UK Company Develops the Ultimate Fire Door

It’s the ultimate unlatched fire-resistant door system that architects and interior designers have wanted to specify for years.

The breakthrough fire door system from Wrightstyle now offers designers internationally a range of entirely new and fully-glazed interior or exterior door options that offer complete practicality coupled with absolute fire safety.

The Wrightstyle unlatched doors, in single or double leaf format, are entirely free-swinging and available in a wide range of surface finishes including stainless steel and with full glazing options.

The double leaf door system is also available in either rebated or un-rebated options, meaning that there does not have to be an overlap between the doors, allowing each door to be opened separately and simultaneously in either direction – and therefore ideal for heavy traffic thoroughfares and busy corridors.

Adding further to their aesthetics and practicality, options are available for the hinges and closer mechanisms to be completely concealed within the framing system, offering a fully flush-faced door.

This entirely new concept in door fire safety significantly pushes the design envelope because, for the first time, it provides a technological solution for what has always been an interior design problem.

Until now, interior fire doors in their closed position had to be manually opened with a handle and latch, providing a less than optimal solution in a busy working environment.

The Wrightstyle system entirely does away with the need for latches because, in normal use, whether in an office or busy educational or healthcare corridor, the doors allow free passage in both directions, either swinging back automatically into the closed position, or fitted with an automated swing door operator.

However, in a fire, the unique Wrightstyle door system will automatically and securely close, providing a barrier against fire and toxic gases, fire-tested and certified up to 120 minutes, with a range of fire resistance options for insulation and integrity.

The door systems are available in a range of sizes and in either stainless steel or steel options, and can be supplied in kit form or fully fabricated for a complete design to installation service – in offices, hospitals, educational facilities, airports, or anywhere there is traffic density.

Although designed primarily for interior use, the Wrightstyle door system can also be fitted with secure deadlocks, allowing them to be used as exterior doors.