PAC launches complete new Access Control portfolio

2nd March 2020 …. PAC, a market-leading supplier of innovative access control solutions, has announced the comprehensive redesign of its portfolio in order to meet the rigorous demands of today’s residential, educational and commercial environments. This pioneering access control system streamlines PAC’s offering with products that combine the benefits of state-of-the-art hardware and software – delivering unrivalled levels of security, sustainability and ease of use.

Key components of the new PAC portfolio are the PAC 512DC networkable access controllers, which replace the highly successful PAC 500 range. Future proof and certified to the latest industry standards, PAC 512 comprises two variants – the 512DC analogue and 512DCi digital access controllers. Scalable from 1-2000 doors these controllers are able to support up to 75,000 unique identification devices via Access Central – PAC’s enhanced management software.  They feature two inputs and two outputs, as well as providing functionality including local anti-passback, event to action, mustering, lift call and alarm point control. By removing the need for ancillary equipment PAC 512 offers a cost competitive solution that is easy to configure, install, maintain and use.

PAC is committed to developing products that enable end users to enhance their own sustainability based agendas and this is clearly demonstrated by its new PS50 Energy Efficient Power Supply. With 80 per cent efficiency at most loads, it uses far less power than PAC’s previously available power supply unit, at the same price point. The PS50 Energy Efficient Power Supply’s credentials have also been externally verified via certification to California Energy Commission (CEC) Level 6. This means that the highly energy efficiency facilitates operational savings.

PAC’s Access Central management software replaces the company’s SecureNet solution. It can be adapted to suit every access control installation, whether a single site business or a global organisation. Backwards compatible with SecureNet and available via digital download in SE and professional licence editions. The SE licence level delivers a level of functionality unrivalled in the market for a free distribution. Access Central can be easily configured to operate on a standalone PC or across a corporate network. It displays detailed, real time events information including alarms as they occur across a facility, while also providing ease of management of any installed 512DC and 512DCi devices. Other features include Active Directory integration, which vastly reduces set-up and in-life management of keyholders when connected to an Active Directory feed.

The PAC portfolio will be supported by a customer training programme, a dedicated customer services and technical support facility, as well as a new five-year warranty for all hardware. Pete England, PAC’s global product manager, concluded, ‘For over 40 years PAC has pioneered developments in access control across the world and is renowned and respected for producing robust, reliable, cost effective and highly secure solutions. This legacy continues with this new portfolio which offers unrivalled value, is feature rich, scalable, energy efficient and reduces the hardware required for an integrated security system. During our beta testing we had a unanimously positive response and I’m convinced that we have an industry game-changer in terms of next generation access control.’

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7 problems your access control software could fix right now

London, February 2020 – So often, our focus in security and access control zeroes in on the hardware. Its latest functionality or compatibility with emerging technologies grabs the headlines. Yet it is your access control software which knits a system together – and the signs are, this is finally getting the attention it deserves in security procurement.

“Today, access control software is more accessible to a wider variety of actors,” writes Bryan Montany, a research analyst at IHS Technology*, “providing end-users with broader and more comprehensive data relating to patterns in building occupancy.”

“Software has also supported integrations with other security systems, enabling security managers to respond in real time to emerging incidents and potential security breaches.”

In other words, you can escape the limiting functionality of outmoded access management with a new generation of software solutions. They can fix everyday access irritants. Below are just seven.

Freedom from the access management terminal

Multi-seat management should be a given. Your intuitive, customised dashboard could have a personalised login screen configuration for every administrator. Software should offer flexible management options, including secure system administration from anywhere and multi-timezone capability options.

An access management “terminal” should be tied to you – not the other way around.

Maximum flexibility, whatever your legacy system

Access control software puts in the hard yards when it bends your existing system or setup to new needs. It can integrate across several databases, making workflows easier and less error prone.

You may even wish to manage any existing mechanical locks from the same interface as your electronic or electromechanical locks. The right access control software handles that for you.

Tailored access for every site user and visitor

Streamlining access rights management for staff, contractors and visitors can boost business efficiency. Your access control software should filter access to specific locks according to the precise security needs of your site and users.

For any system, you should be able to create individual schedules for key-holders, doors or audit trails. In a few clicks you can require users to revalidate keys regularly, making it safer to issue a contractor with time-limited access.

