Norbain Illuminated by RAYLUX Urban at IFSEC

The new RAYLUX Urban range of LED illuminators from Raytec will be used to light the Norbain stand at IFSEC 2011.

Norbain are using the RAYLUX Urban White-Light illuminators to provide the lighting for the ‘Security Street’ which runs the entire length of their stand, to highlight the fact that many urban areas can be unsafe if they are poorly lit. RAYLUX Urban can create safer environments for pedestrians, deliver even illumination for crisp and clear CCTV images and provide significant energy savings for the end user. An added benefit for IFSEC is that the illuminators are highly efficient with very little energy wasted as heat, so the Norbain stand will not only look cool – it will remain cool through the day.

The multi-purpose White-Light illuminators are designed for safer environments when lighting is required not just for cameras, but also for people.  Their attractive design and unique beam patterns make them suitable for down-lighting applications including car parks, schools, colleges, hospitals and pathways.

RAYLUX Urban units will be installed on bespoke lighting columns at the front of the Norbain stand, to provide crystal clear illumination over their main feature area.  Wall mounted Urban units will also create an evenly lit, bright environment for all stand personnel along Norbain’s ‘Security Street’ and there will also be a number of small RAYLUX White-Light illuminators  used to light the VIP section of the stand, to provide a welcoming atmosphere for Norbain’s customers.

RAYLUX Urban offers new opportunities for security installers to diversify and cross over into new markets. With all the benefits of Raytec’s core CCTV lighting technology, RAYLUX Urban satisfies demands for both camera lighting and commercial lighting.  When you consider that the same facility managers responsible for CCTV Systems are also responsible for general lighting, Raytec urge all installers to take the responsibility for all on-site lighting requirements to deliver not just better pictures, but also safer environments.

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