New Venture Brings Bavak Proven Vehicle Access Control Technology to the UK

BavakA new joint venture between Bavak BV and ParkSecure has been launched to bring a new range of perimeter security and access control technologies and specialist support services to installers and end-users throughout the UK and Ireland.

The Dutch security group Bavak BV already has a large installed-base Europe-wide, with gates, barriers and blockers protecting a number of high profile military and government sites.

In teaming with ParkSecure and creating Bavak PAS Ltd, the purpose is to extend the range of products and technologies available, enhance local service and maintenance support, and introduce new bespoke services as Managing Director Tony Girard explains:

“As a brand, Bavak is well known in the UK and Ireland and its products are widely specified,” he says. “They recognise, however, that to maximise the potential for their products – and to be seen as a genuine solutions provider – it requires a dedicated UK operation. Bavak Perimeter Access Security with the contacts and the experience in the local market, therefore makes good sense.”

Bavak’s products are currently sold through agents, and Tony accepts that this model will gradually evolve: “Wherever possible we will want to be working closely with installers and existing contractors,” he says, “and over time we will of course be developing our own service and maintenance teams to support our own products in the field.”

The new venture also has plans for more innovative service offerings: “We are currently exploring the ‘temporary’ market,”  Tony says, “where our products can be deployed temporarily, perhaps to protect a specific occasion or event but where a permanent solution is not required.” Recently, Bavak provided the temporary perimeter protection at the United Nations meetings in Sweden and similar protection for the Royal Wedding in Holland.

Bavak manufactures a range of its own crash-rated barriers, fast-acting gates, bollards and blockers, as well as working with and for third parties. Customers include many of Europe’s best-known M&E contractors and construction firms, and its products protect various high-risk sites from military establishments and embassies, through to airports and similar critical infrastructure.

Jan Moberg, Commercial Director of the Dutch parent Bavak BV is excited by the opportunity: “We believe there is a much larger market potential for our products in the UK and Ireland and in developing new services and solutions that have not previously been tried,” he says.