SP Energy Networks set UK utilities trend with largest ever smart key project

Electric high-power station and powerful transformers

Scottish Power Energy Networks is leading the way with its security and access management control, using a unique key-centric access control solution, from smart electronic key manufacturer, LOCKEN. The leading name in smart key solutions has just signed a contract with SP Energy Networks to secure its electricity supply infrastructure, across more than 17,000 sites.

The energy supplier is looking to roll out the customised solution over the next three years using electronic locks to protect 23,000 access points with over 1,000 users.

The contactless electronic smart key combines the advantages of a traditional mechanical lock with a state-of-the-art electronic solution, with the information exchanged between the key and the cylinder by magnetic induction, rather than by an electrical contact. This allows almost instantaneous opening of the lock and a high reliability of the hardware without disruption by presence of rust, wear or dust.

The solution includes a Bluetooth module, which means the mechatronic key communicates with the user’s smartphone, using the MyLocken app. It is capable of offering centralised control and case-by-case, real-time access control, reaching standards of security that are usually only available from on-line access control systems.

The system does not require any on-site cabling or batteries for the lock, because the key supplies the cylinder with the energy and the information required to open the lock. In this way, users working on large infrastructures or complex sites with multiple points of access can make do with a single key. The solution is made even more flexible by its purely mechanical component, which can be used to open conventional mechanical cylinders, wherever the two types of locks co-exist within the same system.

Nick Dooley MD at LOCKEN UK Ltd explains: “This innovative electronic solution will enable the power supply network to support the improvement of health and safety procedures for the power group’s employees and subcontractors and deliver maximum performance to its customers.

“LOCKEN’s advanced access control solution helps DNOs to comply with Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations (ESQCR). The solution allows simple, flexible, efficient access management, which can be integrated with SP Energy Networks’ existing software system, giving improved operational efficiency which equals enhanced profitability.”

For further information about LOCKEN, visit www.locken.co.uk, find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or telephone 0203 691 1610.

ISO 9001:2015 provides PACOM with a competitive edge

PACOM, a STANLEY Products and Solutions company and leading provider of security and access control solutions, has confirmed its commitment to best in class quality management by gaining the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification. This significant achievement is part of the company’s continuing efforts to make its processes as agile as possible and set the standard in an increasingly competitive market.

Since it was first published in 1987, ISO 9001 has become the world’s most established quality management framework and is currently used by over a million companies across the globe. PACOM was previously certified to ISO 9001:2008, which ceased to apply from the middle of September 2018, and began its transition process to ISO 9001:2015 well in advance of this deadline. Certified through an external certification body, a rigorous audit was conducted on PACOM’s quality management system to assess the company’s dedication to the ongoing improvement of its processes.

‘A desire to operate to the highest standards runs through everything we do and ISO 9001:2015 rubber stamps our credentials through better integration and alignment of our internal processes,’ explained James Ford, PACOM’s marketing director. ‘This, in turn, leads to increased productivity and results and defines a standard of operation that exceeds our customers’ expectations. It also helps to ensure that they consider us as the security and access control solutions supplier of choice.’

ISO 9001:2015 takes into account a number of principles and is based on ISO’s Annex SL, which consists of 10 clauses that act a basic set of generic requirements to follow, in addition to the Plan, Do, Check, Act structure pioneered by W. Edwards Deming. The standard makes companies assess risks, identify opportunities for improvement and

effectively manage and measure performance across all levels of the company. As such, senior management must now be able to demonstrate a greater commitment to, and direct involvement in, a company’s quality management system.

PACOM’s James Ford concluded, ‘I would like to congratulate the team for all the hard work that has gone into attaining ISO 9001:2015 – it’s a milestone achievement that reflects our growth and development. Our culture of continuous improvement is vital in maintaining a market leading position, while the discipline and framework provided by our quality management system creates an environment that will help us achieve our corporate objectives. Just as importantly, it means our customers have complete assurance that PACOM operates to the highest standards and that we meet all regulatory requirements for our products and services, which we will strive to maintain and improve upon.’

