Handle with care: what makes Code Handle® the right PIN door lock for health premises?

London, October 2019 – In any busy medical facility – surgeries, dental practices or physiotherapy suites – it’s all too easy to accidentally leave a door unlocked. With expensive equipment or controlled drugs on the other side, any opening invites an opportunist. But if you install a Code Handle electronic PIN lock, you need never worry again.

 The secure, easy-to-fit Code Handle fits right over an existing locking cylinder. You simply swap the door handle for a sleek, low-profile Code Handle, and fix it in place with two screws, to instantly add PIN security to any consultation room, medicine store or equipment cupboard.

With Code Handle, there is no wiring and no expensive access control to fit. Two standard batteries (CR2) slot inside the handle, typically lasting 30,000 lock/unlock cycles before replacement. Your Code Handle comes with a master code and 9 different user PINs – it’s that simple to free staff from the inconvenience of carrying or keeping track of mechanical keys. PINs are easy to set and change whenever an office manager decides. Staff won’t need any specialist or outside help to manage your Code Handle doors.

The Code Handle integrated PIN keypad is equally easy for users. Anyone authorised enters their 4-digit code on the handle to unlock the door. Doctors, nurses and other professionals, as well as admin staff, practice managers, security guards and cleaning teams, come and go with their own PINs.

For added security and peace of mind, a Code Handle locks itself when the door closes. Now you can be sure nobody has seen the confidential patient file on your desk or entered the drug cupboard without permission.

Which doors need a Code Handle?

In any healthcare facility, not all staff should have access to every room. You don’t want just anyone walking in on your consultation. Doctors and patients expect privacy. With Code Handle rooms remain confidential.

Where do you keep controlled drugs or hazardous waste bins? Fit a Code Handle so you no longer need to track a physical key or get the lock changed when it goes missing.

And many treatment and examination rooms house expensive or dangerous equipment, including X-ray machines, dental tools and specialist physiotherapy kit. With Code Handle, all this gets the extra level of security it deserves – without the expense of fitting access control.

To learn how easily healthcare premises can benefit from ASSA ABLOY’s Code Handle PIN lock, visit https://campaigns.assaabloyopeningsolutions.eu/codehandle

At one residential school, a simple upgrade swaps manual keys for centralized electronic access control

London, September 2019 – SMARTair® Wireless Online access management has proven a simple, school-wide electronic solution for greater control and security at Westbridge. Each staff member carries one RFID credential card programmed with access rights personalized to their individual role. In an emergency, the school can institute a complete lockdown via the centralized system.

 “Having a SMARTair® system in place has given us peace of mind… It’s quicker, it’s safer and it’s simple,” says Joanna Brunton, Executive Officer at Westbridge School.

The school’s teaching, administration and residential buildings require multiple layers of access control, for both staff and students. The inflexibility of a legacy mechanical locking system had presented facility management and pupil safety challenges for years.

“With over 50 staff, we needed more subtlety in assigning access permissions, which you simply can’t do with a bundle of metal keys,” explains Joanna Brunton, Westbridge School’s Executive Officer.

Specifying a new access system

Beyond replacing and upgrading outmoded, inflexible mechanical key security, Westbridge had a number of requirements for its new access system. Devices in the new, unified system would replace piecemeal mechanical locking on 80+ doors around the site.

School leaders wanted access control already proven in the field, with a track record of successful installations managing access in schools worldwide. New electronic locks must provide a real-time audit trail, so facility managers always know which doors are opened by which staff cards.

The new system would also need to work within the school’s security budget — and be installed over the holidays, for minimal disruption to the school’s busy calendar.

“We essentially had a safety and security need,” adds Joanna Brunton. “We needed to be able to discourage students from going where they didn’t need to be on site or redirect a student who was in a heightened state from re-entering a classroom and potentially disrupting the class or causing damage.”

A convenient, cost-efficient SMARTair® solution for Westbridge School

System administration is easy even for non-specialists. “I taught staff how to use the software and encode access cards,” says Kylie Bray, director at Western Lock Services, who have long managed hardware maintenance for Westbridge. “If a staff member loses their card, you can go straight in and delete it.”

The intuitive SMARTair® system software can open or secure individual zones, connecting to individual locks via a network of 9 hubs. “We now have the ability to set higher security for specific areas of our site, especially over the school holidays when students have gone home,” says Joanna Brunton.

“Our regular maintenance contractors have their own access keys, so they just get straight on with their work without calling us to meet them for access. This keeps our time, and their costs, down.

