 at ExCeL London. Get your badge by clicking here

Utilise tools and training to enhance your business, says SGS at this year’s Infosecurity Europe

Utilise tools and training to enhance your business, says SGS at this year’s Infosecurity Europe

SGS United Kingdom Ltd (SGS), the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, will attend this year’s Infosecurity Europe event from 5-7 June to engage with visitors about business improvement tools, consultancy services and workshops designed to identify and enhance individual areas of business operations.

Experts at SGS will be on hand to speak to visitors about how they can improve their business by utilising tools, workshops and services that are the ideal fit for their specific concern. Drawing on a deep understanding of international standards, SGS can provide guidance on appropriate standards, to help facilitate improvement.

Gary Baker, Business Enhancement Manager at SGS, explains: “There are a great number of international standards applicable to the information security industry. They offer a global benchmark on how organisations should work; SGS is best placed to assist businesses in singling out the right standards for their area of improvement, and that will be our focus at Infosecurity.”

SGS has also developed a unique online GDPR tool to streamline the new data protection process for businesses. The online tool, GDPROnline, enables an organisation to align current practice to the new regulations, while enabling smaller businesses to demonstrate to all stakeholders the good data management of personal data.

As well as being able to gain guidance on popular standards such as 27001 (Information Security Management) and ISO 22301 (Business Continuity Management), visitors will also be able to find out about other global benchmarks on Cloud Held Data, Information Integrity, Personal Information Protection and Risk Management and Energy Management in data centres.

Infosecurity Europe visitors will also learn about the SGS Academy – a dedicated SGS team which works with organisations to develop their workforce using training solutions, both face-to-face and online.

As well as a wide range of bespoke solutions, the Academy also offers a variety of courses on Information Security Management, GDPR Practitioners’ implementation workshops, and Business Continuity Management.

Visit the SGS team at Infosecurity Europe on stand G70 or for more information please visit or contact

STANLEY Product and Technology gets ready to showcase its industry leading technology at IFSEC International 2018

STANLEY Product and Technology, the leading provider of security, access control and door entry solutions, will be showcasing the latest innovations from its PACOM and PAC GDX brands at IFSEC 2018.

Specialising in integrated security solutions, for over 35 years PACOM has been trusted by some of the most prestigious organisations around the world in sectors such as banking and finance, healthcare, education, critical infrastructure, logistics, telecommunications and utilities. By visiting Stand F222 visitors will be able to find out more about the PACOM range of products including the Graphical Management System (GMS), which is engineered to communicate over an IP network and has technology tailored specifically for multi-site environments.

The PACOM GMS allows the integration of access control, alarm monitoring, video surveillance and many other security services. To show its flexibility and functionality, RightCrowd’s automated workflow management software and EyeLocks’ iris-based identity authentication products will be integrated into the GMS platform and demonstrated on the stand.

Alongside the PACOM GMS will be PACOM Unison – an open and integrated security management platform that enables the management of access control, intrusion detection, fire detection, intercom and video from one single user interface. Unison is the solution of choice for organisations within verticals such as healthcare, universities, commercial buildings, public facilities, municipalities, airports and shipping ports. Helping to protect people, property and assets, it also helps to improve operational efficiency and streamline processes to drive organisational excellence across campus environments.

With 40 years’ experience in designing, engineering and manufacturing access control and door entry products for the commercial and residential markets, taking centre stage for PAC GDX will be PAC8 – a simple solution that redefines the way access control is installed, set-up and managed using a dedicated app and the cloud. PAC8 can be remotely configured via Apple iOS or Google Android smart devices, and provides end users with complete flexibility in terms of how they operate the system. In fact, PAC8 is so advanced that it boasts 90 per cent of the features normally only associated with PC based systems.

Alongside PAC8 will be PAC’s SecureNet integrated security software solution, which is reliable, scalable and can be adapted to suit every access control installation. Easily configured to operate on a standalone PC or across a corporate network, it displays detailed, real time events information including alarms as they occur across the facility. With the ability to monitor alarm points, control elevators, manage fire doors or even control IP based CCTV cameras, PAC SecureNet provides unprecedented ease of management.

Visitors to Stand F222 will also be able to see a preview of GDX7 SIP, which heralds the next stage in our cutting edge door entry solutions. The SIP system can be provided with a Windows-based concierge function and enables management of multiple buildings over a large area. It can also be used to manage local alarms that are reported both locally and at the concierge. This functionality can be used to support residents who may be frail or require assisted living by having smoke or panic alarms linked in to the system.

Last but certainly not least, experts from PAC GDX will be available to discuss its Secure Hosting of Access Control Data service, which is the ideal solution for those in the residential sector that find the storing and maintaining of important site and keyholder information to be a financial burden as well as a potential cyber security flaw. It enables end users to manage the operation of their system internally but safe in the knowledge that all data is securely stored.

James Ford, marketing director at STANLEY Product and Technology, concluded, ‘As the key event in the UK’s security calendar, IFSEC International 2018 provides an excellent platform to further highlight our credentials. The last 12 months has been a period of considerable activity for us, with a number of significant additions to our ever-expanding portfolio, and we look forward to welcoming visitors to Stand F222, where our team of experts will be available to talk through the features and benefits of our cutting edge innovations and discuss the advantages of working with us.’

For further information please contact James Ford, Director Global Marketing.                   Email:; Tel: +44 (0) 1753 500537; or visit

International Security Expo bring solutions to life with the return of the Drone Zone

Due to its successful launch in 2017, the Drone Zone returns to the International Security Expo from 28-29 November at London Olympia once again in partnership with the UK Drone Show – Europe’s largest drone event.  

The Drone Zone incorporates a large scenario based flying area showcasing the latest in unmanned aerial vehicles, drone technology and counter drone Solutions. Situated alongside a dedicated drone pavilion where companies will exhibit a broad range of drone capabilities and counter-drone solutions including:

  • infra-red camera technology
  • thermal imaging
  • drone detection
  • explosives/substance detection
  • training

Leading manufacturers and suppliers will present their high-quality UAV products, explaining how their concepts can enhance security efforts whilst adhering to safety and regulatory requirements. Video feeds and interactive Q&A sessions will ensure visitors are not only immersed in the impressive demonstrations but are also given an opportunity to widen their knowledge of the endless capabilities and solutions available to them.

Visitors will have the unique chance to see live application of the widest range of both drone and counter-drone solutions seen at any other event of this kind, ultimately acquiring a better understanding of how they can be deployed as effective tools for protecting assets, organisations and the public.

Richard Wright, Director, UK Drone Show comments: “We’re really excited about continuing this partnership with International Security Expo. With its global reach of 12,500 visitors, Officially Hosted Country Delegations and multiple Government Departments involved, International Security Expo remains the perfect home for the UK Drone Show.”

Peter Jones, CEO, International Security Expo also comments “Drones are a global phenomenon in terms of the benefits they bring to the security community and also the risks posed when in hostile hands. The Drone Zone provides visitors with a unique platform to view products, solutions and technologies in action, and will be the biggest Fly Zone of its type at an event like this.”

IFSEC International 2018 announces the Converged Security Centre powered by Vidsys

IFSEC International 2018 will play host to a dedicated learning and demonstration area, where visitors will benefit from a real-time immersive experience of integrated physical and cyber security. 

Networked systems and applied technologies are presenting security management professionals with rising levels of information outputs and data, which are rapidly becoming core aspects of their business strategies. The business intelligence available from this deepening level of integration is now a core competency, providing commercial, industrial and government users with unparalleled levels of insight. However, these systems also represent major security vulnerabilities; the nature of their networked capabilities means there is a strengthening need for higher levels of understanding and vigilance in combating threats to information security. It’s a simple equation: greater complexity of technologies will lead to greater threats. This is where IFSEC, Vidsys and their partners can provide the solutions.

In this new world of converged security networks and information software, IFSEC is pleased to announce the introduction of the Converged Security Centre at this year’s show, taking place at London’s ExCeL from 19th-21st June. IFSEC has worked closely with key thought leaders in this space, including James Willison, Founder, Unified Security Ltd, and Sarb Sembhi CISO, Virtually Informed Ltd. Together they have long advocated the use of converged technological solutions managed by cross-functional security teams to identify and mitigate security risks to organisations. In the development of the centre, IFSEC and Unified Security recognised the capabilities of Vidsys’ CSIM solution and their partners. The Converged Security Centre will be powered by the experts at Vidsys, the pioneering architects of Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM), to offer visitors a real-time immersive experience of an integrated cyber physical SOC, demonstrating ways to enable multi-disciplinary security teams to respond to the whole range of security risks across an enterprise.

