Stanley Security launches Stanley Onedoor Smartphone based access control system with UK startup doordeck

STANLEY Security, one of the most trusted names in the world of security, has partnered with London-based security start-up Doordeck to launch the Stanley OneDoor smartphone-based access control system.  Stanley OneDoor can be used with existing STANLEY access control products and rolled out to an entire building in under one hour, without the need for any new hardware.

Designed to be quick and simple to use, Stanley OneDoor removes the need for keycards and tags and all the management and associated costs that entails.  Instead, users gain access via their smartphones through the Stanley OneDoor App, ‘reading’ Stanley OneDoor tiles using either a QR code, via the app, or an NFC chip, just like Apple Pay and Google Pay.  Highly flexible, the system is secured with bank-level encryption and can also be used with traditional cards and tags where required.

For STANLEY Security access control customers, Stanley OneDoor provides significant benefits with no capital expenditure.  Instead, there is a competitively priced monthly subscription fee per door, with unlimited users.  Furthermore, costs associated with managing an access control system are largely removed, making Stanley OneDoor even more cost-effective.  Access can be managed remotely, with no requirement to be present to issue a virtual key.  All administration functions are also managed online and are comparable to existing systems.

There are environmental benefits to be had from this approach as existing hardware is used rather than heading for landfill and plastic cards and tags become a thing of the past.

Stanley OneDoor is not only cost-effective and convenient but also highly secure: lost or misplaced keycards are a regular occurrence and represent a security threat.  People are far more mindful of their Smartphone and,even if they are lost or stolen, remain more secure as fingerprint and facial recognition means the Stanley OneDoor app doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.  For high-security sites, Stanley OneDoor can also be configured to use restricted wi-fi networks and GPS Geofencing as additional security layers. Plus, with immediately accessible usage logs and access data, administrators can see up-to-date statistics about who’s in their building and how it’s being used.

Matthew Marriott, General Manager for STANLEY Security Great Britain, considers OneDoor to be a breakthrough product in access control: “OneDoor is one of the first solutions to emerge from our new approach to product development.  We are partnering with tech start-ups and companies at an early stage to bring refreshingly innovative technology to the market in a commercially viable form.  We are pleased to be working with Doordeck on this project and are now in a position to take OneDoor to market.”

William Bainborough, Chief Executive of Doordeck, said: “We are extremely excited to be partnering with STANLEY Security for Stanley OneDoor. We feel STANLEY Security not only understands the commercial value that Stanley OneDoor can bring to our customers, but also truly appreciates the technological expertise behind it.”

Stanley OneDoor joins STANLEY Security’s comprehensive range of access control solutions including STANLEY NT500, Paxton, PLAN and in the enterprise level access control PACOM, Lenel, S2, Honeywell Prowatch, C-Cure Software House and Genetec. STANLEY’s team of security experts has decades of experience designing and installing effective access control systems in a broad range of industries.

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