Smarter, more effective building management

Smart buildings need intelligent software. Do you know who uses which doors at your site, and when? Are you are planning an office expansion and weighing up appropriate security for each type of room use?

A properly configured software control panel should accurately track user movement around your site. It feeds back the data you need to make better business decisions.

Saving security budgets with a Software as a Service (SaaS) option

Ideally, you want to spend your security budget on actually securing people and assets. Alas, in the real world, IT costs and contingency budgeting eat up much of it.

When you run access management software with a reliable SaaS provider, security infrastructure budgeting becomes more predictable. Your data enjoys complete redundancy and is therefore more secure. And your company’s software is always, automatically up to date – critical for cyber-security resilience.

Mobile solutions for the modern mobile workforce

Are your mobile workers and contractors returning to base – or the nearest credential updater – to redefine or revalidate their access rights? Access control software can (and should) be mobile. So, instead of updaters, workers update credentials on the go, wherever they are, via an app and its encrypted Bluetooth connection.

All your business process software in one place

Multiple systems create double or triple the work. Duplicating data entry increases the chance of errors. With access control powered by the CLIQ Web Manager, for example, you can integrate powerful access management features with your existing business process software. One hub for everything.

Thanks to the CLIQ Web Manager’s open architecture, you can build a single interface to control all your “live” workflows. You manage HR, support ticketing, financial reporting and more, alongside daily access control tasks like validating and revalidating credentials, cancelling lost keys and ordering automated audit trails for locks or users.

The CLIQ® menu of flexible software options achieves all these – and more. To learn about CLIQ® key-operated digital locking systems and software, and download a free solution guide, visit

*: see

Trigion strengthens sales team with top hire

Security and fire systems specialist, Trigion Security Services, has welcomed a new Business Development Manager to the team, as it continues to strengthen its presence within the UK market.

Raj Ghuman, who joined Trigion in February, brings over 11 years industry experience with him, having previously worked as a commercial sales consultant at ADT.

In his new role, Raj will be responsible for managing and developing the firm’s electronic security business throughout South London and the southern Home Counties. He will work closely with Trigion’s existing customer base, as well as developing new contacts, sharing the benefits of Trigion’s full range of intruder alarms, access control systems, CCTV and fire alarms. 

Raj said: “Trigion has an outstanding reputation in the industry for delivering bespoke security and fire solutions that are tailored to each customer’s individual needs. I am delighted to be joining a team that prides itself on delivering first class customer service and I look forward to getting to know our existing customers and growing the business throughout South London and beyond.”

Paul Grist, Director – UK for Trigion Security Services, said: “Raj brings with him over a decade of invaluable knowledge of the electronic security market. He is perfectly placed to help us grow our presence in South London and the southern Home Counties, and shares our passion for delivering high-quality solutions for our customers. I’m thrilled to welcome Raj to our growing team and we look forward to expanding into new areas under his leadership.”

Trigion is one of Europe’s leading fire and security companies, providing electronic fire and security systems, security officers, key-holding, alarm response and concierge services throughout much of continental Europe and the UK. The UK business is NSI Gold Accredited in all core disciplines and also holds full SIA accreditation.

SMARTair® software saves management time at a new student residence

London, February 2020 – Student accommodation is a fast-growing sector. Student numbers across France have grown around 10 percent in a decade. Around $1 billion was invested in France’s purpose-built student accommodation just between 2016 and 2018*. Efficient solutions to help manage security for these student properties are always welcome.

For new premises in Rennes, France, specialist provider Easy Student sought reliable, key-free locking. They wanted their new residence to run efficiently – “like a hotel” – and without the unnecessary workload that comes with managing and keeping track of physical keys.

Following a positive experience with the same technology in Nantes, Easy Student chose SMARTair® Update on Card wireless access control. Wireless Electronic Escutcheons with inbuilt RFID readers control access through 83 doors at Easy Student Rennes. SMARTair Wall Readers secure non-standard entrances.

SMARTair’s TS1000 software was one major reason for Easy Student’s choice. The intuitive interface and time-saving functionality make it easy for administrators to manage their access system. “SMARTair does not require any technical knowledge. I trained quickly and found the software very easy,” says Cyril Verger, Managing Director at Easy Student Rennes. “The solution corresponds perfectly to our needs… Installation was simple.”