SMARTair® door devices are wireless and battery operated. Because there’s no need to run cabling to individual doors, installation was fast and cost-efficient.

“From a facilities management point of view, the solution has done everything we wanted it to do in terms of safety, security and monitoring,” adds Joanna.

To learn how SMARTair® wireless access control is tailored for schools and universities, download an education solution guide at https://campaigns.assaabloyopeningsolutions.eu/smartair-schools

Videx Enhances its MiAccess Range

23 September 2019: Videx, a leading manufacturer and supplier in access control and door entry systems, has improved its standalone offline Mifare proximity access solution, MiAccess, by introducing a new handle to compliment the current range of readers.

The handle, with a brushed aluminium finish, is a standalone and surface mount addition that includes an integrated offline MiFare proximity fob/card reader that is battery powered from an internal 6V lithium battery allowing up to 60,000 operations on average.

Sian Luxton, Access Control Manager at Videx, said: “The AL500-MF door handle can provide access to an unlimited number of users and used to create a multiple door system, making it ideal for a range of buildings which require specific access control solutions and minimum disruption during install. Installation is simple as no wiring is required. It’s designed to mount onto internal wooden doors ranging from 35mm to 55mm thickness. The handle is reversible for mounting onto left-hand or right-hand opening doors.”

The handle can be used standalone or as part of a multiple entrance system comprising of both handles and MiAccess readers. It is compatible with both the free PROA MS and PROH MS MiAccess software, where programming, configuration settings and event logs can be transferred between the PC and the reader using micro-USB or Mifare cards.

The programmed information is transferred from the card to the reader and from the reader to the card so there is no need for a connection between the readers and the PC. User cards are created via the software with the PROX-USB desktop enrolment reader where access rights are saved directly to the user’s card. Programming cards are also created in the same way to configure the reader’s settings.

Other helpful features include the ability to collect events directly from the reader via the micro-USB port or from a programmed ‘events collect card’, ‘black list’ cards that have been lost or stolen (up to 500 cards) and personalise access rights for each user to restrict the users access to certain times, days and readers.

For more information about the AL500-MF, please visit: www.videxuk.com

Wireless Aperio® locks and wired access control work together at this French hospital

London, September 2019 — As in every health facility, security for the Haute Savoie region’s new hospital presented a complex challenge. Access control required multiple checkpoints and access rights tailored to individual staff and contractors. Real-time control, enabling managers to respond proactively including by opening and closing doors remotely, was another essential.

To meet their security challenges, managers selected Aperio® locking technology integrated online with an ARD access management system. Because Aperio® locks are wireless, the hospital could introduce many more layers of security and secure doors without incurring excessive installation or operating costs, including for sensitive offices and drug stores. Now staff no longer carry key bunches or waste valuable time hunting down relevant keys. All their individual permissions are stored on a single, programmable RFID credential.

Alongside standard wired locking, the hospital chose 1,300 Aperio® wireless escutcheons, 10 Aperio® wireless handles with integrated RFID reader, and 301 Aperio® wall readers. A network of 228 Aperio® communications hubs connects every Aperio® lock wirelessly to the central access system software.

All these battery-powered Aperio® devices integrate natively with the centralised access system, so wired and wireless access points at Centre Hospitalier Métropole Savoie (CHMS) are managed together, with real-time management logs, remote door opening and free time slot management. Secure 128-bit AES encryption protects communications between Aperio® lock, hub and system.

“Having just a single badge — and not having to carry around heavy keys — has been a major advantage for us,” says Béatrice Dequidt, Health Executive at CHMS.

Easy administration from a single interface

“This solution’s advantage is it represents a single site from an authorisation management and systems perspective,” explains Aurélien De Riols, ARD’s Eastern Region Director. One single, intuitive management interface enables security teams to administer and maintain access control autonomously, as well as streamline laborious everyday tasks.

“We have implemented internal HR management procedures, creating badges that are automatically integrated into ARD’s operating software,” adds Alain Gestin, CHMS’s IT Systems Architect. Aperio® and ARD maintain compatibility of credentials with the French government’s electronic Health Professional Card (CPS), for added staff convenience.

For every site user, the advantages of carrying a single RFID-enabled badge — instead of multiple keys — are clear.

To discover whether your existing security system is ready for wireless Aperio® locks, download a free, fast Compatibility Checker at https://campaigns.assaabloyopeningsolutions.eu/aperio-upgrade

OPTEX adds app-based visual verification to VXI series

OPTEX, the leading sensor manufacturer, has now launched in the UK and other English-speaking countries the VXI-CMOD – a new 180° day/night Wi-Fi camera module that can be easily integrated with its outdoor VX Infinity (VXI) sensor to create an App-based visual verification solution.

