Physical Security Product of the Year 2010 – Terra Mount Blocker – Frontier Pitts

Physical Security Product Of The Year!Physical Security Product Of The Year! The Terra Mount Blocker is part of the Anti Terra range which is the complete range of counter terror equipment. The Anti Terra range has been successfully impact tested in accordance with BSi PAS 68, stopping 7500kg travelling at 50mph (80kmph). The requirements of the BSi PAS 68 standard surpasses those of the Department of State test standard SD-STD-2.01 Revision A, Certification Class K12, which has now been superseded by the ASTM standard F2656. The Terra Gate, Terra Blocker, Terra Bollards & Terra V Gate continued to operate after the crash test impact. Read more

APT Takes Executive Decision on New Barrier Range

APT BarrierA brand new ŒExecutive¹ range of reliable, fast acting barrier specifically designed for the most prestigious installations has been launched by APT Security Systems (part of the APT Controls group), the high-end integrator for high-performance vehicle access systems.
With its Executive range, APT believes it is meeting a very real need in the market, according to General Manager Chris Rowlands: ³Barriers of course have a practical function in controlling traffic flows and preventing unauthorised entry onto site,² he says. ³But that does not mean they cannot be designed to blend with the surrounding area, or reflect on the quality of the premises they are there to protect. Read more