If someone loses a credential, the TS1000 interface makes cancelling it fast and easy — a major change from the old days of physical keys, mechanical locks and key organization charts. “A lost key can still be used,” M. Verger adds. “A lost credential can be cancelled easily.”

Flexible, key-free door entry

SMARTair provides secure, flexible access control for every student, service provider and facilities manager who uses the residence. Around 100 access credentials are active at any one time. It gives Easy Student managers the ability to change a user’s access permissions anytime, without visiting the doors. If an incident occurs, they act quickly and decisively.

Security managers program every student credential to open multiple doors: the student’s own room, the main door and bike park around the clock; a common relaxation area and the laundry room between 6.30am and 11.30pm only. “Managing this way avoids comings and goings by people who don’t live here,” M. Verger says.

“Our students are very happy with the solution,” he adds. “They got used to it quickly, because this type of access control is found in lots of hotels and private homes.”

“I highly recommend installing SMARTair at other student residences.”

To learn more about the benefits of fitting SMARTair® at your student accommodation, download a free solution guide at  

Design agency finds Code Handle® an ideal locking solution for server and meeting rooms

London, February 2020 – One of the UK’s 5.7 million SMBs, Thirst offers a comprehensive digital marketing service to some of Europe’s most forward-thinking brands. At their UK head office, managers identified two doors which required an easy, low-cost security solution. Staff and visitors come and go all day, but not everyone should have access to the Thirst servers or private meeting suite.

Code Handle electronic door locks with integrated PIN pads now secure these two important Interior office doors. Only senior managers and qualified staff freely access Thirst’s IT room. Thirst’s main meeting room is also protected by this sleek handle with PIN protection. Staff quickly lock and unlock these rooms without anyone keeping track of mechanical keys: it’s a time-saving solution, too.

Tried and tested at offices all over Europe, Code Handleadds electronic PIN lockingto doors with no wiring and no elaborate access control system. Thirst’s office manager only needs one Master Code to administer each handle. Up to 9 different PINs are issued to authorised staff. If an employee leaves the company, it’s easy to delete their PIN without unmounting the lock. Tracking cumbersome keys is a thing of the past.

Code Handle is a low-profile, zero-hassle solution to boost security at critical doors around their offices.

Easy retrofit, minimal maintenance

Fitting Thirst’s new Code Handle locks was a breeze. They replaced the existing handle, attached a Code Handle with two screws, and doors now have electronic PIN security — with no ugly push-and-twist units to spoil Thirst’s contemporary workspace design. There was no need to hire an expensive contractor or installer.

“We found Code Handle easy to install and a perfect solution for keeping private rooms only accessible for those employees that require access,” says Nigel Cattermull, Managing Director at Thirst.

Maintenance of the two new digital PIN locks is minimal. Two standard batteries slot inside each Code Handle and typically last for 30,000 lock/unlock cycles before needing replacement.

For added peace of mind, Code Handle has an auto-locking feature. Nobody at Thirst needs to worry whether they remembered to lock the server room. Code Handle never forgets.

To learn more about how Code Handle can protect office premises, watch some great content at

Real-time access management and device aesthetics make Aperio® and The Camp a perfect fit

London, January 2020 – As a provider of future-oriented business education, The Camp sought an access control solution as forward-thinking as their courses.

Their campus site near Aix-en-Provence is diverse, with offices, event spaces, kitchens and two accommodation blocks totalling 170 units. The Camp must remain open around the clock, all week, while maintaining security for staff and visitors.

Aperio provided locking devices tailored to every door type — interior and exterior. So far, The Camp has integrated 221 Aperio Wireless Escutcheons, 42 Aperio Wireless Cylinders and 10 AperioWireless Handles within a TIL Technologies security system.

Integrated online with the central system and controlled from the same interface, these Aperio devices effortlessly handle daily staff traffic of around 250 people. Meeting rooms, server rooms, living spaces and kitchens are secured with Aperio wireless locks. Up to 2,000 external visitors arrive on-site when The Camp stages an event — and each must also have credentials issued and access filtered through the site. Aperio makes it straightforward to enable visitor access.