The Converged Security Centre will be a combined learning and demonstration area hosted by Vidsys, Unified Security Ltd and their partners’ representatives, delivering a series of panel discussions with leading Information and Physical security professionals on the exceptional capabilities of a fully integrated CSIM platform. Visitors will learn how, with a fully converged security system, users can correlate multiple events into one situation, track major assets, execute efficient building management operations, monitor social networks, and most importantly enable high level information security resilience for true situation management. The presentations will show the simulated outputs of CSIM across a range of applications including transport, utilities and infrastructure and discuss how these benefit all areas of security management. IFSEC visitors will be able to see how CSIM operates in real-time and ask the experts from Vidsys, Unified Security Ltd and their partners how this will empower their future security strategies.

The Converged Security Centre will also display capabilities from a selected range of Vidsys partners. These include IFSEC premier partner Axis Communications, whose expertise in IP networked surveillance is acknowledged worldwide; Unisys, which provides expertise and guidance on cyber and information security; and Micro Focus International, who will be demonstrating how IDOL, an AI powered analytics platform for video, image, text and audio data, can automate real-time 3600 intelligence for security operators.

The Converged Security Centre is a cornerstone feature in IFSEC’s role as a platform to show security professionals the available technologies and capabilities in real-time, delivered by world leading experts whose solutions they can trust. It is also a key part of the IFSEC ‘Show Me How’ programme, providing direct access to learning and insights visitors would otherwise not have the opportunity to see.

James I. Chong, CEO, Vidsys says: “We’re excited to be part of the Converged Security Centre at IFSEC this year and to be working with our global partners to showcase what a truly converged security solution can provide to organizations worldwide. We believe there is an immediate need for a converged security solution that unifies monitoring of both physical and cyber security under one, unified platform. By leveraging disparate sources of data, organizations can effectively manage a situation in real-time without having to go to multiple subsystems, including analytics and cybersecurity, to get the job done.”

Gerry Dunphy, Brand Director, IFSEC says: ‘’IFSEC is delighted to welcome Vidsys to this year’s show as the major driver behind the Converged Security Centre. Our recent research revealed there is an absolute need for our customers to gain greater understanding of the capabilities of CSIM as well as a deeper awareness of the growing threats of cyber penetration into their networks so this project is an ideal solution. We’re thankful also to our good friends James Willison and Sarb Sembhi from Unified Security who have helped us co-ordinate this exciting new project at IFSEC 2018’.’

James Willison MA MSyI , Founder Unified Security Ltd and Sarb Sembhi CISM, CISO, Virtually Informed Ltd, add: “Sarb and I have long advocated the use of converged technological solutions managed by cross functional security teams to identify and mitigate security risks to the organisation. We were delighted to assist Gerry and his team in this new project and bring together Vidsys and other partners to establish the Converged Security Centre in June. We look forward to leading some of the sessions in the centre to promote this immersive real-time multi-disciplinary approach to cyber physical attacks on all security systems. It is a significant step forward to bringing physical and information security professionals closer together and so more efficiently protect our people and organisations.”

IFSEC International 2018 takes place 19th-21st June at ExCeL London, running alongside FIREX, Safety & Health Expo, Facilities Show and Field Service Management Expo. Secure your place at IFSEC today for access to dedicated learning areas like the Converged Security Centre powered by Vidsys, as well as exhibitors, product demonstrations and inspirational speakers across all shows.

About IFSEC International 2018

IFSEC International, which is run by the same group – UBM – that owns IFSEC Global, is Europe’s leading security event and the only place that brings together stakeholders from every role within security across every industry. IFSEC is the platform for the modern security professional to witness and showcase innovation and ignite collaboration in order to tackle the world’s most significant challenge. There is no agenda more critical today than security. Whatever your role within the industry, you have a part to play and IFSEC International is your arena.  Get hands on with the integrated security solutions of the future, with more than 10,000 solutions on show from over 600 suppliers, offering exclusive show pricing, spanning security’s global technology leaders to pioneering tech innovators. But so much more than just a trade-show, IFSEC 2018 and the keynote arena will be home to the global security conversation. Share your voice in the critical discussions, hear first-hand from strategic global leaders, and discover how your peers are pioneering security best-practice.