The VXI series provides highly reliable outdoor detection with a range of up 12m and a 90° field of view. It is used for both residential and commercial applications, detecting intrusions in courtyards, gardens, driveways and secured car parks. The VXI-CMOD, wi-fi connected camera module can be retro-fitted onto any existing wired VXI models (VXI-ST, AM, DAM), fitting snugly on top, creating a single unit visual verification system that can be added to an existing alarm panel or be used as a standalone solution.

When the sensor detects an intruder, the integrated camera module is activated: it records the event and sends a notification to the owners’ paired mobile phone(s) (iOS or Android). The notification is made through an app called OPTEX Vision and the event can be accessed by up to three users simultaneously*. By opening the app, the recipients can access the VXI-CMOD’s live view, and the stored two-second pre-alarm and 28-second post-alarm recording of the event for verification. The camera module’s live view can be accessed anytime through the OPTEX Vision app.

The VXI-CMOD features a 180° panoramic view at 1080P HD, with built-in infrared LEDs for enhanced vision at night. VXI-CMOD is also equipped with a microphone. Via the app, the owners can access the camera’s live view and audio at any time. As the solution is led by the sensor which is truly pet-tolerant and features sensing analytics to perform in any weather condition, it will only send a notification when a person or vehicle has been detected.

Masaya Kida, Managing Director of OPTEX EMEA says the new camera module adds visual verification to the VXI series technology: “This solution helps to solve two problems – one is to see what or who has triggered the alarm so immediate action can be taken; the second is to be notified only when needed and not receive nuisance alarm every time the cat or dog is out.

“As well as being used for security reasons, the application can be used for everyday convenience, such as being notified when a delivery has arrived, or members of family have returned home. We believe this solution will help to address the skepticism over the reliability of outdoor PIR sensors in the UK.”

*subject to Wi-Fi and Internet connection speed.

Advantage CLIQ®: key access control where the power is already in your pocket

London, September 2019 – In a world where many electronic access systems offer greater convenience and flexibility than mechanical keys, what can really make the difference? Instead of being tied to mains electricity, what if you could carry the power with you?

With a CLIQ® wireless access control system, a battery inside each key powers all your electromechanical CLIQ® cylinders and padlocks. Authorised key-holders carry a single battery-powered key programmed with only their pre-defined access permissions. Keeping the solution’s power source independent of the locks and padlocks makes CLIQ® management and operation more efficient.

Keys have a typical battery life of 5 years. When it is time to change the battery, anyone can do it. No expert needed, and no need to visit all your CLIQ® locks to reprogram or check their power. With CLIQ®, all the power you need is in your key.

CLIQ® locks have other advantages, too. Because CLIQ® devices are wireless and battery-powered, you do not need cabling around the door. There is no need for any invasive electrical wiring when you install CLIQ® key access control.

And thanks to CLIQ®’s menu of software options, you decide how to manage your users’ access rights. CLIQ® Local Manager can administer your system via a local software installation; the CLIQ® Web Manager runs securely in the cloud. ASSA ABLOY also offers a convenient Software as a Service solution option with round-the-clock support, maintenance and incident reporting as standard, and Service Level Agreements delivering data redundancy and up to 99.5% availability.

eCLIQ, the fully electronic application of CLIQ® technology

A fully electronic addition to the CLIQ® portfolio, the eCLIQ wireless access system is built around secure microelectronics with AES encryption. Robust and durable, eCLIQ electronic cylinders are available for doors, cabinets, lifts, alarm boxes, machines and entrance gates. An integrated lubricant reservoir ensures they remain maintenance-free for up to 200,000 cycles.

“This evolution of our award-winning CLIQ® technology is already protecting businesses and public services across Europe,” says Stephan Schulz, CLIQ® Product Manager at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions EMEA. “Organizations in a range of sectors, and with differing building types — from Italy’s Creval Bank to University Hospital Frankfurt — have learned that eCLIQ provides the control and flexibility their premises need.”

To learn how your buildings would benefit from an eCLIQ electronic key locking system, visit https://assaabloyopeningsolutions.eu/ecliq

PACOM helps Mimoto Parking keep Spain’s motorbikes safe and secure

With the use of motorbikes on the rise all over Spain, Mimoto Parking has installed cutting edge access control and intrusion detection technology from PACOM across its facilities, so owners can keep their motorbikes safe and secure.