“Many credentials get lost and Aperio enables us to handle this efficiently,” says Benjamin Ciotto, Head of Information Technology at The Camp.

A few clicks are all it takes to cancel a lost key-card and issue a replacement.

Real-time and future-proofed

Security staff at The Camp ensure only authorized users enter offices where expensive video projectors and screens are stored. Their TIL integration enables real-time management of the whole site, with specific profiles created to segment individuals who need fine-grained access to specific areas.

“Online mode is very important because [access] rights are very often updated for the constantly shifting campus population,” explains Benjamin Ciotto. “We can also program access to defined time slots, which is essential when we welcome 200 people for an all-day meeting, for example.”

Aperio technology also met The Camp’s need for an aesthetically pleasing, wireless solution. They did not want to compromise their interior or exterior design. The Aperio product ecosystem’s sustainability performance also fits The Camp’s ethos. Because Aperio devices are wireless and battery powered, they are much more energy efficient than traditional wired locking systems, which require an “always-on” mains connection. Multiple Aperio devices have independently assessed Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). These detail the footprint of each device through its full life-cycle, from production to disposal.

“Aperio is a real comfort of use,” Benjamin Ciotto concludes. “And we handle the easy maintenance for ourselves.”

To download a free Aperio® Wireless Access Control Solution Guide, visit

5 ways access control matters in your coworking space

London, January 2020 — Most likely, tenants and visitors to your coworking space value agile, modern solutions. In other words, pretty much the opposite of mechanical lock-and-key technology. Thankfully, there is an intelligent security alternative that won’t blow your budget or create renovation chaos.

One forecast suggests flexible workspaces in the EMEA region will number around 17,000 by 2022*. Coworking provision is a dynamic market, with increasingly fierce competition for a user base that knows what it wants. The right access solution helps your space stand out from competitors and can deliver real benefits for users and the way they work.

Smarter space use

Many creative and tech-oriented coworkers demand round-the-clock access. Indeed, according to the Harvard Business Review, the sense of control this flexibility gives is one reason people thrive in coworking spaces**. If you have an access system you can manage remotely, from a PC or smartphone, staff need not be on-site to manage people coming and going 24/7.

An intelligent access system can also feed back critical business data in real time. Who is using your space? And when? The more you know, the more likely you will make better business decisions.

Safer belongings, slicker incident handling

Open, collaborative coworking involves lots of expensive tech and personal items lying around. In the words of one report by commercial property experts JLL, “While coworking spaces are perhaps safer environments to leave equipment unattended than your typical coffee shop, companies still risk a loss of equipment.”*** You can maximise security and minimise space users’ risk with effective access control. Coworkers will not rent desks where intrusion is easy — and you do not want to operate a space with a reputation for petty theft.

Imagine the worst happens to a tenant: something unexpected occurs or their valuables go missing. An access control system helps you sort it out quickly and efficiently. Because everyone carries personalised credentials — and you can order instant audit trails using access system software — you quickly find out who went where and when. Investigation is easier.

Cutting out cutting keys

In any sizeable workspace, standard physical keys are difficult to track without a dedicated key management system. Some types of physical key are relatively straightforward to cut without permission. How much time do you waste when a key is lost or stolen? Changing a standard mechanical lock is time-consuming and expensive.

When you install an access control system, one click cancels any “key”, key-card or smartphone credential. You can program and reprogram your door devices as many times as you like. You’ll never change a lock again.

Room to grow — or change your mind

Around two-thirds of coworking providers expect to expand their workspace in the future****. The good news is wireless access systems like ASSA ABLOY’s SMARTairÒ are almost infinitely flexible; you can bolt on new areas, easily move locks around, or add new sites as you grow. Wireless access control helps you change the security status of a door at any time — or expand your coworking area to another floor cost-effectively. Add a meeting space, connect two offices, no keys or cables needed.

Image can be everything

Modern workers prioritise convenience and user experience. The latest electronic access systems include an option for them to carry virtual keys on their smartphone, in place of a physical key or key-card. Savvy, smartphone-enabled access will set your space apart from local competitors.

Could your coworking space find another revenue stream by hosting weekend or evening events? Because smartphone keys are so flexible, they make it easy for you to issue time-limited access for temporary staff or one-time attendees. When the event is over, their “keys” no longer unlock your doors. You do nothing — it’s all automatic.