For further information please contact James Ford, Director Global Marketing.
Email: james.ford@sbdinc.com; Tel: +44 (0) 1753 500537; or visit www.pacom.com

Nortech’s uPass Target monitors traffic flow at St. James’ Market

People and vehicle access control specialist Nortech has recently seen St James’ Market in central London update and improve access to its site using Nedap’s uPASS Target system.

Supplied by Nortech, Nedap’s uPASS Target was installed by leading supplier of integrated security systems Total Support Services (Security) Ltd, which was selected to supply the robust solution for long-range identification to its recently installed security gates at the market.

Total Support Services (Security) Ltd, TSS, which designs and engineers its own brand of security products and equipment, was able to use its 26 years of experience in specialised security products and services to provide the ideal security and access system that fitted the client’s needs. TSS selected the uPASS Target as it is easy to integrate with any existing access control systems so users don’t need to get out of their vehicles to get into the development.

Guy Bulmer, Director at Total Security Services commented, “We use Nortech as they are our ‘go-to’ provider for access control and vehicle identification systems. We have had a great relationship with them for nearly 20 years, ever since we were asked to install a Norpass system for some clients, and it just went from there.”

He continued, “We certainly recommend Nortech products to others and we are very happy with the end result achieved for the client. We have our core products that we use because they are easy to install and they just work. Any issues are dealt with in a helpful and friendly way by the tech guys and we always get a reliable system at the end of it.”

The uPASS Target is a robust solution for long-range identification of vehicles, people and rolling stock. It is ideal both for access control to gated sites and for close monitoring of traffic flow activities at industrial sites and logistic depots. Its Plug-and-Play features enable it to be installed in just a few simple steps, and its variety of industry-standard communication interfaces support seamless integration into any existing or new third party systems for access control, logistic operations, security and parking.

Nortech has supplied products and solutions to the security industry for over 25 years as an independent British company. The company uses extensive experience and expertise to create new security products to fit their clients’ needs and designs everything with the customer in mind.

Further information is available from Nortech on 01633 485533 or by emailing sales@nortechcontrol.comor by visiting the company’s website at www.nortechcontrol.com

Nortech is supported by Vantage PR

Videx Enhances Portal Plus Offering

Videx, the experts in door entry and access control, has enhanced its Portal Plus access control range by introducing a lift interface relay unit that enables the operation of a lift to be controlled by the access control system.

Portal Plus is Videx’s networkable access control system that supports proximity, keypads and bio access readers. It’s used in many applications across the private and public sector and is scalable from simple one entrance systems through to multiple entrances with local or remote management facilities.

The lift interface relay unit enables the calling of the lift and the restricted use of the lift to users programmed on the access control system. It can be used to enable the lift buttons or allow direct floor selection. It’s an ideal access control solution for the management of a lift in commercial premises and residential developments.

Neil Thomas, National Sales Manager at Videx UK, said: “The RB0408 unit is a great addition to the Portal Plus range because it means access can be restricted to certain floors as well as certain rooms within a building, offering additional security to those who live or work within the building. This can be especially useful in shared buildings, such as office blocks, where each floor might be occupied by different tenants where they’re only allowed access to their own floor, and also in residential developments for restricting entry to tenants to the floor they live on, in high rise flats for example.”

The RB0408 includes 8 relays to control up to 8 floors. Using more than one RB0408, it’s possible to control lifts for up to 32 floors. The RB0408 also includes LED indication when a relay is active which is useful for an engineer to see which floors have access when a user operates a reader. Four inputs are also included to enable, disable and override the lift control.

Neil added: “Users of the access control system can choose either an access code, proximity fob/card or their finger print to call the lift. Programming is carried out using the Portal Plus Pros CS management software where the lift control integrates seamlessly into user access level programming enabling each user to be independently programmed so that they can gain entry to one or more floors based on their access rights and time restricted access.”

The lift controllers are simple to connect and setup, utilising an RS485 bus to connect to the Portal Plus EWSi controller and includes dip switches to address the unit. The unit can be added to the system control cabinet, directly wall mounted or mounted on a DIN rail.

For more information on the RB0408 relay unit and how it enhances Videx’s Portal Plus offering, please visit www.videxuk.com

Videx Adds New Matt Black Monitors to Hands Free 6700 Video Entry Series

Videx, the experts in access control and door entry, has enhanced its popular range of hands free colour video monitors with a new matt black soft touch finish.