Overseas demand drives expansion of UK Security Expo

UK Security Expo run by Nineteen Events, will undergo a major expansion in 2018 due to increased demand from overseas companies and now becomes the International Security Expo.

With over 12,500 visitors and 350 exhibitors expected on November 28-29 in London, an increase of 38% on the previous year, the event is growing at exceptional speed. To accommodate this growth the show will take not only the entire Grand Hall at London Olympia but also the adjoining West Hall to cater for the larger number of international visitors and exhibitors, more dedicated Country Pavilions including the USA, Canada, China, Israel, Singapore and Japan, inclusion of more conferences such as Hotel, Retail, education and Night Time Economy Security and also the brand new Urban Spaces immersive feature.

David Woodbridge, Foreign Engagement Officer comments, “Working with The Department for International Trade (DIT)’s Defence & Security Organisation (DSO), the Home Office (JSaRC) and The Department for Transport (DfT) – we help our UK exhibitors increase exports by building relationships with overseas buyers, raising awareness of UK industry capabilities, and co-ordinating HM Government support for export opportunities in established and developing markets.

We have seen a growing demand from International buyers over the past 2 years, with government hosted delegations rising from 30 countries to 57 countries in 2017 and increasing to 65 countries in 2018 – representing over £1bn of spending power. Plus, an increase in overseas companies recognising the value of the UK market and its global influence, reflected in our growing number of country pavilions. We are also pleased to have recently secured funding from Visit Britain who recognise our success in bringing international buyers into the UK and aim to further support our growth plans.”

International Security Expo will continue to focus on high-end Homeland Security capabilities with exhibiting companies such as L3, NUCTECH, QinetiQ, Rapiscan, Rohde & Schwarz, Hartmann, HERAS, Rosehill Security and Zaun taking centre stage on the show floor, but will also blend more with Commercial Security technologies aimed at Buildings and Facilities, Hotels, Retailer and Night Time Economy buyers, delivering higher ROI for exhibitors from a more extensive buying chain.

Peter Jones, Chief Executive at Nineteen Events, who is overseeing the transition to International Security Expo says, “Our vision is to deliver the largest and most credible global security event. The UK is the right place to host the international security community each year as it has an established security industrial base producing first class solutions which are highly regarded around the world. It is also seen as a world leader in implementing the best solutions to increasing security challenges. International Security Expo is the natural progression for the show brand and strengthens our position in achieving our objectives in the near future.”

Security & Counter Terror Expo 2018: bringing together the international community to enhance global security

The threat of terrorism continues to have far reaching effects on every day life with a total of 25 terrorist attacks taking place across Europe in 2017. As risk from lone-wolf attacks and sophisticated ransomware increases, security professionals are faced with a growing challenge to evolve and stay one step ahead by investing in new technologies and intelligence solutions that will protect critical assets and people from today’s threats.

Aligned with the Home Office’s CONTEST counterterrorism strategy and the Department for International Trade’s export strategy, Security & Counter Terror Expo 2018 (SCTX), which returns to Olympia, London from 6-7 March2018 to mark its 10th anniversary, will address the most pertinent issues security professionals face from around the world, providing them access to the expertise, technologies and solutions required to prevent, pursue, protect and prepare for potential attacks.

With more than 350 suppliers, 3,000 products on display and over 100 not-to-be missed conference sessions, the event will facilitate discussion on best-practice strategies to halt the advance of terrorism and showcase the latest products and technologies available to those tasked with protecting the public, business and nations.

Alongside more than 350 businesses demonstrating their products and services on the show floor, experts from across the globe, including representatives from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), NATO, Europol, National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) and critical national infrastructure (CNI) organisations, will explore the best-practice strategies to help security professionals remain one step ahead of those intent on carrying out attacks.

New to 2018: Live technology and training in the spotlight
A series of new features will join the line-up at SCTX 2018, enabling attendees to see innovative technologies, solutions and services in action in the Integrated Security Showcase, and attend a series of half day workshops in the new Security Leaders Programme.

The new Integrated Security Showcase will feature a live security operations centre where visitors can identify unique solutions that can be used in a variety of installations to tackle the latest security threats. A carefully curated array of products will be displayed in the feature, with facial recognition, hostile vehicle identification, cyber threat mitigation, intrusion detection, perimeter protection, CCTV, video surveillance and biometric solutions all working in harmony.

