How to secure your property or land with a Portcullis Automation gate

PortculisAutomationGatePortcullis Automation Gate, whether it be commercial or residential, we all worry about the threat of theft. Avoiding such crimes can be an ominous challenge for many property and land owners.

Burglaries and vehicle theft are reportedly on the rise in the UK in 2017 and this should be a warning for everyone, including businesses. With UK crime previously on the decline over the last twenty years, many people may be guilty of resting on their laurels regarding security however that twenty year decline is now forecast to end.

The key to decreasing the chance of burglary is preparation. Investment in a high standard of modern security is a must in order to reduce the temptation of your assets to potential thieves. This protection can come in many shapes and sizes such as bollards, blockers or electric gates and they all offer various advantages.

Why do I need an electric gate?

Gates are an obvious and effective option for protecting your property and land. They can act as a deterrent to thieves as well as making it far more difficult to access a property. With automated gates having increased technological integration they are becoming significantly more convenient. Ever-improving technology and design is seeing electrical gates lead the way in securing your home or business.

Progress of automated gates has coincided with their growing popularity. In contrast to manual gates, the automated gates can be opened and contact made with the person at the gate without you having to leave your property. Needless to say both of these protect you far more than the days of having to walk down to the gate to open it manually.

One worry that many have when installing electric gates regards their size, especially if it’s a residential installation. Fortunately the market has adapted to these worries and companies such as Portcullis Automation now offer a CAD drawing service, allowing a bespoke gate, tailored to the space available. Alongside the practical, security benefits of electric gates, they can often be aesthetically pleasing also. A regular requirement when purchased for residential property.

Are Bollards also a relevant security measure? 

Methods of providing further security are evolving to new challenges. Bollards and blockers are an increasingly regular presence in commercial areas, in part to combat the rise of ramming and other vehicle based crimes.

For many years bollards have been used to control traffic flow and parking. They have also been a useful tool for property owners to deter crime, primarily offering significant and effective visual protection.

Bollards are now multi-faceted and have moved on from the permanent feature that would signal the start of a pedestrianised area. Rising, automated bollards have become more popular, allowing access to vehicles who have the necessary permits or are allowed entry at the property owners discretion. Such installations have been at the forefront of proposals over recent years to combat terrorism. Alongside blockers, bollards they have become a valued asset to the ever-changing methods of crime that could affect business and land owners.