Siqura At INTERSECSiqura, a leading camera surveillance solutions company, will once again have a presence at this year’s Intersec exhibition at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, 22 to 24 January, at booth SA-K24. During Intersec 2017, Siqura will showcase their latest surveillance innovations and solutions for mobility, public safety and the marine, oil and gas sectors.

New camera series for the Mobility market
During Intersec 2017, Siqura will introduce its new line of high-tech and innovative traffic cameras. An entire series that includes the TrafficPTZ, TunnelCam and CityDome. The Siqura TrafficPTZ, a Pan Tilt Zoom camera with high speed intelligent 30x zoom, gives traffic control operators the tools to react to any unwanted situation on the road or motorway that might interrupt traffic. Whether day or night.
The TunnelCam is designed to meet the demanding tunnel specifications. Enclosed in a rugged housing and able to withstand corroding exhaust, dirt and high pressure waterjets, the sensitive Siqura TunnelCam can perform with easy clarity, even in sub-optimal lighting conditions.
Siqura’s CityDome is an intelligent and innovative dome camera intended for traffic light intersections. The traffic light controller, sensors and other information can trigger the CityDome camera when abnormalities occur at an intersection. Images are then delivered to the traffic centre control room.

Enhanced public safety
The new Siqura camera line, the 1100 Series, enables more effective and efficient asset monitoring. The 1100 Series is available in all popular formats and features 3MP sensors, which offer a 50% greater camera coverage area than 2MP cameras. With improved image resolution and able to accommodate fixed and flexible installation needs, the new Siqura 1100 Series cameras offer many additional options for image enhancement. Even under difficult lighting conditions such as high contrast, fog and darkness. Naturally, this also leads to improvements in the reliability of the Video Content Analytics, VCA. The 1100 Series offers seamless integration with TKH Group security management systems, VDG Sense and iProtect.  Video surveillance solutions designed to increase safety and continuity, and reduce costs.
The 1100 Series has the latest encoder technology and smart, advanced shooting options such as region of interest and corridor mode enable a reduction of 30 to 40% in the necessary bandwidth and storage capacity. The most distinguishing features of the new Siqura cameras, however, are their intelligence. With detection options that include face recognition, area intrusion, audio, left luggage and trip wires, a contribution is made to significantly increase the operator’s “situational awareness” and public safety. After all, that is the main reason for possessing or purchasing a surveillance solution.

Cameras for the Marine market
Marine, oil and gas incidents can lead to a disruption of costly production processes or worse, to environmental disasters. Siqura’s mission is to help operators detect incidents at an early stage through state-of-the-art video surveillance tools, allowing operators to act before an incident escalates. Siqura’s advanced Safe Area video surveillance solutions cameras are ideal for use in harsh marine environments. With robust protection against water, extreme weather conditions and sand, these cameras give operators real-time overviews of mission-critical operations.
The Siqura Marine Dome surveillance solutions are flame resistant and explosion proof. The Marine Dome provides operators with 1080p video quality at 60 frames per second, resulting in crisp images and real-time control. For distribution and recording purposes, operators can choose from four IP streams in optimal formats and quality.
Thermal imaging comes into play with Siqura’s Man Overboard camera solution. On land or sea, this camera also enjoys robust protection against the elements and can read heat signatures. Extremely useful should a passenger or crew member fall into the cold water, or to distinguish between a camel and a person on a dark desert evening.
Additionally, these video surveillance solutions come with the unique Siqura Click and Go system. This system supports users with straightforward installation and maintenance.

Visit Siqura at Intersec
Come see Siqura’s innovative camera and surveillance solutions during Intersec 2017 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, 22 January to 24 January, at booth SA-K24.

About Siqura
Siqura B.V., part of TKH Security Solutions, is a global supplier of advanced video surveillance solutions. It provides a full range of network products based on open technology. Siqura offers a complete solution for the surveillance of marine, oil and gas locations, from explosion-protected cameras to intelligent control room software.