Magic Motion Detectors from Siemens

Siemens Magic Motion SensorsSecurity Products from Siemens has introduced its field-proven Magic motion detector series to the UK market.  The Magic PIR and Dual motion detectors are an exciting new advance in security that provide the most reliable, convenient and cost effective solution for industry leading catch performance and false alarm immunity.

The detectors feature a modern, slim design and share the same low-profile housing so intruders cannot tell which type of detector they are faced with.  This has proven to be an effective deterrent.  The detectors are suitable for both home and commercial environments and perform well even under harsh conditions, such as in rooms with rapid and extreme temperature fluctuations that can create false alarms.

Magic Mirror PIR and Dual models are offered in either 12m or 18m range and are optionally available with integrated anti-masking technology.

Magic Passive Infrared Detectors
The new Magic PDM-I12(T) and PDM-I18(T) utilise the patented Magic Mirror technology from Siemens, which sets new standards in detection sensitivity and enables an extremely compact design.  In addition, Magic Mirror is an enhancement of the Siemens black mirror technology.  The innovative dual mirror design increases the focal length, which gives the detectors more homogenous detection sensitivity, especially for wider areas.  A new white-light filtering system reduces false alarms caused by external light sources such as car headlights or lamps.

Magic Dual Motion Detectors
The new Magic PDM-IXE12(T) and PDM-IXE18(T) dual motion detectors offer reliable detection of intruders and high false alarm immunity.  Their performance is based on an improved version of the Siemens Matchtec algorithm, which combines passive infrared (PIR) and microwave (MW) channels to make extraordinarily accurate decisions on motion within their detection zone.

Intelligent processing routines in the enhanced Matchtec algorithm provide high detection reliability and false alarm immunity.  The algorithm analyses the relative strength of the IR and MW signals received from a moving object in order to make sound decisions.  It is even possible to use multiple detectors in close proximity to each other, since the algorithm reduces interference between the MW modules.  This increases flexibility in selecting the installation site.

Designed with the installer in mind
These detectors offer a wide range of benefits for installers ? for the first time the same bracket can be used for all Magic Mirror models for wall or ceiling mounting.  The integrated walk test simplifies and speeds up installation while the flexible end-of-line concept allows fast and error-free connection to the control panel.

Due to preconfigured end of line (EoL) resistors, they are ready for use with Siemens alarm panels, such as SPC and Sintony.  EoL modules make it easy to connect the detectors to alarm panels from other manufacturers without errors.  Automatic walktest mode allows the detector to remain in this mode for three minutes after power-on, which saves time as all walktests can be carried out without opening the detector multiple times or changing DIP switches.

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