It’s no surprise that a growing number of people are turning to motorbikes as their primary method of transport due to Spanish cities becoming increasingly congested. In fact, according to a 2016 study by the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA-UAB) and the UAB Department of Geography, Barcelona is now the European city with the highest number of motorbikes per inhabitant. The research found that 372,278 trips are made on motorbikes every day in the city.

Motorbikes began to experience a boom in 2004 when the Spanish government enacted a regulatory measure that allowed car drivers with three years of experience to switch to motorbikes with capacity up to 125cc. The ability to avoid congestion and complete journeys more quickly promoted exponential growth. Although this has brought many benefits, it has also created a significant problem for users – where to park their motorbikes. Unattended motorbikes are vulnerable to theft and vandalism, so protecting them has become a key concern. Similarly, city councils are cracking down on illegally parked motorbikes that obstruct access, and are removing them from pavements and other areas.

It’s this situation that prompted Alicante-based motorcyclist, Alejandro Martin, to create Mimoto Parking, along with two other biking friends. As the company’s managing director, he takes up the story and explains, ‘We want our customers to be able to keep their motorbikes secure and avoid the fines associated with illegal parking. By creating conveniently located facilities that can be accessed at street level, without the need to negotiate dangerous ramps, we have reinvented the parking concept. We offer a revolutionary service where owners can safely park and also store belongings such as helmets, jackets and gloves in lockers. Users can access our parking lots on a 24/7 basis and go about their business without worrying about their motorbike’s security.’

User experience

Although it only operates a few sites at the moment, the response has been incredible and Mimoto Parking has plans to operate over 40 facilities by 2021 and, in order to finance this rapid expansion, Alejandro Martin and his team are looking to attract additional funding from interested parties.

The company’s success is down to the fact that Mimoto Parking has simplicity at its heart. By registering online for free, a user is sent a six digit personal and non-transferable access code to obtain a parking space. They then identify the facility that is most convenient, key in the six-digit code via a keypad when they arrive, and enter and park. Utilising a ‘pay as you go’ concept, when leaving users simply re-enter the same six digit code at which point Mimoto Parking automatically charges them for the duration of their stay. Each facility is remotely monitored at all times via Ralset’s alarm receiving centre (ARC) and a full intercom system offers users assistance when they need it.

Alejandro Martin says, ‘When developing Mimoto Parking we knew that our success would hinge on our ability to implement access control and intrusion detection technology that could not only guarantee the highest levels of security but also be intuitive, straightforward to roll-out across multiple sites, and be as reliable as possible. In order to find out more about what we could do, we invited leading security integrator and PACOM approved partner, Cettec Seguridad, to come in and hear about our requirements.’

Put into practice

Cettec Seguridad configured a solution based around the PACOM 8002 integrated access and alarm controller – an all-in-one platform that integrates the functionality required for a remote security system. PACOM 8002 supports auto-discovery of peripheral devices for simplified installation and all doors can be individually configured to operate via card only, PIN only, or card and PIN, with access schedules providing additional control. Furthermore, doors and alarm points can be partitioned into different areas of security and controlled by multiple keypads.

The PACOM 8002 system would have to integrate seamlessly with Mimoto Parking’s mobile app and allow the ARC to monitor events at all times. Alfonso Lorenzo Robledano, business development director for Southern Europe at PACOM, states, ‘Cettec Seguridad asked us to make some adaptations to the PACOM Graphical Management System (GMS), which is based on a data communications platform that successfully integrates access control, alarm monitoring, video surveillance and many other building services into a single, remotely accessible system. PACOM’s technical experts were able to modify the software’s algorithms and design new schematics to meet Mimoto Parking’s exact requirements and, in addition, deliver uninterrupted system operation, intelligent self-testing and multiple back-ups.’

As well as allowing customers to communicate directly with personnel at the ARC, the modified PACOM GMS can also manage the parking occupancy status at each site. Signs can be operated to indicate availability and the system can even be remotely reset when necessary. This level of scalability also means that new technologies can simply be added to as they are developed, offering Mimoto Parking the ability to further develop the system as required and future proof its investment.

Just as importantly, PACOM and Cettec Seguridad collaborated to ensure that the system can be quickly and easily rolled out across any new sites as they are acquired. Each system controls one entry and one exit door using a single controller and keypad, which means minimal wiring and allows minor adjustments to be made as necessary.

