Samsung SRD series DVRs and SVS Hard Disk Expansion Units upgraded to take 2TB Hard Disk Drives

All DVRs in the Samsung H.264 SRD series have been upgraded to provide compatibility with the recently introduced selected 2TB hard disk drives manufactured by Seagate and Western Digital. For models featuring built-in DVD drives this allows up to 8TB of onboard storage and up to a massive 10TB for models without built-in DVD drives.

“The SRD series of DVRs have always been price competitive but they now offer even better value with the introduction of the 2TB hard disk drive compatibility,” said Peter Ainsworth, Senior Product Manager at Samsung Techwin Europe Ltd. “On medium to large size CCTV projects where there are a large number of cameras to be installed, the new potential storage capacity of each of model, combined with H.264 compression, means that far fewer units will have to be purchased than previously.

Samsung SVS series hard disk expansion units have also been upgraded to offer up to 8TB storage per unit. When used in conjunction with the range topping SRD-1670 DVR, users can achieve over 31 days real-time recording across 16 channels at full 4-CIF resolution, benefitting from a total of 24TB storage.

To make it easy to choose the correct hard disk, Samsung offers an upgrade kits that comes complete with everything needed to successfully replace or install new hard disks to SRD series DVRs or SVS series expansion units.

Available from all Samsung distributors, the SRD series of DVRs and SVS series of hard disk expansion units are offered with full support services from Samsung Techwin Europe Ltd, including free system design, free technical support and a full three-year warranty.