Relcross Keylex Digital Locks Online

Digital LockRelcross have launched a new website,  to sell their range of mechanical digital, PIN code and biometric (fingerprint) digital locks. They are designed for doors where authorized users are issued with a code and feature both heavy duty and standard duty options. Features include up to 16,000 code permutations, slipping clutch mechanisms and free exit without the use of the code. As these are mechanical locks, no electric wiring or electronics are required. The Electronic Pin and Biometric (fingerprint) options feature an on-board battery pack that allows for approximately 5000 operations.

Locks can be specified with or without key override, with various backset options and door thicknesses as well as a with choice of finishes and handles. Prices start from as little as £167 (plus VAT and carriage) for a Keylex 500 mechanical digital lock – ideal for storerooms or staff rooms where a basic level of security is required.

The introduction of a Keylex 700M mechanical digital lock to a door locked via a Multi-Point device actually enhances the security of that door. The ‘passage function’ of the lock, a standard feature of all Multi-Point locks, is automatically converted to a night latch function since, by default, the external lever can only be operated after entry of a valid code.

The Biometric PIN models feature sophisticated, patented technology to provide fingerprint control and/or coded entry with robust, proven lock cases from the world’s leading manufacturers. Up to 99 users at a time can be enrolled at the keypad by  whoever is afforded administrator access. The standard key override facility allows key holder access in all instances without fingerprint enrolment or prior knowledge of any PIN code (if set). Prices start from £492.00 (plus VAT and carriage).

For more information visit or call 01380 729600.