StanleyAn international leader in access control solutions for over 35 years, PAC has launched a new robust locking solution for the ease of securing internal doors. The new EL Smart Door Handle (SDH) is a simple to install, stylish, battery-operated electronic escutcheon that provides a reliable solution for electronic access control in commercial and residential applications.

Being committed to PAC’s legacy of providing truly versatile and scalable access control solutions, the EL SDH can be used standalone or connected wirelessly to PAC’s user friendly and intuitive access control software. When configured in standalone mode the EL SDH provides a battery life of up to two years and with all credentials added to the EL SDH locally it offers a quick and easy upgrade to the site’s security. When batteries run low the EL SDH has visual indicators and batteries can be replaced effortlessly within minutes.

If connected to the PAC software all key-holder updates, events and even battery status are transmitted to the controlling software providing real time data of all the important information on the system. The PC Administrator can set up time profiles to each SDH allowing free access to areas during defined times while maintaining security at all other times. Furthermore adding or removing credentials can be done instantly in the same way as a standard card reader.

PAC’s EL Smart Door Handle meets EN1906 and provides a full package both in terms of functionality and built quality. The EL SDH is available in 72, 90 and 92mm Euro profile centres and is suitable for doors with thickness from 30 to 110mm making it an ideal solution for doors that require additional security without the expense of installing a conventional access control system.

The EL Smart Door Handle features robust stainless steel housing and is equipped with an integral reader module capable of reading PAC’s unique Smart OPS cards and tokens for increased security and reliability as well as industry leading protocols MIFARE® and MIFARE DESFire EV1®.

Secure, cost efficient and simple to install, and operate the EL SDH is perfect for new sites, or for expanding or upgrading an existing access control system without the need of new wiring. Controlling additional doors on an existing PAC system where the cost of installing conventional wired access points may be complicated or expensive becomes easy with the EL SDH.

The EL Smart Door Handle is now available exclusively to PAC certified installers through PAC’s dealers and distribution partners. To learn more about the EL Smart Door Handle and PAC’s other products visit