The monitors, which feature a 7-inch-high resolution colour LCD screen are now available in both a matt black or satin white finish for a number of our popular door entry systems.

Neil Thomas, National Sales Manager at Videx, said: “Video door entry is a very popular access control choice because it enables a resident to see and talk to a caller prior to opening the door which offers additional peace of mind and security as they have the option to deny access to a caller without having to open the door first. Our 6700 series of hands free monitors carry a number of advanced features such as entrance recall, door release, a do not disturb function and an optional video clip record facility while maintaining ease of use and installation.”

The monitors are available with a video memory feature that can be used with or without a Micro SD card to capture an image or short video of a caller enabling the occupant to see any visitors they may have missed throughout the day. Without the Micro SD card installed, the 6700 Series is able to store up to 100 still images of the caller while with a Micro SD card it’s possible to store up to 4096 still images or up to 512 15 second video clips of callers. The facility can be used manually where the user can press a button to either take a picture of the caller, start recording a short video clip or it can be used in an automatic mode where the picture/video clip will automatically be taken when a visitor calls – allowing the user to review any missed calls when they arrive home. The Micro SD card can also be removed allowing the images and video clips to be used in another device such as a mobile, tablet or PC.

Neil added: “Due to popular demand, we are now able to offer the monitors in a matt black soft touch high end finish as well as the standard satin white finish, so that they complement any surrounding area or environment, as well as providing a great access control solution. With the video monitors, there’s also a number of programmable features such as ring tone, privacy time and number of rings allowing each apartment to be customised to the client’s needs.”

Currently the monitors are available for the full video kit range, VX2200 6 wire system for low and high rise apartments and the VX2300 2 wire system enabling these monitors to be used in one apartment systems through to systems with up to 1000 apartments.

For more information about the new 6700 series video monitor range and the new matt black monitors, please visit:www.videxuk.com or call 0870 300 1240.

Stanley Security launches Stanley Onedoor Smartphone based access control system with UK startup doordeck

STANLEY Security, one of the most trusted names in the world of security, has partnered with London-based security start-up Doordeck to launch the Stanley OneDoor smartphone-based access control system.  Stanley OneDoor can be used with existing STANLEY access control products and rolled out to an entire building in under one hour, without the need for any new hardware.

Designed to be quick and simple to use, Stanley OneDoor removes the need for keycards and tags and all the management and associated costs that entails.  Instead, users gain access via their smartphones through the Stanley OneDoor App, ‘reading’ Stanley OneDoor tiles using either a QR code, via the app, or an NFC chip, just like Apple Pay and Google Pay.  Highly flexible, the system is secured with bank-level encryption and can also be used with traditional cards and tags where required.

For STANLEY Security access control customers, Stanley OneDoor provides significant benefits with no capital expenditure.  Instead, there is a competitively priced monthly subscription fee per door, with unlimited users.  Furthermore, costs associated with managing an access control system are largely removed, making Stanley OneDoor even more cost-effective.  Access can be managed remotely, with no requirement to be present to issue a virtual key.  All administration functions are also managed online and are comparable to existing systems.

There are environmental benefits to be had from this approach as existing hardware is used rather than heading for landfill and plastic cards and tags become a thing of the past.

Stanley OneDoor is not only cost-effective and convenient but also highly secure: lost or misplaced keycards are a regular occurrence and represent a security threat.  People are far more mindful of their Smartphone and,even if they are lost or stolen, remain more secure as fingerprint and facial recognition means the Stanley OneDoor app doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.  For high-security sites, Stanley OneDoor can also be configured to use restricted wi-fi networks and GPS Geofencing as additional security layers. Plus, with immediately accessible usage logs and access data, administrators can see up-to-date statistics about who’s in their building and how it’s being used.

Matthew Marriott, General Manager for STANLEY Security Great Britain, considers OneDoor to be a breakthrough product in access control: “OneDoor is one of the first solutions to emerge from our new approach to product development.  We are partnering with tech start-ups and companies at an early stage to bring refreshingly innovative technology to the market in a commercially viable form.  We are pleased to be working with Doordeck on this project and are now in a position to take OneDoor to market.”

