SkillswebSkillweb has launched the next generation of SmartTask to create an advanced employee scheduling and mobile workforce management solution that helps to better plan and manage security officers. As a result, companies will now be able to take advantage of an integrated tool which combines intelligent rostering, live monitoring and integrated proof of attendance across teams of both static and mobile officers, making sure they are at the right place, at the right time to meet all service requirements and perform reliably.

Every aspect of SmartTask has been designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind using more than 12 years of industry expertise, making it the ideal tool to plan and coordinate security requirements. This means that fewer rostering and control room staff will be required to handle a greater workload, while at the same time helping to deliver higher levels of service, operate compliantly and make the most of available resources.

In particular, Intelligent Rostering will streamline the planning and scheduling processes, significantly reducing the time and cost required to prepare rosters. It uses a unique workflow algorithm, which identifies suitable staff members based on job requirements, historical shift patterns, industry legislation and availability. This combined with a simple graphical layout, with fast navigation between rosters and drag and drop functionality, will enable schedulers to quickly view, populate and update shift patterns, meeting the exact needs of clients and optimising service delivery.

A live view for control room operations has been introduced to provide an interactive dashboard to allow companies to monitor the delivery of contracted work and take corrective action to avoid dropped shifts and non-compliance of service. It offers at-a-glance visibility, with real-time updates and automatic refresh, which provides a checklist of all missed and expected calls. Therefore, office-based controllers can track the attendance, status and safety of static and mobile personnel to respond quickly to any operational issues, security alerts and lone worker alarms.

The SmartTask solution has been developed using the latest cloud based technology and is delivered using a secure, robust and reliable Software as a Service (SaaS) package. This provides flexible management access to a simple to use solution from any web-enabled smartphone, tablet or PC, with a dashboard view of how a business is performing.

Paul Ridden, CEO of Skillweb commented: “We have upgraded SmartTask to help companies gain competitive advantage by taking control of their security officers and making sure they are operating in accordance with contract requirements.   As a result, it is suitable for security organisations of all sizes that are looking to enhance workforce management, reduce operational overheads, retain customers and win more business.”

SmartTask will continue to effectively capture integrated proof of time, attendance and work, enabling companies to monitor the status of both static and mobile security teams centrally from a single system. This real-time visibility offers an efficient means of managing a remotely-based workforce and provides complete peace of mind that personnel are safe and meeting agreed service commitments.

The activities of mobile personnel can be monitored using an app installed on a range of rugged or consumer smartphones. Security officers simply have to swipe unique tags at key locations to prove attendance, time, date, GPS and status. Meanwhile, sophisticated call taking software effectively captures and records the working hours of static personnel based at remote locations. Employees only need to call from a designated landline or mobile number, inputting their unique PIN and site number, to book on and off of shifts or register a check call.