Maxxess provides a 0% interest rate solution to the credit crunch

Maxxess provides a 0% solutionIn a move designed to unlock a large bank of potential orders for its eFusion integrated security management software platform, Maxxess Systems has introduced a lease financing programme that could enable end-users to fund an upgrade to their security systems at 0% interest.

MaxFinancing will provide the capital for all the elements of a new or upgraded security system where eFusion has been specified. This can include labour costs as well as hardware such as access control readers, cameras, recording devices and servers.

“Installers and system integrators who we work closely with throughout the world have reported that the credit crunch is delaying the placing of orders for eFusion,” said Lee Copland, Managing Director EMEA of MAXXESS Systems. “It does seem ridiculous that well run and profitable businesses who need to improve their security are being prevented from doing so because of a lack of working capital. MaxFinancing, which we have put together with the support of an international bank, will give end-users the freedom to bring projects to fruition sooner rather than later, whilst at the same time generate valuable new lease for our business partners.”

Provided the end-user has a good credit rating and the hardware represents 65% of the total project price, a 0% interest rate will be applied to a three year lease finance arrangement. “In these situations it could not be simpler to work out what the monthly repayments will be, i.e. just divide the cost of the project by 36,” said Lee. “Where the hardware is less than 65% of the total costs, or where the end-user has a ‘B’ rating, there will be an interest charge but it is likely to be at a rate which is lower than that currently being offered by other finance houses.”

About Maxxess

Maxxess offers security solutions that range from traditional access control to sophisticated state-of-the-art security solutions that provide business and government with the very highest-level of security management

Our systems are installed worldwide and range from systems for small and medium businesses to large campus installations managing hundreds of access points and more than one hundred thousand identities.

Maxxess systems also integrate most safety, security and emergency management functions to present the security staff with an integrated event management framework.

All of Maxxess solutions are built on an open architecture and framework architecture. The framework can be readily expanded to meet customer growth. Customers only need to buy what they need, when they need it. This provides operational continuity and protects our customer’s investment. These solutions are usually 20-30% more cost effective than the more traditional security systems.


Maxxess Systems is a privately held company with its main headquarters in Anaheim, California.

Maxxess Systems Europe, Ltd operates in the U.K. and services Europe, Middle East and Africa.


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