Optex To Launch New Vehicle Sensors At Intertraffic

(STAND  07.102B.OPTEX, the leading manufacturer of detection solutions, is to launch a new series of highly reliable and very easy to install vehicle sensors in Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) at Intertraffic – the world’s leading trade show for traffic solutions – held between 20th and 23rd March in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The ViiK vehicle sensor series will comprise two models: the OVS-01GT, designed for gate, barrier or industrial door activation and the OVS-01CC as a moving vehicle counter. Both sensors are centred around Frequency-Modulated-Continuous-Wave (FMCW) technology.

The above ground ViiK vehicle detectors are an ideal solution for sites where ground loops cannot be installed, such as where the road surface is damaged or unsealed, paved with cobblestones, or above drains or pipes.

The ViiK OVS-01GT model, which combines Microwave with Ultrasonic technology to sense both a vehicle’s movement and presence, is especially suited to sites where induction loops may have previously been considered, but the customer does not want disruptive ground works.

The OVS-01GT detects the presence of small or large stationary or moving vehicles within 5.5 meters while ignoring human traffic. It is easy to install; unlike ground loops, no civil works are required as the device is mounted at circa 500mm from the ground. The OVS-01GT connects to an automatic gate, barrier or industrial door operator, and includes menu programming, five sensitivity settings and five human cancelling selections, all with one-button calibration. It suits simple gate activation applications as well as being part of state of the art parking systems.

The OVS-01CC can detect and count small or large moving vehicles up to 60km/h in single lane applications. The vehicle counter can similarly be mounted quickly and easily on a pole or wall at 90 degrees. Its detection area (up to eight metres) can be customised with eight range settings, five sensitivity settings and one-touch calibration. Perfectly suited for counting cars in open retail parks, or monitoring traffic in high streets.

Jacques Vaarre, Managing Director for OPTEX EMEA, says that after having successfully launched the new range of vehicle detectors and counters in Japan and in North America, we are delighted to introduce the ViiK range to the EMEA market at Intertraffic: “It gives users a viable choice over ‘traditional’ ground loop sensors; both models are highly reliable and very easy to install. By choosing an OPTEX detector, you are losing none of the performance, but gaining all of the benefits by not having to dig up the roads or disrupt traffic.

“Step by our booth at Intertraffic to learn more about the vehicle sensor applications and to get acquainted with these new sensors in the Optex sensor product range.”