‘Integrated Electronic Security A Layered Approach’ by Martin Grigg

Integrated Electronic Security INTEGRATED ELECTRONIC SECURITY IES by M Grigg Front Cover- press imageby Martin Grigg, a security consultant with international standing, has written a physical security textbook embracing the IP revolution. The book covers sectors including CCTV, access control, perimeter intrusion, biometrics and video analytics.
Grigg believes that a new breed of engineer is needed to design, install and maintain modern, integrated security systems. The book is also aimed at students and at end-users who are looking to maximise the return on their security schemes.
The author describes the components of an integrated system in language that is suitable for both professionals and novices alike. The text guides the reader through the available technologies used to detect, verify and manage security events. ‘Integrated Electronic Security’ will bring the reader up-to-date with emerging technology and will demystify jargon into plain English. While covering IP applications in depth, the book does not neglect legacy analogue technology.
Grigg has a depth of understanding and track record as an international consultant on mission-critical applications. He explains theory through actual examples. These scenarios will be meaningful to readers who are dealing with real-life security threats and trying to evaluate the array of solutions available to them.
A starting point for those who want to enter the industry and a point of reference for those already in it, ‘Integrated Electronic Security’ will be of interest to readers in associated sectors such as facilities management, manned guarding and electrical design. Grigg writes with an awareness of IT, the increasing convergence of various building management disciplines and their shared infrastructures.
A free e-book ‘taster’ edition of ‘Integrated Security’ is available at http://tectec-online.com/documents/free-ebook.pdf  and can be viewed on PC, tablet PC and e-book reader. There is a click-though mechanism to purchase the book at £34.95 which includes worldwide postage. The full version of the book contains detailed illustrations and explanations of the technologies available and how they are applied. The book is international in scope; examples and terminology are equally applicable in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Pacific Rim and Far East.
Published by tectec-online: 2014 ISBN: 978-0-9927250-0-6, 261 pages price: £34.99

‘E-taster’ book – http://tectec-online.com/documents/free-ebook.pdf


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