Kodit Launch High Performance Label into Fire and Rescue Services

KoditFire and Rescue services within the UK have all been challenged with improving their performance in the overall management of operational assets. A number of services have sought the help of Kodit in this task. Kodit has built a significant expertise in the labelling and auditing of operational equipment within Fire and Rescue providing accurate asset register information for direct use or for upload into other systems.

Over the course of this work Kodit evaluated a number of label designs and types for their suitability. This culminated in a series of tests being conducted by Wiltshire Fire and Rescue (Stuart Carpenter) on behalf of the entire Southwest region.

This evaluation work which involved adhesion, immersion in oil and water and abrasion testing identified that a specific material was proven to be significantly better than any other label product.

This label incorporates two materials in one assembly providing a protective over laminate layer and significant wear resistance. In addition, Kodit have introduced a novel printing technique that enables the various FRS organisations to provide up to 8 colour bar combinations providing a highly visible key identifying if an asset belongs to a specific appliance or indeed a station.

This colour coding has already proven significant in reducing the time taken to repatriate ‘lost’ equipment and this in turn has significantly reduced ‘off the run’ time and costs associated with incomplete equipment inventory.

This highly specialised label is now generally available for use and application.

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