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Security & Counter Terror Expo 2016: An international platform for global security

global security Counter Terror ExpoLeading event returns to London in April with a programme created to help those tasked with keeping global security, assets and businesses safe

Over recent years the threat of terrorism has increased exponentially and today terrorist activity is undertaken on an almost a daily basis. In 2015 alone, there were more than 380 recorded terrorist attacks by violent non-state actors for political or unknown motives.

These attacks are now wide reaching and intercontinental. The Nigerian government is just one example, it has been combating the ever increasing Boko Continue reading...

Discussing New Counter Terror Strategies to Tackle Terrorism

Counter Terror ExpoHigh ranking security and emergency services officials will gather at World Counter Terror Congress to discuss future counter terror strategies

News that Isis is planning to set up training camps across Europe, provides further evidence that the threat from extremist organisations is not abating. Terrorist groups continue to threaten civilians from all walks of life and governments are under pressure to prevent future attacks without impacting the lives of their residents. Continue reading...

Wrightstyle and a terrorist perspective

Wrightstyle, the leading UK steel glazing company, supplies glass and glazing systems worldwide to mitigate against fire or ballistic and bomb attack.  In the wake of the Boston and London atrocities, Denis Wright, Wrightstyle’s Chairman, provides a perspective.

Over the past few months terrorism has been much in the news, from the Boston marathon bombings to the murder of a British soldier in London. In the Middle East, Continue reading...

Three Tests, Three Passes for Heald’s Surface Mount Sliding Bollard System.

Surface Mount Sliding BollardHeald’s HT1-Matador3 and HT1-Matador4 surface mounted sliding Bollard automated systems achieved PAS68:2010 zero penetration classification no less than three times in recent crash tests.
The system is available in two models: HT1-Matador3 and HT1-Matador4. Both comprise of two static outer bollards; the HT1-Matador3 has a single inner sliding bollard, and the HT1-Matador4 has two inner sliding bollards. Continue reading...

Asia crime gangs can be brought to justice by using unique UK digital forensic technology

digital forensic technologyInnovative digital forensic technology that instantly identifies illegal activity over the internet could help law enforcers stem the growing threat of terrorism and organised crime across the Asia Pacific Region. Continue reading...


Global spending on Homeland Security now stands at about 0 billion annually. But with budgets in Asia now set to increase by 30-percent in its trillion-dollar-plus market, where China, India, Japan and Saudi Arabia are closely followed by the South-East Asia tigers, the message is clear: Asia is already almost as big a market as the United States, which accounts for one third of the world’s Homeland Security expenditure. Continue reading...

London plays host to Counter Terror Expo 2010

Counter Terror Expo, the pre-eminent specialist conference and exhibition dedicated to addressing the continuing worldwide threat from terrorism, will take centre stage at London Olympia, 14-15 April 2010. The event, now in its second successful year, brings together leading experts and professionals in the world of terrorism and counter-terrorism, to debate the threats faced and identify appropriate methodologies to neuter them. Continue reading...

Countering Terrorism in a Changed World

Countering TerrorismCounter Terror Expo 2010, has become the largest Exhibition and Conference globally to focus solely on countering terrorism across the public and private sector.

At the 2010 event there will be three conferences, including one supported by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO).

The conferences feature over 75 internationally recognised speakers taking part in a range of key-note presentations, case studies, industry debates and panel discussions. Continue reading...

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