Traka Launches Whitepaper on Airport Efficiency

logo-trakaTraka, the key and asset management specialist, has launched a whitepaper that discusses the consequences that ineffective management of devices and keys can have on the overall operational efficiency of an airport.

The whitepaper has been written in response to the airport industry’s increased reliance on building management systems to ensure optimum airport flow. The rise in passenger numbers and the increasing lack of expansion opportunities for airports means that processes have to be in place so that more people can be transferred in the same space.

However, from working with airports and airlines across the world, Traka has seen first hand

the need for smaller details, like physical keys and baggage scanners, to be managed much more effectively. This is primarily to prevent delays occurring because of ineffective management that can be avoided if simple measures are put in place.

The whitepaper discusses in detail how underestimating the importance of factors like the location of emergency vehicle keys, can have a direct affect on operational efficiencies and how that in turn can cause expensive delays.

Ben Farrar, Vertical Solutions Specialist in Transport and Defense for Traka said, “Having worked closely in this market for many years we know first hand that it is not just about key security or financial concerns that operational managers are interested in. Airport efficiency has always been important, and of course there are already highly sophisticated systems in place to deal with those processes.

However, with more passengers, more cargo and more air traffic, efficiency must now be thought through to the tiniest detail. It is because of this that we have created the whitepaper. We wanted to educate the industry on how ineffective management of the smaller factors could have a real impact on the overall operational efficiencies. But we also wanted to show that there are solutions available that can help.”


To download the whitepaper go to: