SALTO products on show at IFSEC 2018

SALTO Systems is set to showcase a range of security products at IFSEC in June, with a strong focus on mobile and cloud based access control solutions. Find us on stand G100.

The SALTO team are taking part in IFSEC’s Show Me How programme which means our product experts will all be wearing ‘Show Me How’ badges. Go up to any member of the SALTO team wearing a Show Me How badge and ask for a product demonstration at any time during the show.

Along with demonstrations of our technology and software, visitors can explore the wide range of products that SALTO has to offer including:

The new version of our class leading JustIN Mobile solution combining BLE and NFC capabilities in a single app. The JustIN mobile platform is one of the most complete and powerful mobile platforms on the market. With just a single app, depending on the type of mobile phone used, it will activate its BLE or NFC element, enabling users to open doors just by presenting the smart phone to the BLE or MIFARE equipped handle set, cylinder, wall reader, etc. Thanks to its live bi-directional communication, you can make changes to the user’s access plan remotely and on the go. All access rights are sent directly OTA (Over The Air) no matter where the user is, directly from SALTO ProAccess SPACE software to the user’s smart phone, so they will always have up to date access rights.

JustIN mobile is a bi-directional system that converts any offline access control device into an online device without additional hardware, without installation, just by using JustIN mobile technology. And, with its multi-site application enabling users to have different keys for different sites, it also enables messages to be sent to the user for different sites and locations, i.e. where a hotel is or where a site you need to visit is located. All the information you need is there: a picture of the site, a phone number for the site, the address linked to the GPS app, messages for the user and more. It’s much more than just a key to access a door!

SALTO KS ‘Keys as a Service’ is the most advanced and flexible cloud locking solution on the access control market. Its proven reliability and stability in cloud-based access control means SALTO KS offers a solution with no need for complex IT infrastructures and provides superior functionality and performance over traditional security solutions. This makes it ideal for those kinds of projects such as co-working spaces or retail services where the users can move from one location to another.

With SALTO KS there is no need to give physical keys to users, administrators can manage the system and access it remotely. It requires minimum maintenance and provides increased flexibility , access control from anywhere and is cost-effective. Users can also integrate multiple cloud services through SALTO KS access control including cameramanager, a Cloud platform that allows users to manage cameras and monitor live streaming and record door events – openings, rejections etc.

Smart homes are here, so open the door to the latest in home security with our Danalock residential smart lock. Danalock can replace the traditional home door key with an electronic system that allows users to use their smart phone to control their doors, their guests and their home. Designed to simply retrofit most existing doors, Danalock is incredibly easy to install and set up. Just download and install the Danalock App on your phone and be guided quickly and simply through the calibration and setup of the Danalock.

Besides these products, we will also be showcasing XS4 One, XS4 Mini, Aelement and Aelement Fusion with BLE and BLUEnet wireless capabilities, mullion readers, panel readers, long distance readers, ProAccess SPACE 5 software and much more.

So, stop by and take a look at our products, technology and software. We look forward to meeting you at stand G100.