Stanley Security adopts digital asset mapping for improved service & maintenance

STANLEY Security, one of the UK’s leading security providers, has adopted an innovative asset mapping technology to provide customers with more efficient system maintenance & servicing than ever before.

‘Connected Assets’ is an advanced digital asset mapping technology that enables STANLEY Security to quickly and easily map out an entire security system and all its individual elements.  It allows for detailed additional information to be included, including images of equipment in situ.  Using Connected Assets, a visiting STANLEY engineer can now familiarise themselves with a customer’s security system before attending site and, whilst there, can quickly locate where specific items are that require servicing.  For customers, Connected Assets means an engineer can be on and off site quicker than ever before, making for a more efficient service with minimal disruption. 

For STANLEY Security it not only makes for happier customers, but also means STANLEY can make more efficient use of its resources.  For example, with a complex site, rather than wait for an engineer who is familiar with that site and its system(s), any available engineer can now be sent fully loaded with the information they need to conduct that service visit.

For Stephen Hodgkinson-Soto, STANLEY Security Service Director GB, Connected Assets marks a leap forward: “Most security companies use an asset register spreadsheet to detail an installed security system, but this is basic and limited in terms of what information you can include.  In a digital world, this approach is out of date.  Moving to Connected Assets enables us to add considerably more valuable information and our field engineers are using it to good effect.  It’s working well for our customers, big and small, from a single newsagent to a large international airport.”

STANLEY Security’s maintenance & servicing options include service plans with differing levels of support to suit customers’ needs.  It has a network of expert technicians UK wide who can repair or maintain security equipment to ensure that it’s fully functional.

Whilst STANLEY Security is currently using Connected Assets to map static assets for its own service and maintenance contracts, Derek McLean, Head of Technology Solutions at STANLEY Security, sees an even wider use for it: “Using Connected Assets for mapping customer’s security systems is the first step.  We are looking at ways to further develop and use this innovative technology.  For example, we are already combining it with asset utilisation.  Using technology such as Low Energy Bluetooth, GPS and RTLS Location Tracking, Temperature Monitoring and GSM we are able to provide real time information on assets, however large or small, both inside and outside a building.”

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