Basler IP Cameras Now ONVIF Compliant

Ahrensburg, 11 June 2012 – From this day forward, all Basler IP Cameras shipped are ONVIF compliant. Since joining the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF), Basler has focused its efforts on fulfilling the ONVIF standard.

ONVIF has been working to create a standard for IP communication within video surveillance and other physical security technology areas since 2008.

All Basler IP Cameras already in the field with “BIP2” included in their model name can also be upgraded to ONVIF compliancy with a simple firmware update.

Under this global interface standard, Basler’s partners, distributors, and end users can harness the full potential of network video technology, and benefit from easy integration and reduced total costs. In addition, Basler aims to facilitate the changeover from analog to digital camera technology.

“Our cameras are part of a complete solution with network video recorders, software, and additional network infrastructure”, explains Björn Weber, Product Manager at Basler. “Throughout our product development and design cycles, we focus strongly on the compatibility of our products with our technology partners’ products. ONVIF compliance is a great step to further facilitating this process.“

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