Success story

Mimoto Parking’s Alejandro Martin is delighted with what has been achieved and praised PACOM’s willingness to work closely with his team and Cettec Seguridad to devise a unique solution. He concludes, ‘Our ability to keep customers’ motorbikes secure is fundamental to our success and therefore we needed to be 100 per cent confident that the technology we installed was able to meet this objective. PACOM’s experts were a pleasure to deal with and as keen as we were to optimise our entire security and access control infrastructure. I’m looking forward to working together in the future as we expand Mimoto Parking and introduce new sites to our portfolio.’

For further information please visit www.pacom.com

Real-time functionality can put access control managers in total control

London, August 2019 — What could real-time access control do for your building security? In an instant, upgrading to real-time control boosts the intelligence of an access system, relaying live event reports and enabling you to change the security status of any door or user at any time.

Real-time access control with wireless online locking provides options that do not exist with offline systems. With real-time functionality, facility managers get audit trails and change access rights for any door, user or credential instantly. You can lock or unlock any door remotely from the central admin software — which means no walking to the door in person and no delays when you need to take action at short notice.

In schools, real-time wireless online access control enables security managers to remotely lock and open doors in any emergency, or whenever they choose. In hospitals equipped with real-time access control, staff see immediately who had access to drug stores or valuable equipment. Many more building types already benefit from real-time access control.

How does real time access control work?

Real-time access control relies on a network of communications hubs. These operate as a bridge between admin system software and access control door devices. In a SMARTair® Pro Wireless Online system, one communications hub links up to 30 wireless locking devices to the central system. Information is exchanged via an existing or new TCP/IP network, protected with AES-128 and SSL encryption. You can pass updates or read the event logs of any battery-powered SMARTair® escutcheon, knob cylinder, lock or wall reader anytime you choose.

With real-time access control from SMARTair®, you can view the status of every door in your building at a glance. Alerts are monitored in real-time, so you track and prevent any attempted unauthorised access before it even happens. A real-time SMARTair® system alerts a facility manager in cases of intrusion, doors left open, low battery status, denied access or attempted use of any cancelled card or mobile credential.

To amend door or time validity of any user credential takes a couple of clicks in SMARTair® admin software which you can access anytime and from anywhere.

Plus SMARTair® gives you the option to combine wireless online and offline doors in the same system. You can fine-tune where you deploy real-time access control in different areas of your premises.

How two schools benefit from real-time access control

Real-time access control can impact your security and access management no matter what size or type your premises. At Westbridge Special Residential School, SMARTair® Wireless Online management proved a simple electronic solution for greater control and school security. Each staff member carries one RFID credential card programmed with access rights personalized to their role. In an emergency, the school can remotely lock and open doors in real time via the admin software.

In Denmark, Vejle Friskole’s mechanical keys have been replaced by a SMARTair® online access control system. Over 80 doors and cabinets around the school are locked with SMARTair® wireless devices. Using the intuitive SMARTair® software, managers always have an overview of who has been at the school, and when. Audit trails are generated and monitored in real time using the SMARTair® system.

To discover what a real-time solution from SMARTair® can do for your building’s security, download a free guide at https://campaigns.assaabloyopeningsolutions.eu/smartair

Access the Future with Aelement Fusion DIN

The new Aelement Fusion DIN lock from SALTO is packed with innovative features including a JustIN Mobile application for mobile access with NFC and BLE engine, SALTO BLUEnet wireless technology for real-time access control management and SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) data-on-card technology.

Aelement Fusion is an electronic lock with a sleek round reader that eliminates the need for lock hardware on the door by encasing all electronic components inside the door itself, making security virtually invisible. The latest evolution in smart door lock engineering, it increases security, improves operations, enhances décor and is compatible with RFID and BLE (Bluetooth) technologies that integrate seamlessly with mobile applications including SALTO’s own JustIN Mobile.

Providing a minimalistic design Aelement Fusion’s small, customizable light ring reader (available in Black or White colours) offers a discreet electronic lock for anyone looking to deploy electronic access control with a stylish, yet technologically-advanced solution. By offering both DIN and ANSI compatibility, Aelement Fusion can be installed in virtually any type of door making it an ideal choice  for doors that require effective but discreet security.

“For more than a decade, our intention has been to create an invisible electronic smart door lock and Aelement Fusion is the realization of that vision,” says Marc Handels, SALTO Systems CMSO.

“Security, efficiency and design are all essential aspects in the highly competitive access control market. Aelement Fusion incorporates SALTO’s stand-alone, battery-powered SVN data-on-card and advanced wireless technology, with online, real-time capabilities — all without using wires.

