Surveilling security options with Burg-Wächter

Newly launching into the UK market, Burg-Wächter’s extensive range of remote access video surveillance solutions includes BurgCam Wi-Fi, which can run as either a standalone or modular system. The BurgCam analogue range updates existing coaxial systems, whilst the BurgCam IP range represents the very latest in video surveillance technology.

Security specialists Burg-Wächter is bringing its extensive range of home and professional video surveillance cameras, software and accessories to the UK. With an increasing number of homeowners and businesses becoming concerned about the security of their property, security professionals are ideally placed to make the most of the increased popularity, affordability and functionality of video surveillance systems.

BurgCam Wi-Fi

Burg-Wächter’s BurgCam Wi-Fi range includes a choice of zoom, dome and bullet cameras. BurgCam Home Wi-Fi cameras offer greater than HD resolution and can run as a standalone unit (with SD card) or as a modular system, which can be tailored to suit each customer’s requirements.

Updating analogue

For customers with more sophisticated video surveillance requirements there’s Burg-Wächter’s ranges of analogue and IP based solutions. The BurgCam analogue range has been designed to bring HD video, video analytics, remote access and 4in1 technology as an upgrade to existing CCTV systems running on coaxial cable.

Advanced IP

Burg-Wächter’s IP range represents the very latest in video surveillance technology. Images of up to 8MP resolution are captured through a number of different cameras, including thermal imaging options. Advanced Digital Noise Reduction and Wide Dynamic Range technology provides clear and balanced images which can be processed by intelligent video analytics for face detection, people counting, object removal/placing and virtual trip wire detection.

All Burg-Wächter video surveillance products are accessible locally via a connected PC as well as remotely via the BurgCam app. The app provides real time remote video monitoring on smartphones and tablets and also allows two-way audio communication with indoor cameras. BurgCam can be configured to send notifications and alerts should pre-defined events be triggered, providing additional peace of mind and faster response times.

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