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Meyertech’s mid-summer insight

Meyertech insight logoIt’s been a busy summer at Meyertech with the launch of new initiatives and planning new product launches. One of those new initiatives is our INSPIRE Partner Programme which has been created for systems integrators and installers around the world because we believe superb relationships produce inspired results.

The INSPIRE Partner Programme is formulated to power your business for growth by leveraging the products and resources of the UK’s leading ONVIF video management software vendor –

Meyertech Inspire ProgramINSPIRE offers free training, sales support and marketing to energise your business and with its exclusive pricing structure and over fifty partner benefits it will take your business to the next level.

Being a Meyertech Partner also means your organisation will have the opportunity to access higher, more privileged levels of support for your installed system base.

So partner with Meyertech today and start reaping the rewards.

Andrew Denton, sales manager:

“the difference with INSPIRE, compared to the majority of partner programmes is that it is not entirely driven by volumes of sales, but is a programme which values other partner attributes such as competency and customer support. We feel that is important to our partners. With INSPIRE we provide the partner with the resources to help them enter new markets and create new business opportunities and with over fifty partner benefits it provides unique offers and superior rewards”.

To learn more about Meyertech’s NEW INSPIRE Partner Programme, call our Sales Team on +44 (0) 161 643 7956 or alternatively email sales@meyertech.co.uk

Meyertech ISO14001ISO14001 Accreditation

As a local council or a systems installer who services local councils we are sure you understand the importance of the environment and the impact your suppliers may have on the environment.

Although Meyertech already had an environmental policy, at the beginning of this year we committed ourselves to taking it a stage further through the ISO to demonstrate to all of our customers that environmental matters are of paramount importance to Meyertech.

In June our efforts were recognised when QMS International plc, an internationally IAC accredited organisation for quality management systems, presented the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Standard Certificate to Wendy Mayers.

Menu support MeyertechMenu based Support
This summer saw the launch of a new ground-breaking type of support which changes/breaks all the rules – Meyertech’s Menu based Support.

Gone are the days when you paid for support contracts and didn’t get the full value out of.

Gone are the days where support contracts were tied to specific installations and sites.

Welcome to support where you pay only for the support which you use.

Welcome to support which you can use across your entire installed base, anytime, anywhere.

Welcome to Meyertech’s Menu Support.

On the 1st July Meyertech launched its Menu based Support changing the way it delivers support services.

Meyertech support was already acknowledged as excellent, and was recently endorsed by Dublin Airport Authority when asked,

“Meyertech provide a 24/7 CCTV support service to the airport, with a focus on continuous improvement, preventative maintenance and rapid response to both service requests and faults. They have flexibly adapted their core solution to meet our needs.”  

Paul Kerrigan, Lead Service Delivery Manager, daa.

but we wanted to make it even better with more choice, more services and outstanding value. This is why over the last 12-months we invested in new software systems, new processes and people to develop a support model which will be able to deliver the industry’s #1 support. In short we wanted to ensure you; our customer had access to the best support available both now and in the future.

The concept of our new Support Model is based onSupport Menu’s incorporating a foody theme.

Meyertech Menue Support

We have created six Support Menu’s to facilitate the provision of support for Meyertech partners, non-partners and customers who require SLA driven contracts.

Each of our Support Menu’s offer access to a variety of support services which we call support dishes.

To access Meyertech support dishes you simply purchase the Support Menu of your choice which will meet your requirements in relation to the support dishes you wish to access and the amount of support you expect to consume.

Each Menu is supplied with a helping of Support Credits which can then be used to access support dishes.

Support Credits can also be used to purchase snacks from the Snack Menu.

As a bonus existing customers receive GRATIS Support Credits with every purchase they make. They are simply added to your current support menu.

If you are a new customer don’t worry you will start to accumulate GRATIS! support credits from your very first product purchase!

Support Menus can be purchased at any time to top-up your Support Credits and you can even upgrade or downgrade your Support Menu through our credit conversion process.

For more information on our refreshing NEW approach to Support visit our website and head for Support.

David Wood’s walk for (more than just a) charity

On July 5th David Wood (Meyertech’s CRM & Business Development executive) set out from Sheffield to walk 80 miles to Grimsby  for a very good cause – The Children’s Hospital charity.

We let David take up the story.

“It is a charity close to my heart as my best friends little boy was born with an enlarged bowel and without the hospital he would not be here today but instead he is celebrating his 1st birthday today. They met another couple in hospital who unfortunately were not as lucky and lost their little girl Mollie Mae who the walk is in memory of”.

David Woods Walk for charityThis is the story of Mollie Mae.
On July 8th 2013, myself and my partner Vicky welcomed to the world our first daughter who we named Mollie Mae, but Mollie’s health deteriorated shortly after birth and she was transferred to the Children’s ward where she sadly passed away on 31st August 2013.

During our time at the unit, the support we received from all the staff there was brilliant, they made us feel like they were with us the whole way and became attached in what seemed like more than a professional way. They genuinely cared for ours and Mollie’s welfare.

If you would like to give a donation please go to the following page https://www.justgiving.com/Molliemaemeanwell/


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