“It is packed with incredible new technologies, like the innovative JustIN Mobile application that allows users to use their smartphone as a key, a contactless reader with stylish light ring design, and SALTO BLUEnet wireless engine for real-time access control.”

To help security specialists decide which Aelement Fusion model is best suited for their project, SALTO has developed the innovative MyLock on-line tool (https://mylock.saltosystems.com) which enables them to customize and visualize exactly what the lock will look like on a wide range of door types and finishes.

New NHS Mental Health Facility Chooses Smart Access Control Solution

Health services and their funding have long been in the news, with social care and mental health coming in for particular attention. Both of these core areas are seeing a growing need for their services.

While nationally this is a problem, there is good news in East Anglia with the opening of the 16 bedroom Samphire Ward at Chatterton House, a new acute care mental health facility in King’s Lynn, Norfolk. The build comprised of a refurbishment of two redundant wards linked to create one modern compliant 16 bed facility at a cost of £4m which is operated by North and West Norfolk Care Group, part of Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT).

NSFT provides inpatient and community-based mental health services in both Norfolk and Suffolk. It is also commissioned to provide in some of its localities, learning disability services, along with other specialist services including medium and low secure services and wellbeing.


The new facility is one of many sites across Norfolk and Suffolk that fall under management of the trust. Managing over 4,000 staff and controlling over 1500 access controlled doors across multiple sites. Many of these sites use a legacy building access control system called Continuim which is a bolt on module to Trend BMS, where all doors on this system are required to be wired on-line.

Several years ago the trust wanted a more modern contactless access control solution for their facilities in Norfolk and Suffolk. They specifically wanted a solution that offered cost savings by not having to wire all doors. SALTO access control was chosen for fitting to new and refurbishment projects, with a view to possibly retro-fitting the new solution across all the existing sites on a rolling upgrade basis as time and future budgets allow.

Security and Infrastructure Manager for the Strategic Estates department at the trust, Paul Evans, says “By choosing SALTO the trust were able to specify a mix of online and offline equipment. The cost saving for offline equipment enables the trust to specify more internal offline doors to become controllable as part of the access control system, thus giving us greater flexibility and security for our facilities.”


Evans continues “Given the nature of our work and that some of our service users can have really challenging behaviour issues, it is vital that for their safety and that of the staff, we are able to control access simply and easily yet securely into and around the many different areas of the ward, the administration area and indeed the rest of the rooms in the building.

A standard off the shelf access control solution was not suitable as reduced-ligature hardware working with contactless smart access control was needed in the user areas together with anti-barricade doors, vision panels, automatic lockdown abilities, locker locks and a host of other special items and so we wanted a company with specialist experience in this field to carry out the supply and installation.”


After going out to a competitive open tending process, local security specialist and certificated SALTO partner AC Leigh, based in Norwich, won the contract to secure the new facility. One of their lead designers, Simon Clarkson, worked with Paul and his team to design and deliver the system.

Clarkson, Health and Safety Director at AC Leigh says “We listened to what Paul and his team needed and especially how they wanted to manage and control the building and delivered a completely focused solution that allows central administration of the facility using hardware and software from SALTO Systems as the core of the solution.”

On-line wall readers are used to control access into and around the building and these have been installed on main entry points, alongside bedroom doors and in ‘airlocks’ to control access from one area to another.

Paul Evans says “The latest SALTO online CU4200 control units were used on this project where data can be shared to SALTO slave control units via a single master control unit. This reduced the load on the already exhausted IT infrastructure which has meant that more online doors can be added to the SALTO system.”

Bedroom doors are all fail secure with mechanical key override and are also anti-barricade. The facility has the bespoke ability to operate a standard 8 male, 8 female bedroom configurations. However, the trust wanted the flexibility to extend either male or female bedrooms to 10 bedrooms. This was achieved by two swing corridor doors. In standard operation, these powered swing doors are held open with electro-magnetic locks. In their swing scenario a key switch can be operated which releases the hold open magnet and energises the SALTO system powering a separate electronic locking device on the door. This enables the trust to easily maintain the required gender separation within the bedroom areas. Paul Evans comments “AC Leigh were able to configure the required solution easily and train the staff in its operation accordingly.”

Other doors are fitted with Aelement Fusion smart locks. AC Leigh worked closely with the trust to design and manufacture special reduced ligature handles and reader covers to ensure that ligature points were reduced in conjunction with DHF technical specification TS001:2013 enhanced requirements and test methods for anti-ligature hardware.

