KBC Launches HT Wireless Ranges with even greater performance

KBC_WES2HT_and_Mesh2HTLondon, UK – September 24th 2013– KBC Networks’ new wireless HT range is promising to deliver simplicity, reliability with even greater performance. The communications provider has announced that its latest generation of wireless Ethernet products will enable customers to obtain even greater throughput over their wireless links.

KBC’s new wireless HT products have been demonstrated to provide useable throughput in excess of 230Mbps across a wireless link. The units also feature a Gigabit port making them ideal for backhaul and megapixel camera installations.

The new KBC HT series is available in all of KBC’s wireless formats: point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and redundant ring mesh with both passive PoE and 802.3af/at PoE variants. The products also boast the same plug-and-play design as KBC’s existing WESII and MeshII ranges.

Steve Kuntz, President, KBC Networks, commented on the latest additions to the KBC wireless family, “The new HT products will allow our customers to up-scale their wireless transmission to meet the growing demands of the latest Megapixel cameras as well as delivering backhaul links. We’ve been providing innovative wireless products for 20 years now, and that experience has taught us that our customers need reliable and straightforward solutions. They need to deliver secure and stable transmission to their customers, and at the same time, minimize the time spent on site. All of our wireless ranges enable our customers to achieve just that– and now, the higher throughput range will enable them to access even more wireless applications for their customers.”

The HT range units are 100% compatible with KBC’s WESII and MeshII wireless ranges and feature KBC’s antenna alignment and mapping tools to ensure optimum system setup. The latest wireless encryption standards ensure that transmission remains secure and extended operating temperatures and industrial casings deliver performance in industrial and non-conditioned environments.

Further information about KBC’s wireless HT ranges can be found at: http://www.kbcnetworks.com/ht