Stanley Security introduces wireless intruder detection series

StanleySecurity intruder detectionWireless communications intruder detection for Commercial Installations with ‘self-healing’ functions delivering unparalleled communications reliability

Swindon, Wiltshire 1st February 2016: STANLEY Security today announced the launch of the next generation of wireless security designed to reduce false alarms in residential and commercial environments. The new wireless technology, Ricochet® Mesh, delivers more performance than any other wireless security system.

Quick and easy to install STANLEY’s wireless intruder system is an economical and reliable option ideal for homes and businesses. Each Ricochet® enabled device provides signalling routes to and from STANLEY Control Panels. Should the wireless connection between two devices weaken, the network will ‘self-heal’ and automatically re-route communications via alternative Ricochet enabled devices delivering unparalleled communications reliability.

STANLEY’s wireless intruder detection products enabled with Ricochet® are truly scalable, with multiple wireless networks running side-by-side capturing hundreds of wireless devices.

“We are very excited to introduce this innovative intruder detection system with its breakthrough capabilities with Ricochet® Mesh Technology ideally suited for today’s security environments” said Rodney Foot, Product Manager of STANLEY Security. “54% of UK business’ premises are not adequately protected from breaches in security. For the price of a coffee a day you can have round the clock peace of mind including monitoring from our Alarm Response Centre.

“This introduction of our wireless intruder detection portfolio strengthens our position as the leading provider of intruder solutions by providing customers with a truly unique portfolio of high-performance indoor motion detectors that satisfy the demands of virtually any installation, from the most basic residential to the most complex commercial application. All sensors have a sleek, modern look to meet evolving needs and styles, and contain selectable features that let installers use the same models in a variety of different applications – reducing the need to stock multiple units. Another positive, for those premises that require a greater level of security, this platform also supports Grade 3 wired detection.”

STANLEY’s latest generation of motion sensors using Ricochet® Mesh Technology provides reliable protection. The user interface is reassuringly simple, the operation intuitive. Communications are secure, responsive and data security maintained.

The wireless range completes STANLEY Security’s intruder detection family. For further information on the Ricochet detection range please visit