APT’s Complete Range in Crash Test Triumph

Following the launch of its new ‘Complete’ bollard range, APT Security Systems, the high-end integrator for high-performance vehicle access systems, reports that its Anti-terror APT30 Complete has achieved crash-rated status.

The APT30 Complete, so called because unlike standard bollards it comes complete with the rebar cage, was successfully crash tested to withstand an impact of 7.5 tonnes at 30mph. And unlike normal bollard testing, where the bollards are rammed as a set of three, the APT30 Complete was tested as a single unit – the first bollard to be tested in this manner within the UK.

Commenting on the achievement of PAS anti-terror attack status for the APT 30 Complete, Chris Rowlands, Managing Director of APT Security Systems says that APT’s bollards are attaining new levels of anti-terror capability: “This single bollard, which requires a foundation of just 400mm, shows how intelligent engineering can add strength to the ubiquitous bollard,” he says.

Chris believes the new product is ideal for installers who are in search of a bollard that makes their life easier without compromising security: “The APT30 Complete offers significant savings with straightforward installation due to the shallow foundations required and its lightness, making it considerably easier to position.

“As the bollard does not require costly foundations or the usual design activity, or any rebar or connections during installation, it is simply a case of digging, placing and concreting.”

Additionally, as the bollards from the Complete range use less material than standard shallow mount bollards they are ideal for projects with environmental goals.

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