To learn how to transform coworking space security affordably, download a free coworking access control guide or book a free expert consultation now:

*: see

**: see

***: JLL, “A new era of coworking”; see

****: JLL/

Videx Launches New Web Server Access Control System

Videx, a leading manufacturer and supplier in access control and door entry systems, has strengthened its presence in the access market by launching a new web server access control system.

The WS4 can manage up to 20 entrances locally or remotely from anywhere via a mobile phone, tablet or PC using a web browser to connect to the system. Additionally an app is available for both iOS and Android.

The WS4 can have up to 2,500 users and store up to 50,000 events which can also be viewed online or via the app. The system also has up to 250 programmable access levels to restrict access to certain days and times for users. 

Sian Luxton, Key Accounts Manager at Videx, said: “The WS4 is designed to ensure installation and use is extremely easy and flexible. There’s no need for a dedicated computer or requirement to download specific software; it’s completely managed via the web server.

“Operators simply need to register online with their serial number to start using the system’s software application and get it up and running.”

The heart of the system is the WS4 controller available in a one entrance, two entrance and four entrance control cabinet complete with battery backed power supply. The cabinet includes an Ethernet connection to connect to a LAN or the internet allowing programming and management to be carried out from anywhere.

Sian continued: “What’s extremely attractive about the WS4 is that full management of the system can be carried out remotely. This can include the adding and deleting of users, the changing of settings and the viewing of event logs. Up to 10 operators can be setup with different access rights. For example, an administrator/manager or an installer or monitoring facilities only. Additionally, the firmware of the devices can also be updated remotely.

Mifare proximity readers and coded access keypads connect to the control cabinet via an RS485 link further simplifying the installation. Readers are available as a standalone surface in the compact black finish of the mini range of readers and can also be integrated into door entry panels, both vandal resistant and modular.

Sian added: “Email alerts to inform the administrator or engineer of certain situations such as mains failure, devices offline or doors left open can also be set up. These can be categorised specifically too, so that the right person is alerted to any issue. For instance, offline device alerts can be emailed to the engineer, and ‘door open too long’ events to the system manager. Additionally, a daily or weekly email can be scheduled to inform the administrator or engineer of the health of the system. i.e. all online and connected to the internet.”

For more information about the WS4 system, please visit:

Hanwha Techwin further expands its affordable Wisenet Q H.265 camera series

The three new Wisenet Q cameras recently introduced by Hanwha Techwin offer cost-effective, real-life practical solutions for a diverse range of applications.   

  • Wisenet QNP-6230RH 2 megapixel IR PTZ camera: Designed for city centres, large public areas and a broad range of other outdoor video surveillance applications, the Wisenet QNP-6230RH has a IR viewable length of 100 metres. It is also equipped with built-in Gyro sensors which offers accurate image stabilisation that comes into effect when a camera is disturbed by wind or vibrations, resulting in more stable images.
  • Wisenet QNF-8010 6 megapixel mini fisheye camera: Just 99mm wide and 40% smaller than its predecessor, the Wisenet QNF-8010 is ideal for small to medium sized applications where aesthetics are important, such as banking, offices and retail. The camera offers 4 display modes including single fisheye, single panorama, double panorama and quad view mode, whilst built-in people counting and heatmap offers retailers the opportunity to monitor store efficiency in terms of the relationship of footfall data with actual sales.
  • 2 megapixel mobile IR camera: Introduced to provide a robust solution for monitoring activity on buses, trains, trucks and other forms of transport, the Wisenet Q QNV-6023R is equipped with improved audio noise reduction software to reduce the effect of vibrations and to improve the performance of a built-in microphone. For applications where the camera’s IR illumination cannot be used, the Wisenet QNV-6023R features enhanced low light functionality. Launched at the same time, the Wisenet QNV-6024RM comes with a rugged M12 connector. enabling safe and reliable communication.

“Despite being keenly priced, there has been no compromise on the feature sets or build quality of any of these cameras,” said Uri Guterman, Head of Product & Marketing for Hanwha Techwin Europe. “Each has been developed as a direct result of listening to our customers who can be

assured that during 2020 and beyond, we will continue to develop many other exciting new products and solutions which reflect evolving market requirements.”