“The consultation between AC Leigh and the trust took several months with multiple prototypes being presented to the trust for approval. Evans says “After looking at all the various options, the trust is happy that the best solution for this type of battery operated offline door has been chosen and installed at Chatterton house.” He also confirms that the bespoke design would be used as their preferred solution on future projects for this type of door.

Meanwhile in staff areas XS4 Mini locks are fitted. In open common areas, lockers are equipped with smart XS4 locker locks enabling each service user to have a secure storage place for their individual personal items. To operate the various doors, staff use their smartcard ID badges to gain access while service users use wristbands to access their bedroom, locker and certain permissible doors.

Tying all this together is SALTO SPACE a flexible, fully integrated electronic locking and software platform that enables operators to effectively manage every door and user access plan on-site via powerful web-based access control management software. Audit trail information from the doors is held for 31 days before deletion in accordance with the trust data policy.

Simon Clarkson concludes “The client needed precise tailoring of access levels and the SALTO access control solution has empowered them with an intuitive, easy to use but adaptive system. The use of this stand alone largely battery operated access control system will provide significant cost savings over the years to come compared with other systems, and will deliver a reduction in engineer call-outs and simplify system administration making for a long term secure and reliable access control solution for the trust.”

Access Control Solution for Queen’s Award Homeless Charity

NiskhamSWAT, a leading charity that provides hot meals and everyday essentials to homeless people the UK, has partnered with Videx Security, to overcome their access control and entry challenges.

The charity, which was established in 2009 in West London, now serves disadvantaged communities in Oxford, Reading, Milton Keynes, Birmingham, Slough, Windsor and Lancashire as well as London. It’s ran by volunteers and the charity currently has 1,300 volunteers across the country, serving those who need it most.

Randeep S. Lall, Global Operations Director at the charity, said: “We provide 3,000 meals per week to those in need which means our main warehouse in London is extremely busy 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Security and appropriate access and entry are so important. Although we have a secured electric gate that drivers have to report to in order to gain entry, it meant someone had to permanently stay at the warehouse to grant delivery and collection vans access. This wasn’t sustainable given we are a completely volunteer led organisation.  We needed a more flexible and convenient access control solution that still provided a high level of security too.”

NiskhamSWAT, who have recently won a Queen’s Award for voluntary service, worked with leading access control and door entry distributor, ADI to overcome their entry challenges.

Joseph Davies at ADI explained: “We recommended a GSM access control system to NiskhamSWAT to help solve their entry issues. After researching which solution would work best, we advised that the charity used a Videx two-way GSM audio kit with code lock and proximity access control in a 4000 series style panel.”

Neil Thomas, National Sales Manager at Videx, continued: “When ADI contacted us we were more than happy to help provide a system that could solve NiskhamSWAT’s access problem. The GSM system we’ve donated to them enables people to answer calls to their front door or gate from their mobile phone or landline, so they never have to miss that important visitor and are made aware of who has visited even when they are not there.”

For NiskhamSWAT this means that no one is required to remain at the warehouse 24/7 to authorise access. If a van arrives for a collection or delivery and no one is there, the system will call the designated number for access and has the facility to divert to another number if the first call is not answered, with a maximum of up to four numbers per button. Programming the entrance panel can easily be carried out either by SMS or dialling into the system using a telephone without a keypad.

Randeep at NiskhamSWAT added: “Huge thanks to ADI and Videx for the donation and free installation from Image Security too. It’s helped us out massively as it’s meant no one has to stay at the warehouse, freeing up precious volunteering time that can be put to better use elsewhere. It’s so much more convenient to receive a call when someone is asking for access. I can verify the caller and swiftly authorise or deny access.”

Mitie names Nedap as a strategic partner for access control

Mitie Fire & Security Systems has announced Nedap Security Management as a partner of choice for access control in the UK. This new strategic partnership builds on a close relationship developed between the two organisations while working for clients in a range of sectors, from large automotive manufacturing to high street retail outlets.

Strong collaboration

Chris Watts, Director of Mitie Fire & Security Systems says: “Mitie’s relationship with Nedap has gone from strength to strength over the past couple of years with some important new contracts wins. Nedap has a collaborative partnering approach and works proactively with our sales and operational teams to ensure we have the knowledge and expertise to support our customers and prospects.”

Tackling complexity together

Mitie is one of the UK’s foremost integrators of technology-based security solutions and end-to-end managed services. It provides highly complex security solutions for national and multinational organisations and appreciates the depth of industry insight and technical support offered by Nedap. Not to mention the flexibility, scalability and wide-ranging functionality of Nedap’s AEOS access control system.