William Bainborough, Chief Executive of Doordeck, said: “We are extremely excited to be partnering with STANLEY Security for Stanley OneDoor. We feel STANLEY Security not only understands the commercial value that Stanley OneDoor can bring to our customers, but also truly appreciates the technological expertise behind it.”

Stanley OneDoor joins STANLEY Security’s comprehensive range of access control solutions including STANLEY NT500, Paxton, PLAN and in the enterprise level access control PACOM, Lenel, S2, Honeywell Prowatch, C-Cure Software House and Genetec. STANLEY’s team of security experts has decades of experience designing and installing effective access control systems in a broad range of industries.

For more information on STANLEY Security’s OneDoor, please go to www.stanleysecurity.co.uk/onedoor

Intratone access control technology installed at over 900 sites for Hounslow Council

Door entry and access control equipment from Intratone, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers, has been installed at over 900 different sites across Hounslow Council’s estate.

The access control systems across the Council’s residential and commercial portfolio had become obsolete with the desire to move from keys to a fob-based system.

Residents had been complaining at the delays in receiving new keys – in some cases taking up to six weeks for them to be delivered. New fobs can now be obtained straight away by residents when visiting their local housing office through the new cloud-based technology. Since late 2016 the Intratone fob readers have been installed at low and high-rise apartment blocks and Council offices, commercial buildings and operational sites, and complaints have dropped significantly.

Ian Williams, Electrical Engineer for Hounslow Council is in no doubt as to the benefits of the new Intratone proximity readers: “We hadn’t heard of Intratone before it was recommended by the installer. So far, we have been very impressed – although it is a sizeable investment for the Council initially, the build and technology of the readers means that they will last for at least ten years.

“At one point the fob programming was carried out by two full-time members of staff who would visit site daily to program residents’ fobs. This can all now be programmed remotely by the relevant housing officers at the local housing office which will be a large long-term saving to the council.”

The cloud-based fob-reader system has significantly enhanced control over who has access, for how long and to which properties. Because it is cloud-based, changes made to key fobs are almost immediate and can be facilitated from anywhere where there is internet access – whether that’s at a PC, laptop or a smartphone on site.

“The simplicity of the database is such that some of our concierge and caretakers are being trained to manage the system themselves which frees up even more of the engineer’s time,” Ian adds. “With the older technology residents were also able to copy fobs in some local shops which did not give the council full control over who could access certain blocks.

“The new Intratone fobs have similar technology to an Oyster card – you cannot rewrite or copy them so when someone tries to use a copied fob it sends the system a notification. We can check the system when a certain fob has been used so we can assist Police when they have been trying to track someone’s whereabouts.”

Daniel Bacon, Area Sales Manager at Intratone says its products are flexible enough to suit a wide range of sites and applications: “Our access control and door entry systems are installed across Social Housing, Private Properties and HAs all over the UK and Europe, and prove popular for residents of all ages, but especially the elderly, because they are very easy to use. Installers and customers also like them because they are very easy to install and competitively priced.”

Intratone is one of Europe’s largest access controls specialists and manufactures a range of cost-effective door-entry and access control solutions designed around the customer need. Its systems are installed across a range of Housing Association, Social Housing and Private Properties throughout the UK and Europe.


Maxxess VisitorPoint

Maxxess VisitorPoint allows visitor management upgrade for single-site and multi-site users

Innovative solution impresses visitors at IFSEC

VisitorPoint from Maxxess is a smart visitor management solution that offers an easy but powerful upgrade for a wide range of users.

For those needing to replace a basic signing-in book for the first time VisitorPoint is an attractive, user-friendly solution with a choice of useful features. And for larger organisations looking for a multi-site visitor management solution, it provides control and audit features that are future proof, flexible, and designed to complement security, fire and building management operations.

It can be integrated with Maxxess software and eFusion range of modules, or adapted with a customised integration, plus it allows users to manage everything from visitor pre-registration, to SMS notification, identity verification and car park occupancy.

Putting more control in the hands of front-of-house teams, VisitorPoint allows pre-registered visitors to be viewed any time in advance. Visitor badges can be pre-printed for a smoother and more efficient welcome, and sign-in for large groups can be managed in seconds.

Visitors check themselves in easily and efficiently using either an iPad or the VisitorPoint free standing touch-screen kiosk. The pre-registered visitor’s details are confirmed when they enter a reference code, passport number, QR code or any specified ID. A photo can be taken with the iPad or kiosk, printed onto the badge and/or saved to record. Visitors can also be asked to read and sign any non-disclosure agreement (NDA), health and safety or safeguarding instructions on screen,

The allocation and control of visitor car parking also becomes much more efficient as specific spaces can be easily assigned to specific vehicles in advance. Automatic email notifications and/or SMS messaging reduce the burden on front-of-house staff, with employees automatically alerted when their visitors arrive. The system can be set up so that both hosts and visitors receive a friendly reminder text ahead of the visit, at check in and at check out. Useful information such as directions and meeting details can be added. Hosts can also check out a visitor, helping front-of-house staff to maintain up-to-date site occupancy records.

For enhanced security, alerts can be sent when a visitor forgets to check out, or when a pre-specified visit is due. For senior security managers real time reports can be generated to show who is currently on site, where they are authorised to visit, as well as who been on site during any given timeframe.

The smart VisitorPoint badge printer allows individual badge customisation so that details can be easily changed and added – for example with wi-fi codes, meeting room details and specific courtesy messages. This feature also makes it ideal for multiple tenancy sites, with individual badge branding and messaging available to each tenant.

“VisitorPoint is a highly flexible solution that can be used for both single and multiple sites,” says Lee Copland, Managing Director, Maxxess EMEA. “It allows a practical, easily managed upgrade from more basic solutions and it can be easily adapted to the organisation’s changing requirements in future years.”

To learn more about Maxxess solutions in action please email sales@maxxess-systems.com.

About Maxxess
Maxxess is a U.S.-based, privately held, global corporation specialising in security management solutions and innovative technologies that are effectively transforming the way businesses approach and implement security. Leading organisations worldwide, from healthcare to hospitality and transport to telecoms, choose Maxxess for its expertise in access control and database integration.

The company is committed to advancing open architecture security management software, development of leading-edge technologies, first-class customer care plus fair, transparent pricing structures. Maxxess’ systems are in use in more than 10,000 installations worldwide with clients including Emirates Airlines, Banner Healthcare, Fluor Corporation, Open University, Loyola University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and CAE as well as an additional 300 schools and universities and more than 100 hospital and healthcare facilities. Established in 2003, Maxxess has dedicated sales and technical teams in the Middle East, Europe and North America. For more information, go to www.maxxess-systems.com.

Videx Introduces Online Product Builder

Videx, the experts in door entry and access control, has launched its renowned Product Builder application online. It includes all the features in the original CD Product Builder that enables you to create an access control solution to meet your specific needs, in an easy-to-use step through wizard.

Commenting on the introduction of the online version, Rob Sands, Technical Director at Videx UK, said: “The online Product Builder is both desktop and mobile friendly and can be used with any browser on Windows, Android and Apple iOS devices, with any size screen. It’s just the same as the CD version and works via a log in system where users can keep track of their system builds and share with others if they’d like to, via email.”

Key features of the online Product Builder include a dashboard, where users can see their current and previous builds. They can view, edit, print, create a PDF of their build, and choose to email and share with others if they wanted. The online version provides a very simple 6 step wizard to build any type of system and create a parts list with prices, parts descriptions and images.

Rob added: “Users can also customise printouts and PDFs with their company logo and address, set discount structures and mark up prices and also stipulate what systems they prefer, with the ability to use only these systems they prefer or stock, so that the tool provides a tailored experience to each user.”

To register for the online Product Builder, please visit www.videxbuilder.com and choose the ‘register’ option.


New Service Director at Stanley Security launches customer initiatives

To maintain a high level of customer service and product quality to stay true to its longstanding reputation in the industry, Stephen Hodgkinson-Soto, STANLEY Security’s new Service Director GB is concentrating on raising customer support levels, efficiency, health & safety practices and driving forward product development within the company.