Putting training in the spotlight, the Security Leaders Programme will deliver cutting edge content to educate its audience on threats and solutions, while providing a clear roadmap for the future. Professionals can sign up to attend workshops that cover: business continuity, the protection of government buildings, security in the retail, offshore and healthcare industries, property management, and facility management. Further sessions will give invaluable advice on career management, marketing and leadership.

Showcasing best practice with live demonstrations
Alongside live technology demonstrations in the Integrated Security Showcase, attendees can join MEGGiTT Training Systems – a leading supplier of integrated live fire and simulation weapons training systems – as it facilitates a fire arm simulation experience on stand B40. It will also showcase its FATS 100MIL and portable FATS 100P small-arms training systems.

“The FATS 100MIL and 100P demonstrate the range of simulation training solutions Meggitt provides to military customers globally,” Jeff Murphy, President of Meggitt Training Systems, explained. “Development and deliveries of these new FATS products builds on the legacy of more than 5,100 virtual systems fielded for Meggitt customers around the world. As threats evolve, military forces can trust Meggitt to deliver the best options for virtual and live-fire training.”

Showcasing best practice in reducing the threat of IEDs, SCTX’s Counter IED Zone, supported by NATO, combines live demonstrations of new technology with the latest strategies. It offers a critical learning platform for EOD, CIED, CBRNe, Defence, Law Enforcement, CT and Security professionals and is brought to SCTX in partnership with Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) and The Felix Fund – a charity helping support bomb disposal experts by providing welfare support and financial assistance to serving and ex-serving military and their families.

Detecting, deterring and disrupting terror threats
The World Counter Terror Congress will return to headline the conference programme again this year, chaired by Richard Barrett, former coordinator: Al-Qaeda/Taliban Monitoring Team of the United Nations Security Council – United Nations. Run in close correspondence with the UK’s Home Office, Cabinet Office and Emergency Services, the conference will facilitate discussion on best practice to defeat the ongoing terror threat to people, businesses and nations.

More than 20 sessions will examine the key areas of prevention, pursuit and protection with an unrivalled speaker line up, including such industry experts as Mr Grant Mendenhall, Assistant Director, Counterterrorism Division – Federal Bureau of Investigation; Mr Rob Wainwright, Executive Director – Europol; and Detective Chief Superintendent Scott Wilson, National Counter Terrorism Protect and Prepare Coordinator – National Counter Terrorism HQ.

The conference will be complemented by six conference streams at SCTX including CNI Protection; Cyber Threat Intelligence; Policing & Specialist Operations; Major Events Security; Airport & Border Security and Secure | Design | Build. The streams are designed to offer visitors unrivalled insights into a wide range of strategies and operations from the planning and delivery of large scale events; combating the illegal movement of weapons, drugs, goods, and people, while promoting lawful entry and exit and ways to secure and protecting all communications, banking, personal information and documents transmitted online.

Protecting critical national infrastructure and businesses
Expected to be one of the busiest and popular conference programmes, the Critical National Infrastructure and Business Resilience conference, sponsored by Pelco, Surelock McGill and Bosch, is essential for all professionals tasked with protecting businesses and the assets essential for the maintenance of everyday life. With topics ranging from security and smart buildings to big data analytics and physical security operations, leaders in CNI and business resilience will come together to discuss, understand and create effective strategies to protect CNI while utilising all elements including cyber, physical security and staff.

A series of case studies will also be presented during the conference, enabling visitors to learn from best practice, including Tim Molden, Director of Security, The Savoy and Darren Carter, Head of Group Security, Edwardian Hotels London who will provide an insight into the unique challenges of protecting London’s most iconic hotels.

Countering cyber terrorism
Cyber terrorism presents a new challenge in the 21st century. Greater preparation is required to combat those individuals who would look to take advantage of our increasing internet dependency to attack or disable key systems. With the NHS and Deloitte both suffering at the hands of cyberattacks and the National Cyber Security Centre reporting more than 1,000 attacks in its first year of operation, the need to secure and protect all communications, banking, personal information and documents transmitted online exponentially increases.

