Introducing the TunnelCam Ultimo

TunnelCam UltimoTKH Security Solutions, a market leader in full-service surveillance solutions, is proud to introduce their latest surveillance camera for the Mobility market; the TunnelCam Ultimo. This cost-effective, compact, and lightweight tunnel camera can be installed by one person. The Ultimo can offer cross-sensor intelligence possibilities, and it is possible to interchange optical and thermal views simultaneously over a single IP address. This means easier installation, and that fewer cables and switch ports are needed. The Ultimo can be ordered with several cabling options, pre-configured settings and power supply options. Best of all, the TunnelCam Ultimo can be installed right out of the box.

Robust tunnel camera
Tunnels are some of the most dangerous places in the world. That is why tunnels longer than 500 meters are required to be outfitted with security cameras. The TKH Security Solutions TunnelCam Ultimo is specially designed for tunnel applications. Not only can the Ultimo withstand the harsh tunnel environments of corrosive exhaust gasses and vibrations, it can also endure the high-pressure water jets used during periodical tunnel cleaning.

Speedy emergency and fire response
Thanks to its ability to capture clear images and locate heat sources, the TunnelCam Ultimo offers outstanding tunnel safety and fire protection. It is also possible to install 3rd party AID in the camera, allowing for automatic incident detection. Should a fire or incident occur in a tunnel protected by the TunnelCam Ultimo, the tunnel control center operators and personnel can respond immediately; the incident or fire is then reported to the motorway control center, so that traffic coming in to and out of the tunnel can be rerouted or stopped. This helps to avoid any further complications.

An affordable solution
There are no ‘hidden costs’ where the Ultimo is concerned. Taking logistics, assembly, installation hours, and commissioning into account, the TKH Security Solutions TunnelCam Ultimo is the most cost-effective tunnel surveillance camera on the market today.

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