Stephen has been with STANLEY Security since 2015, with his previous role as an Installation Manager in the USA.  After moving back to the UK, where he was born and lived for his first 15 years, he joined STANLEY Security GB in 2017 as its new Service Director. 

Recognising the “large learning curve” faced by this promotion, Stephen embraces the challenge and brings with him considerable skills and enthusiasm which are already bearing fruit.  “Earlier in my career I worked within the hotel industry and learnt a lot about customer service – American style!” states Stephen.  “I’m looking to bring some of these aspects to the security industry which is lacking in excellent customer service across the board.  It is my intent, with the backing of the full STANLEY team – including our new General Manager Matthew Marriott – to ensure STANLEY leads the way here and stand outs from other players in the market.”

Stephen is working closely alongside Leanne Taylor, Head of Customer Service, to achieve this.  Together they have already introduced the Customer First programme which moves away from traditional reactionary models in customer service to a more advanced pro active approach. Customer First is a wide sweeping programme addressing all areas of STANLEY’s customer service, from a ‘Customer Discussion Guide’ aimed at maintainingpositive contact with customers throughout their contract period through to a Bespoke Management service for customers that require more focussed attention.

With responsibilities for a field service team comprising 110 engineers and associated regional managers across GB, Stephen is also concentrating on improving efficiency amongst the team by ensuring they have the right equipment to perform their tasks and meet customers’ expectations.  As part of this he has introduced an engineer training programme, which will instil engineers with additional knowledge via courses paid by STANLEY.  He is also looking to create a more formalised career path for engineers to recognise and reward their skills and experience.  “Investing in our workforce is a priority” states Stephen, “as they not only undertake the work on the ground, but are also our company ambassadors who have the most direct contact with our customers.  We want them to be the best in the business and fly the flag for STANLEY Security.”

Stephen’s remit as Service Director at STANLEY Security also includes overseeing health and safety, training and technology, as well as quality and compliance for the business.

Even with all these activities initiated in a relatively short time, Stephen still has plenty of plans for the future, including forming a remote maintenance team to specialise in resolving system issues without physical proximity. This will save resources and time for both STANLEY Security and the customer.  He is also working with the product team to develop new cutting edge solutions for security and beyond.

Stephen Hodgkinson-Soto commented, “Since joining, I have been working towards internal developments which aim to uphold STANLEY’s position in the market and to also set us apart as a true forward thinking leader. It is only by continuously strengthening our core internal practices that we can raise our game to excel at servicing our customers. We believe in the necessity of constant improvement to stay ahead.  It’s challenging and demanding, but we have the right team in place, the right attitude and the capability.”

For more information on STANLEY Security, please go to www.stanleysecurity.co.uk

Comelit turns up the heat with IFSEC success

Comelit Group successfully inspired at IFSEC, introducing new and existing customers to its innovative fire division alongside stylish new video door entry systems, home automation and CCTV.

On stand E120, led by an intimate press event, the global leaders in door entry solutions demonstrated its evolution to include specialist fire solutions, including conventional and addressable panels, which has already proven successful across Europe.

The group also showcased its architect-designed video doorbell, Visto, presenting its ability to connect via a home WiFi network to allow homeowners to see, hear and speak with visitors at any time, or from any location via a smart phone or tablet.

And alongside latest in smart CCTV systems, guests to the stand were able to see live demonstrations of the newly launched Mini Handsfree monitor with integrated Wifi that stands as a real game-change to offer installers an easy upgrade opportunity.

Says Francesca Boeris, Managing Director Comelit Group UK: ”The Comelit Group stand created a real buzz at IFSEC 2018.  Our product and service innovation demonstrated how Comelit has successfully navigated the journey from being leaders in door entry to embracing fire detection services, to create a connected future.

“Visitors to the stand were really enthusiastic about how Comelit Group is helping to drive the smart door entry revolution, without compromising on style.  We are already processing our extensive number of leads, from installers and integrators to developers, consultants and end users, and look forward to being back in touch with those who could see the potential in our impressive fire and security solutions.”

For more information on Comelit Group or its product range, please visit can be found atwww.comelitgroup.com

Videx Wins ADI Supplier of the Year Award

We are delighted to win ADI’s Supplier of the Year Award 2017. ADI Global Distribution has the largest branch network in the UK security industry so beating 300 suppliers to win the accolade is a huge achievement!

