Vanderbilt’s cloud-based solutions take center stage at IFSEC 2017

Vanderbilt LogoIFSEC stand – E1225

Visitors to IFSEC International 2017 are being urged to visit stand E1225 for a demonstration of Vanderbilt’s strength in innovative cloud-based security solutions.

Alongside the company’s market-leading range of access control, intrusion and video products will be SPC Connect, a future-proof solution that allows installers to monitor, manage, and maintain Vanderbilt’s award-winning SPC panels remotely from any PC, tablet or smartphone. Also on display will be ACT365, Vanderbilt’s truly integrated access control and video management solution, which offers remote setup, servicing and support.

Both solutions are cloud-based and harness the power, scalability and simplicity of the cloud to deliver new features and time and money saving benefits for installers and end users alike.

“IFSEC International 2017 gives Vanderbilt the perfect opportunity to showcase our expertise in cloud-based solutions,” says Joe Grillo, CEO of Vanderbilt. “Having transformed other areas of business and industry, the cloud is now set to revolutionise the security industry.”

The cloud is the name given to the collection of computing functions and services hosted off-site, most often provided as a service and accessed over any internet-enabled device. Market research firm IDC recently estimated that cloud services will grow 24% to $122 billion (£94 billion) in 2017 and, of this, Software as a Service (SaaS) business applications – like Vanderbilt’s SPC Connect and ACT365 – will capture 60% of all cloud spending.

The cloud presents great potential for the security industry as it gives installers the ability to set up, manage and maintain large, networked security systems remotely. This gives installers better control over their time and resources and reduces time-consuming site visits to address service issues which can be resolved remotely instead.

End users benefit from a system that can be maintained more efficiently and easily reconfigured as their requirements change. Cloud-based security solutions from Vanderbilt also give users access to true and deep integration of core security functions such as access control, intrusion and video.

As an example, ACT365 allows users to remotely verify a building’s visitor from real-time video images captured at the point of entry. Access can then be granted remotely with the click of a mouse button or tap on a smartphone screen. In the event of a forced door or an alarm activation, ACT365 gives users immediate recall and easy location of recorded footage of the incident, allowing them to review and respond to the situation accordingly. This eliminates the considerable time and effort required to match up times on disparate security systems and sift through masses of camera footage to locate an incident.

Borrowing from the pay-as-you-go model common to most cloud services, Vanderbilt’s cloud-based solutions are affordable and offer great flexibility. This has the effect of reducing the costs associated with purchase and installation of traditional software solutions, as well as lowering the costs associated with ongoing maintenance and upgrades. Joe Grillo explains: “When you need to add more users to your system, you simply adjust your monthly SPC Connect subscription as required. There’s no need for more licenses, servers or additional devices.”

With the cloud set to transform security over the coming years, it’s essential that installers partner with the right providers, and crucial that users have the right solutions for their needs. To help guide installers and users alike

Vanderbilt is sharing its expertise in cloud-based security solutions in a presentation by David Moran called ‘Cloud on the Horizon: Are you prepared?’. The discussion will address a broad range of topics and provide valuable advice for those wishing to introduce the cloud into their security requirements. Visitors with an interest in trends in intrusion technology should also look out IFSEC’s Intrusion Panel Debate, featuring Pauline O’Riordan of Vanderbilt.

Vanderbilt is a global provider of security systems, operating efficiently in 95 countries. Vanderbilt designs, manufactures and distributes systems that safeguard environments and organizations of all sizes. Agility, adaptability, and dependability are distinctive marks of the Vanderbilt brand and these decisive traits satisfy a broad variety of customers’ application needs across banking, education, healthcare, retail, and more. Our product lines include access control, intrusion and video.

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