The Edesix VideoBadge – Body Worn Cameras for Security Professionals

EdisixCCTV Body Worn CamerasEdesix offers innovative Body Worn Camera solutions to help solve complex industry challenges for those in public facing roles

The VideoBadge series from Edesix consists of easy-to-use, robust and secure body worn cameras (BWC), capable of efficiently recording evidence-ready HD video and audio footage. Together with Edesix’s custom developed VideoManager software, these BWCs offer frontline workers the capability to deter aggression, capture evidential footage and store & share data from a multitude of locations.

Edesix’s VideoBadge Series consists of the VideoBadge VB-100, VB-200 and VB-300, these unique BWCs, often styled as an ID holder, were designed to meet the daily needs of the frontline worker. Each badge is fully encrypted, has day and night recording capability along with a comprehensive audit trail, ensuring evidential footage is protected from camera to court. 

The VB-300 series is the first generation of WiFi enabled VideoBadges from Edesix. This unique BWC is equipped with the same security and footage protection features found in the VB-100 & VB-200, but with increased memory capacity, longer battery life and a wider field of view. The WiFi feature enables VB-300 series cameras to stream video and audio to VideoManager while simultaneously storing evidential quality recordings for later download and review.

The VideoBadge is currently used by security personnel, police, paramedics, civil enforcement officers and prison officers across the globe. These BWCs have proven to deter aggression towards wearers, provide robust evidential footage if required, and are simple to use in any situation.

VideoManager, designed to accompany the VideoBadge, is an advanced back-office management software suite from Edesix, developed for managing VideoBadge footage or, if required, video from 3rd party cameras. This user-friendly, web-based back-office is designed to facilitate the secure creation, redaction, and sharing of evidence-ready footage. VideoManager requires minimal user training, and evidential incidents created in VideoManager are admissible in court and can be viewed and shared from any location. The platform is equipped with encryption keys to protect data upload, and keeps a comprehensive audit trail of all actions taken. VideoManager implements a sophisticated multi-level role-based access control system, allowing footage access only to those with the appropriate level of authorisation.

Not only will VideoManager allow access and management of third party camera footage, its comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API) enables integration with most Security & Information Management Systems.

“All the studies examining body worn video cameras show they make a real difference in protecting frontline staff and the public,” explains Richie McBride, CEO of Edesix.

“Body Worn Cameras help prevent crime and anti-social behaviour, and record unbiased evidential footage for criminal prosecution. There can be no doubt that cameras deter aggression and in many cases eliminate the need to activate a panic alarm or radio during an incident. When members of the public know they are being recorded, their behaviour tends to change to a more positive attitude. BWC’s also help staff feel safer and more protected.”

Edesix was established in 2002, and is based in Edinburgh (UK) where it designs, develops and manufactures a range of innovative BWC solutions to help solve complex industry challenges for those in public facing roles. Since its introduction to the market, VideoBadges have been successfully adopted in a wide variety of industries, such as Police & Criminal Justice; Parking & Civil Enforcement; Emergency Services; Lone Workers & Field Agents; Security Companies and Prison Services.

If you would like to find out more about the VideoBadge range of body worn cameras, VideoManager software, available accessories, or would like to request a free trial, please visit, send an e-mail to [email protected] or call +44 (0) 131 510 0232.