Key Features

The Wisenet QNP-6230RH, QNV-6023R and QNV-6024RM feature a wide range of Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA), including Tampering, Directional Detection, Defocus Detection, Virtual Line, Enter/Exit, Appear/Disappear, and Motion Detection.

Other features shared by all three of the new cameras include:

  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), which performs at up to 120dB, to produce clear images from scenes containing a challenging mix of bright and dark areas.
  • An SD/SDHC/SDXC memory slot which allows video or data to be stored at the edge should there be disruption to the network. Video evidence, which might have been potentially lost, can be retrieved when the network connection has been restored.
  • A choice of H.265, H.264 or MJPEG compression, with the cameras’ bandwidth friendly credentials enhanced by WiseStream II, a complementary compression technology which dynamically controls encoding, balancing quality and compression, according to movement in the image. Bandwidth efficiency is improved by up to 99% compared to current H.264 technology when WiseStream II is combined with H.265 compression. As such, WiseStream II reduces the total cost of ownership of a video surveillance system by minimising the storage and bandwidth requirements of high definition cameras.

New Openow™ mobile app for SMARTair® adds online functionality to your offline locking

London, December 2019 —The newly updated Openowä app now includes Update on Card functionalities, offering additional and powerful features to security managers.

Openow is the convenient mobile solution for SMARTair wireless locking systems. Users store their validated digital keys securely in the Openow app. To open a SMARTair lock, they simply tap their phone against its inbuilt RFID reader. An encrypted (https/AES128) Bluetooth connection connects the phone and locking device to quickly validate or deny an unlock request. With Openow™, if you have your phone, you are already carrying your keys.

Facility managers get through their access management workload much faster when they replace traditional card or tag credentials with the Openow app. Because Openow and the intuitive SMARTair TS1000 software handle everything, delays in issuing or revoking keys for sensitive doors no longer jeopardize site security or company efficiency.

There are no physical credentials to handle or track; no card encoders to buy; and no queues at reception for staff or visitors awaiting credentials being issued.

Openowä is now a mobile solution for Update on Card systems

With the new Openow features New Openow mobile app for SMARTair adds online functionality to your offline locking completing your security taskload will be even more efficient. Openow administrator functionality now includes Update on Card management for SMARTair door devices. Powerful features usually only available in online mode are now enabled for SMARTair offline locks, too — without any need to install dedicated wall updaters or communications hubs.

Now, every time a user opens a SMARTair door with Openow, the event and entire door history are reported in the SMARTair software — alerting security managers of door entrance attempts, battery status, low battery and more.

For details, you can download the new SMARTair Openow brochure at

Swinkels Family Brewers chose AEOS by Nedap to unify access control following rapid national and international growth

Why AEOS? Like us, Swinkels Family Brewers takes a people-first approach – it wanted a system designed around the people using it so it could maintain its welcoming openness while increasing security levels.

The firm, which produces the world famous Bavaria and Swinkels beer and 25 other beer brands, also value the flexibility AEOS offers to adapt and scale in the future.

Learn more about the people first approach.

Please read the full customer case on the Nedap website :

This simple PIN locking handle deters shoplifters

London, December 2019 – Theft from stock rooms and shop floors is a persistent problem for retailers. With around €900 million* lost annually to thieves in Belgium alone, upscale fashion boutique Patio sought an easy, low-cost deterrent. Code Handle® locks fitted on key doors were the answer.

A location on Leuven’s most exclusive shopping street did not insulate Patio from retail theft. Shoplifting is a growing problem in many European countries, and thefts had also proliferated at Patio. Thieves were using the store’s toilet to remove clothing tags. Some even went upstairs to Patio’s offices and stole valuable items.

During a store renovation, manager Jeff Van den Bergh decided Patio’s offices and customer toilet needed proper security. Shoppers and visitors should not enjoy free, casual access to these sensitive rooms. However, he did not want staff wasting their time tracking physical keys when they could be helping customers. An expensive access control system was also ruled out.

Door hardware had to look clean and contemporary, to meet the style-conscious standards of Patio’s interior. The store’s security contractor recommended Code Handle, which adds electronic PIN locking to doors without wires or an expensive access system.