Speaking at the Darktrace and Genetec sponsored, Cyber Threat Intelligence Conference, Sir Julian King, European Commissioner for the Security Union – European Commission will discuss the steps being taken to protect Europe’s Political and Economic infrastructure, while Ms Merle Maigre, Director – NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence will highlight the need for co-operative defence strategies in the face of modern cyber threats. The event will also continue its association with techUK, once again chaired by Talal Rajab, head of programme, cyber and national security.

Combating terrorism and protecting national security
Led by the Metropolitan Police and supported by UK Police Forces and Special Operations units, the Policing and Specialist Operations conference will welcome the world’s police forces as they look to align tactics and discover new techniques, thinking and services. Attendees can join international police forces as they demonstrate and share best practice including representatives from Interpol, Europol, Australian Federal Police, New South Wales Police Force, Belgium Federal Police, Gendarmerie Royale du Canada, Hong Kong Police Force, Norwegian Police, Swedish Police Authority, French Police Nationale and the Indian Police Service.

Protecting large scale events and crowded places
Professionals tasked with the security of large public or crowded places now have to consider a much wider range of potential threats from hostile attacks using firearms to vehicles as weapons. To ensure the safety of the public, a range of emergency responses is required from emergency evacuation, invacuation (inward evacuation) lockdown and the use of protected spaces.

As the terror threat evolves, the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) released new guidelines to support those who are charged with security at crowded places mitigate the threat and help make the UK less vulnerable to an attack. Attendees at the Major Event Security conference will discover the key tactics and training required to ensure the right processes and personnel are in place to prevent and protect the public in response to potential threats.

Protecting our borders
In the fifth conference stream supported by the British Transport Police (BTP), Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and BORDERPOL, senior border security experts, policy makers and industry representatives will discuss the evolving challenge of protecting our borders amid rapid globalisation and the on-going migration crisis throughout the Mediterranean and mainland Europe.

Joining the line-up at the Airport and Border Security conference, speakers including Assistant Chief Constable Alun Thomas, Director of Specialist Operations – British Transport Police, Mr. Ralph Kruger, Project Manager Border Control of the Future – Federal Police Germany, Mr. Peter Drissell, Director of Aviation Security Regulation, Aviation Security – UK Civil Aviation Authority and Captain Ville Patrikainen, Company Security Officer, Fleet – P&O Ferries will offer insights on the developing threats and the latest technology being utilised to enhance border security internationally.

Integrated security with building design
The final conference stream, supported by Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI), invites architects, designers, project managers, developers, system integrators and installers to explore the role of security in building design. The Secure | Design | Build conference is a closed-door workshop that will explore key topics such as maximising security for new buildings, how to future proof building security and integrating physical with cyber security.

Emergency preparedness, resilience and response
In addition to WCTC and the Security & Counter Terror Expo conference streams, Ambition – the UK’s leading event for the emergency preparedness, resilience and response (EPRR) community, supported by the Cabinet Office – has announced its strongest ever line-up of global experts to discuss strategies on mitigating the impact of a terrorist attack. Dr François Braun, National Head of the Urgent Medical Aid Service (SAMU), France, will discuss the approaches adopted and lessons learned from SAMU’s medical response to multisite terrorist attacks in Paris.

Dr Robert MacFarlane, assistant director of Resilience Doctrine, Training and Standards, Civil Contingencies Secretariat for the UK Cabinet Office will also speak, along with Colonel Laurent Phelip, Commander of the Gendarmerie National Intervention Group (GIGN) for the French Gendarmerie, and Dr. Fredrik Bynander, Research Director for Centre for Crisis Management Research and Training in Sweden.

Innovation at Security & Counter Terror Expo
SCTX 2018 will showcase a wide range of product innovations from more than 350 exhibitors, including those supplying the latest in drone and counter drone technology, virtual reality, surveillance control systems, high security fencing and much more.

Custom Consoles will promote its full range of security control room desks and video monitor mounting systems on stand D89. The central feature of the Custom Consoles exhibit will be a SteelBase-Lite desk. This can be configured to provide an ergonomically efficient working environment for any size of control room. In addition, Custom Consoles will also provide a control desk from its SteelBase range for the Integrated Security Showcase.

Pinnacle Response will promote its Body Worn Video Cameras on stand D24, used as a deterrent to anti-social behaviour and identified to moderate and encourage compliance through heightened awareness. Its PR5 and PR6 body-worn cameras offer Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) technology, essential for providing verifiable audio/video reports which are admissible in court, if necessary.

