Omni Security assures its clients after recent police investigations into security firms.

Unknown-2While a recent investigation involving Thames Valley Police and the Security Industry Authority (SIA) has highlighted growing concern about illegally licensed door staff, Omni Security would like to assure all of its customers, past, present and future, that all door staff are fully and legally licensed.

A company spokesperson said yesterday that Omni Security had always operated to the highest standards within the security industry and would continue to do so. “Our recruitment, vetting and training procedures are of the very highest standard. This allows us to hire the best possible staff and ensure the protection of our client’s property and premises. We pride ourselves on being able to repeatedly deliver these promises with honesty and reliability.”

Omni Security has always prided itself for its integrity, dedication and reliability and would like to assure customers that all of their staff operates under strict licensing regulations. Omni’s mission has and always will be to protect the life and property of its customer bases as and when required across a range of possible businesses environments and situations.

Omni feels that this is an important announcement following several investigations throughout Britain that have resulted in the all too frequent discovery of illegally operating security staff. An under body of the Home Office, the SIA has stressed the importance of ensuring that all security and door staff are fully licensed when working.

One woman was recently fined in the Coventry area after it was discovered that she had employed and allowed her unlicensed son to operate as a member of security personnel for her security company. The man, who was unlicensed, had worked at an under 18’s event. In another investigation, Thames Valley police cautioned a man who had been working with a license that he had produced by illegally photo editing an existing license.

The head of the investigation, Darren Woodhouse, said: “The use of fake licenses is a crime that can jeopardise the safety of the public […] our investigators will continue to work closely with Thames Valley Police to ensure that those working in security roles are correctly trained, vetted and licensed to do so.”

These falsely licensed employees only serve to bring the security industry into disrepute. This is something that Omni Security will not do as they routinely vet and check the background of all of their employees.


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