FLIR launches LS-Series:

Ultra-compact handheld thermal night vision cameras
The new FLIR LS-Series thermal imaging camera gives every law enforcement officer the power to see clearly in total darkness. It gives law enforcement officers, security patrols and any other person that needs to see at night without being seen himself, the information needed to make critical decisions, Read more

FLIR Systems launches PT-602CZ

Thermal imaging camera for medium and long range security applications
As thermal imaging cameras are becoming increasingly popular for security and surveillance applications, more and more security professionals are integrating thermal imaging cameras into their new or existing security networks. Many security professionals are having the need to detect Read more

Samsung introduce new competitively priced Thermal Imaging cameras

Thermal Imaging camerasSamsung has added two new thermal imaging cameras to its professional security products portfolio.

The SCB-9050, which has a detection range of 360 metres and the SCB-9051 which has a detection range of 1,260 metres, deliver enhanced detection capability to a host of security, industrial and safety applications such as perimeter protection, checking for hot-spots and monitoring levels of liquids in containers. As thermal imaging cameras are sensitive to heat sources they are able to detect objects and people in environmental conditions that would be impossible with traditional video cameras such as through smoke, snow, heavy rain and fog. This also makes them extremely effective at achieving their detection ranges both during the day and at night without the requirement of white or IR lighting. Read more