RPX-SMARTCLIENT: The New ANPR System for Car Dealerships from RoadPixel

Roadpixel ANPR systemRoadPixel have launched RPX-SMARTCLIENT, an innovative ANPR solution specifically designed for Car Dealerships. The turnkey system is designed to help dealerships form a more personal and long lasting relationship with their customers by improving the visit experience.

With the use of ANPR technology, RPX-SMARTCLIENT is able to issue alerts to staff as soon as a customer or potential customer arrives on site. For the Service team this means that once a customer arrives on site they can be personally greeted in the car park with their service paperwork ready to help them have a fast turnaround and get to work.

As a sales tool, RPX-SMARTCLIENT can also give your Sales team a very important heads up when a prospective client arrives. For example, a client will expect to be approached when their hire contract is nearing its end and opportunities can easily be missed when the Service and Sales departments are not working together e.g. when a customer books a service appointment.

Frank Thomson, RoadPixel’s CEO commented: “We should never underestimate the importance of a hassle-free and professional experience to customers. Some dealerships are doing everything possible to try and ‘lock in’ their customers for life, however customers will only be loyal if they feel important and valued”.

RPX-SMARTCLIENT also comes with a range of security features. Alerts can be

built-in for a selection of vehicle movements that dealerships might want to know about e.g. an unsold vehicle leaving site. The intuitive user interface allows users to

search the event log list complete with images for all vehicle movements 24/7.

RoadPixel are specialist ANPR hardware manufacturers and software developers

with their own in-house applications and a very experienced technical team. They

manufacture the RoadWolf ANPR camera range and have a host of specialist applications.


For further information please visit www.roadpixel.com or contact Frank or Steve on Tel: 01707 808650.