Design agency finds Code Handle® an ideal locking solution for server and meeting rooms

London, February 2020 – One of the UK’s 5.7 million SMBs, Thirst offers a comprehensive digital marketing service to some of Europe’s most forward-thinking brands. At their UK head office, managers identified two doors which required an easy, low-cost security solution. Staff and visitors come and go all day, but not everyone should have access to the Thirst servers or private meeting suite.

Code Handle electronic door locks with integrated PIN pads now secure these two important Interior office doors. Only senior managers and qualified staff freely access Thirst’s IT room. Thirst’s main meeting room is also protected by this sleek handle with PIN protection. Staff quickly lock and unlock these rooms without anyone keeping track of mechanical keys: it’s a time-saving solution, too.

Tried and tested at offices all over Europe, Code Handleadds electronic PIN lockingto doors with no wiring and no elaborate access control system. Thirst’s office manager only needs one Master Code to administer each handle. Up to 9 different PINs are issued to authorised staff. If an employee leaves the company, it’s easy to delete their PIN without unmounting the lock. Tracking cumbersome keys is a thing of the past.

Code Handle is a low-profile, zero-hassle solution to boost security at critical doors around their offices.

Easy retrofit, minimal maintenance

Fitting Thirst’s new Code Handle locks was a breeze. They replaced the existing handle, attached a Code Handle with two screws, and doors now have electronic PIN security — with no ugly push-and-twist units to spoil Thirst’s contemporary workspace design. There was no need to hire an expensive contractor or installer.

“We found Code Handle easy to install and a perfect solution for keeping private rooms only accessible for those employees that require access,” says Nigel Cattermull, Managing Director at Thirst.

Maintenance of the two new digital PIN locks is minimal. Two standard batteries slot inside each Code Handle and typically last for 30,000 lock/unlock cycles before needing replacement.

For added peace of mind, Code Handle has an auto-locking feature. Nobody at Thirst needs to worry whether they remembered to lock the server room. Code Handle never forgets.

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