KBC Unveils New WESII Wireless Transmission Range

KBC Wireless Transmission

London, UK 14th September 2011 KBC Networks, manufacturer of industrial wireless transmission equipment, has introduced its WESII wireless transmission range. The point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless Ethernet units are now available globally, offering a flexible and low-cost solution where it’s not possible or cost-effective to install cable.

Supporting a 10/100 Ethernet interface, the KBC WESII units provide wireless connectivity for a range of IP devices such as megapixel or HD cameras, DVRs, encoders & decoders and web servers. IEEE802.11a/n and 802.11h compliance means that the WESII units operate in the license-free 5GHz band; feature MIMO technology to increase system throughput and transmission distance, and comply with DFS and TPC standards (Dynamic Frequency Selection and Transmit Power Control). The units provide up to 100Mbps of usable throughput and employ WPA2 encryption to prevent unauthorised access.

The KBC WESII units are straightforward to set up and configure. They feature a built-in site survey tool to assess local, in-band noise which allows an appropriate transmission frequency to be selected. In addition, an antenna alignment tool gives the ability to check the signal strength at the client and the host end, ensuring that the antennas are positioned to use the optimal signal path.

Built to perform in unconditioned environments, the WESII products have weatherproof casings, wide operating temperature ranges (-40 – +74°C) and passive midspan compliant PoE support. The units come with the option of a number of directional and omni-directional antennas.

Iain Deuchars, President of KBC Networks EMEA commented on the new product range, “The launch of WESII allows us to provide wireless products to our customers throughout the globe. KBC is one of the only manufacturers to deliver transmission solutions – instead of steering customers down a route that suits a particular product range, we’re proud to offer our customers the right transmission technology for their system requirements.”
The units are designed for a range of CCTV, surveillance and industrial control applications in sites including town and city centres, university campuses, industrial and commercial facilities, apartment complexes, government and military sites, borders and perimeters, ports, harbours and transportation corridors such as highways and railways.

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