RFA Security Services Ltd – SCTX’s official K9 sponsor – will welcome visitors to stand D36 to find out more about its Explosive Detection Dogs and Sniffer Dogs. The company, will also demonstrate the benefits of utilising Sniffer Dogs (sometimes called Bomb Dogs) in regular security sweeps of the venue.

On stand B32, PITAGONE – a European leader in Threat Management and anti-terror – will present its proprietary anti ramming-trucks mobile barriers for the first time in the UK, engineered to stop trucks up to 20 tons. While Tactical Electronics on stand A40 will present its most advanced line of tactical inspection cameras to SCTX attendees. The CORE Camera line features Wireless, High Definition, Digitally Encrypted Cameras and Monitors.

Speaking about SCTX, David Thompson, Event Director, Security and Counter Terror Expo, said: “The terrorist threat is changing almost daily creating countless issues for security professionals. SCTX is an essential platform, that provides a secure environment to source the latest solutions and define effective strategies to current threats.

“This year’s SCTX marks its 10th anniversary, and the event is now firmly established as the key location for security professionals to identify new technologies and learn about evolving strategies to prevent future attacks, be it physical or cyber. When the show opens in March, we look forward to welcoming security professionals, tasked with keeping nations, assets and businesses safe, and helping them to remain one step ahead of those intent on carrying out attacks.”

SCTX remains the only event that unites security professionals from all four corners of the world. Working in partnership with the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) and Counter Terror Policing, the event is expected to welcome a record number of delegations, building upon the 9,850 visitors who attended in 2017 from more than 114 countries – including France, Germany, Japan, Spain, Italy, Brazil, South Korea, Mexico, UAE, Canada and the US.

For more information and to register for access to SCTX, the World Counter Terror Congress, Ambition, Forensics Europe Expo and The People Movement and Management Show, visit and use guest code UKSW18.

NSI to Sponsor Outstanding Installer Category at the OSPAs

The UK Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs) will be taking place on 1st March 2018 in London and we are delighted to announce NSI will be sponsoring the ‘Outstanding Installer’ category.

The UK OSPAs are part of a global awards scheme currently running in eight countries to recognise and reward outstanding performance within the security sector.

Entry to the UK OSPAs is completely free and open to companies, teams and individuals who have performed at an exceptional level, and you don’t have to be a member of an organisation or association to enter. The nomination process is straight forward with only two simple questions to answer that can be submitted on-line at

Nominations are open until 13th November 2017 and submissions are invited in the following categories:

  • Outstanding In-House Security Team
  • Outstanding In-House Security Manager
  • Outstanding Contract Security Company
  • Outstanding Security Consultant
  • Outstanding Customer Service Initiative
  • Outstanding Security Training Initiative
  • Outstanding Security Installer
  • Outstanding Event Security Team
  • Outstanding Security Partnership
  • Outstanding Investigator
  • Outstanding Cyber Security Initiative
  • Outstanding Information Security Company
  • Outstanding Security Equipment Manufacturer
  • Outstanding Security Officer
  • Outstanding Young Security Professional
  • Lifetime Achievement Award

Richard Jenkins, NSI Chief Executive comments “We are delighted to be sponsoring the UK OSPAs next year. The OSPAs present an exciting opportunity to showcase the best of what the UK has to offer in the electronic security and guarding services sectors, on a global platform.

“Recognising and celebrating the achievements of outstanding installers is an important part of NSI’s focus on raising standards across the UK security industry.”

A panel of leading industry figures will select award winners from finalists and the UK OSPAs will be presented at a prestigious awards dinner to be held at the impressive 5-star venue, The Royal Lancaster, London on 1st March 2018.

About the National Security Inspectorate:
The National Security Inspectorate is recognised as the UK’s leading sector specialist Certification Body and counts the UK’s premier security and fire safety providers amongst its clients.

NSI provides robust auditing by a dedicated team of in-house experts to verify compliance with relevant British and European Standards, Codes of Practice and Certification schemes developed by Industry Bodies and Associations.

End users who choose to contract NSI approved companies can be assured of security and fire safety services delivered to the highest standards by businesses committed to quality.

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Dianne Gettinby, Head of Marketing Communications

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