People come first

Nedap also stands apart from many other access control suppliers with its people-first approach. It believes that, fundamentally, security isn’t just about technology – it’s about people and how they live their daily lives. Nedap aims for its access control to free people’s minds from security and help them live life to its full potential. It calls this ‘Security for life’.

This fastidious approach to ensuring an optimum end-user experience is reflected in Nedap’s approach to partnerships. Mark Vickers, Channel Partner Manager at Nedap explains: “Mitie fully committed to the Nedap channel partner programme and, as an Advanced Partner, has shown the exact qualities we strive for. This gives us confidence that our end clients’ requirements are always being met and, more often than not, exceeded.”

The new SMARTair® Knob Cylinder: one small change has changed everything

London, July 2019 – Style, intelligence and robustness come together in the new SMARTair® Knob Cylinder from ASSA ABLOY. Part of the SMARTair® access control system, this intelligent device with integrated RFID reader is now more resistant to attack. It comes in elegant, contemporary finishes and colours, upgrading aesthetics and functionality in equal measure. It quickly upgrades almost any existing regular door to an access-controlled door — without any drilling.

The new Knob Cylinder fits seamlessly and flexibly into a SMARTair® system, providing advanced, user-friendly access management designed to make any workplace work better. If you need to monitor and control who goes where, and when, you need the new SMARTair® Knob Cylinder.

The Knob Cylinder is battery-powered and works with every SMARTair® access management option, so you can choose between online (“real-time”), offline, update-on-card and standalone management — or combine more than one system at the same site with the same software interface.

Upgrading to the new Knob Cylinder is simple: just replace an existing mechanical cylinder with the new device. No complex installation or drilling stands between you and safe, reliable, flexible SMARTair® access control. Glass, wooden or aluminium doors — Scandinavian, Euro and many other profiles — present no problem.

A modern, mobile solution

The Knob Cylinder works with all standard proximity technologies, including MIFARE®, DESFire and iCLASS®, and also offers another new way to open your doors — with the SMARTair® Openow™ mobile app.

With Openow™, users no longer carry separate credentials; just their smartphone with secure virtual keys stored inside. There’s no longer any need to collect or validate an access card to open authorized doors locked with the new SMARTair® Knob Cylinder. With Openow™, if you have your phone, you are already carrying your keys.

Modern and mobile-ready, the SMARTair® Knob Cylinder is built to make your building smarter. Its robust design, redefined aesthetics and easy installation are perfect for securing offices, business headquarters, conference and meeting rooms.

To download a free product guide and technical specifications for the new SMARTair® Knob Cylinder, visit: https://campaigns.assaabloyopeningsolutions.eu/hubfs/smartair/SMARTair%20standalone%20PDFs/WEB_Knob_Cylinder_Brochure_EUR.pdf

New App for Videx GSM Intercom Range
App enables easier programming & usability

Videx, a leading manufacturer and supplier in access control and door entry kits, has added a new app to its flagship GSM intercom range, the popular entry systems that provide greater security and freedom to users.

The new app simplifies programming and usability for both end users and installers. Available for iOS and Android devices, the app allows you to program the GSM intercom system by automatically creating the SMS messages.

James Gray project manager at Videx said: “The app is a great addition to the Videx GSM product range, enhancing the features while also providing a convenient way to manage and operate the system.

“Features include the ability to activate the door or gate either for the programmed time or to latch and unlatch it. This can be done via text message or dialling using the dial to open feature. You can also add and modify numbers called, the dial to open numbers, access codes including temporary access codes for one-time visitors, as well as proximity tags that are used to open the gate or door.”

Up to 10 GSM intercoms can be stored in the app. Settings such as master code, telephone number, call button telephone numbers and free access settings are all stored to save the user time while using the app. An advanced version of the app will also be available soon with even more features for the installer or managing agent of the system.

The app is not restricted to the GSMPRO version of the Videx GSM intercom systems and can also be used with the Digital GSM, vandal resistant GSM’s, multiple entrance 2270 interface and the GSM lite.

James added: “Users can also set up free access time periods where the gate or door can be held open for visitors. The ability to decode received messages from the intercom panel is also included and some of these messages can also be imported and saved in the app for future use. For example, if the intercom call button has already been programmed it’s possible to receive the telephone numbers for the call button and import them into the app.”

Users will be able to download the app directly from Google’s ‘Play store’ and Apple’s ‘App store’ free of change. The app can be used with all current and older model GSM intercoms.

For more information about the new GSM Intercom app, please visit: www.videxuk.com