Each UK ADI product manager selected their top five suppliers, which all ADI employees reviewed and picked a winner based on a range of criteria including customer service, product availability, and technical support. The competition was tough but Videx beat the other finalists to secure the award.

Commenting on the win, Sian Luxton, Key Accounts Manager at Videx, said: “It’s amazing to win Supplier of the Year, considering how many other providers we were up against. The award is definitely well deserved and is an absolute credit to the Videx team who, across multiple departments, from tech support to the estimating team and accounts, has delivered first rate service consistently across the year, providing the ADI team with what they need, when they need it. Well done!”

The award, which was announced at a recent conference attended by ADI Global Distribution staff and suppliers, recognises the expertise, diligence and commitment of the Videx team. Videx has been working with ADI for over 20 years and has developed a strong and stable relationship with the international distributor, which has enabled us to get our wide range of access control and door entry systems in front of the right audience, to help meet their physical security requirements.

Videx Introduces New Two Wire Video Entry System

Videx, the experts in access control and door entry, have introduced a new video entry system that boasts a 3.5” handsfree colour monitor, integrated optional proximity for up to 50 users, that only requires two wires to link the door panels, videophones and PSUs together.

Rob Sands, Technical Director at Videx UK, said: “The wiring of these systems is very simple, meaning installation is quick and easy, so they’re a great door entry solution for houses, flats, apartments and small offices. They’re very flexible too so can be expanded to accommodate additional entrances or videophones, for example, should the need arise.”

The system’s features include a day and night camera with infra-red illumination, call progress LEDs and an optional second camera that can be connected to each entrance for additional security. Up to four devices can be fitted within each apartment with the additional benefit of intercommunication between devices, meaning the video kit is a great choice for residential entry.

Rob added: “The new system, which has between 1-12 call buttons and comes in our new updated 4000 series design, also provides proximity access if required, which can be integrated into the standard size door panel with the proximity reader concealed behind the name plate window. Coded keypad for entry is also available in the video kit range, which also provides a speaker unit with loudspeaker function, microphone volume controls and balance control, a lock release delay, and 13º camera tilting. It’s an easy to install, extremely user friendly but highly functional door entry solution.”

To find out more about the new two wire video kit, please visit: www.videxuk.com or call 0870 300 1240.

Videx Completes Bespoke Residential and Commercial Door Entry Installation

Videx, in partnership with Enterprise Security Technologies, has successfully installed a complex door entry management system at Connaught House, which provides private residential housing and commercial offices in the heart of London.

The key access control requirements was to provide a secure easy-to-use system with 24-hour video door entry to visitors, providing a clear image of the person arriving. The door entry panel also had to be designed to specific requirements so that it could be easily installed into the existing environment.

Talking about the installation, Ben Davies, South East Sales Manager at Videx, said: “Most residents at Connaught House are internationally based – as far away as Saudi Arabia and India – and they come and go from their properties, using their apartment as a London base, but they mainly live elsewhere. Providing secure and convenient access control was therefore an absolute priority. A key aspect of the project was to also install a system that was specifically designed to meet the client’s needs so a bespoke panel was created so that the old panel could be replaced, using existing cables, without expense or time spent on making alternations to the surrounding brickwork or having to repair any damage from the installation of the new panel.”

Enterprise Security Technologies, working closely with Videx, recommended and installed the Videx flagship VX2200 digital door entry system to ensure the security of the apartments and building but also allow easy and convenient access as well as 24-hour contact with a concierge and security team.

Neil Cook, Director at Enterprise Security Technologies, added: “It was a complex project but by matching the client’s bespoke requirements to one of Videx’s leading door entry systems, we were able to overcome the challenges presented, quickly and smoothly. Residents can clearly see visitors on a video image and grant access easily if needs be or contact a 24-hour security team immediately if required. We recommended that our client chose the Videx VX2200 system because of its audio and visual qualities coupled with its ease of use.”

For more information about the door entry systems Videx makes specifically for commercial and residential properties, please visit: www.videxuk.com or call 0870 300 1240.