“Code Handle proved an ideal solution for us to protect non-public spaces from the public,” says Jeff Van den Bergh, Patio’s Store Manager.

A discreet lock built for a modern retail environment

Door security is operated by a discreet PIN-pad built into a brushed-chrome handle. Two standard batteries slot inside each Code Handle to power the digital security. These typically last for 30,000 lock/unlock cycles.

“The design fits well within the store,” adds Mr Van den Bergh.

Now, Patio customers still use the toilet — but not unsolicited. An employee unlocks the door for them without a key or pass. The door to Patio’s offices is closed to everyone, except staff who unlock it with a personal PIN.

Code Handle comes with one Master PIN; the store manager issues up to 9 additional 4–6-digit PINs. When an employee leaves Patio, it’s simple to delete their PIN.

To learn more about how Code Handle® can protect retail premises, watch some great content at

* Source:

Videx enhances 4000 series keypads with new range

Leading access control and door entry systems provider Videx has introduced a new range of its 4000 series keypads that offer improved features and functionality.

The new range includes three new models that replace the existing keypads and now feature a new adjustable backlit keypad that’s available in a new matt finish 316 Marine grade stainless steel (Suffix /M) or mirror finish stainless steel. 

Neil Thomas National Sales Manager at Videx said: “The new 4000 series keypad range provide great flexibility, features and convenience to users. Each of them have a backlight that can be adjusted to the brightness users need whether that’s full brightness all the time, full brightness only when in use, low light level or no light at all. The back light level can be set for both standby and during operation. The new keypads also carry an impact rating of IK07 and an IP rating of IP6X.”

The three new keypads are the 4901, a direct replacement for the 4800, the 4902, which replaces the 4900 but with the added benefit of up to 1000 codes, and the 4903, a brand new keypad that’s been specifically designed for the GSMPRO range of intercom systems.

The 4901 includes three relays, each with one access code, two push to exit button inputs and can be powered from either 12Vac/dc or 24Vac/dc. The 4902 includes two relays and 1000 access codes while up to 400 access codes can be stored in the 4903 plus an additional 32 temporary access codes that can be programmed for a duration of 1 – 255 hours before expiring automatically. The 4903 can also be programmed remotely via SMS and the GSM app. Additionally, the 4903 also includes the same programming menu as the 4800 for backward compatibility. All codes can be 4 – 8 digits in length and programmed to operate a relay from 1 – 99 seconds or used to latch and unlatch a relay.

For more information about the new range of 4000 series keypads, please visit:

The new SMARTair® Lock puts advanced electronic access control into a familiar format

London, November 2019 – Now you can combine the advanced access control of a wireless electronic escutcheon with the intelligence and superior security of an electromechanical mortise lock. With a robust design, the new SMARTair Lock is built to secure doors where high daily traffic and a large number of access events are all in a day’s work.

This new wireless device in the SMARTair product range is built around three main elements. The external reader with multi-colour LED is available in several different finishes to blend with your existing doors. The lock’s internal control and battery-powered RF module also houses a button for electronic privacy. Finally, a battery-powered electromechanical clutch unlocks the door when a valid credential is presented to the external electronic reader.

The new SMARTair Lock works with any DIN-compliant door handle — you can choose your own. You can also choose to install an additional mechanical cylinder, enabling users to unlock your door quickly and manually in any emergency.

The lock incorporates admin-friendly features for streamlined security management.  Sensors monitor and report when a door is left open or closed incorrectly, or when an attempted intrusion is detected. A SMARTair Lock also registers any unlocking events made via mechanical key.

Compatible with everything — including the future

The new wireless lock works with any SMARTair management option, including offline, update-on-card and real-time, online system management. Its RFID reader accepts all common RFID credentials, including MIFARE®, iCLASS® and DESFire. The lock also works with the future-proofed Openowä mobile solution from SMARTair, and the SMARTair Remote app.

The new SMARTair Lock can be installed quickly and wirelessly without disrupting your working day and make access in schools, hospitals and any other high-traffic location safer, simpler and more efficient — reducing wasted time and expense while ensuring your premises are more secure.

Download a free product brochure and technical datasheet for the new SMARTairÒ Lock at: