Mayflex Attains ISO 14001

Mayflex, the cabling infrastructure, networking and physical security solutions distributor, is pleased to announce that it has gained certification to the internationally recognised environmental management system standard, ISO 14001.

The subject of climate change is of great importance, and Mayflex felt it was vital to react to the growing relevance of the issue.  Mayflex knew that attaining ISO 14001:2004 was a significant way for the business to help address the problem of climate change whilst ensuring there was an equally positive impact upon the operation.

ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that helps companies create an effective environmental management system. The standard is designed to find a balance between maintaining profitability and reducing environmental impact.  The process of gaining certification allowed Mayflex to review its current processes and identify where the business was having an impact on the environment.

From this review, Mayflex put together a list of environmental goals which focused on three key areas: waste, energy and paper.  Through looking at waste, Mayflex has introduced segregated recycling bins across the company and has already managed an 80% reduction in waste being sent to landfill.  In connection to energy, Mayflex aims to significantly reduce both electricity and gas usage, and with regards to paper, initiatives are already in place to help make reductions.  And the initiatives have not had to be complicated.  Massive reductions have already been made by making very simple changes, such as emailing out documents rather than posting them and all computers are now defaulted to printing duplex.

Andrew Percival, Managing Director at Mayflex, commented, “We are very proud to have obtained this certification and it is testament to the hard work from everyone across the company.

Mayflex will continue to work with all its stakeholders in a responsible and proactive manner to develop, maintain and constantly improve its environmental management system.  The objective of our system is to create a culture of consideration and understanding of the effect of business decisions on the local and wider environment.  We are committed to implementing our strategies and actions to ensure that we make a positive contribution to the environment.”

Although the environmental management system is fairly new to Mayflex, reductions in energy, waste and paper can already be seen, and through continued commitment, the company is expecting to see great results throughout 2010.  Significantly reducing its impact on the environment is very important to Mayflex, and this is just the beginning of very positive changes.

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