EVE is a no-nonsense approach to IP-based video surveillance.

Siqura_EVE_compilatie_3This brand new line-up of affordable click & go video encoders upgrades your analogue CCTV system to a high-performance IP solution, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the digital age. Siqura, a global supplier of advanced video surveillance solutions, today announced the release of EVE, a new range of plugand- play video encoders. EVE encoders are small, affordable and easy-to-use devices that digitize analogue video signals

and send them directly over any IP network. EVE is the first encoder to support 960H-enhanced video streams. Analogue surveillance systems are closed circuits that tie you to the location where they are used. IP technology, on the other hand, paves the way to full connectivity: it allows you to transfer video to any destination you want. That means live footage can be viewed in the central control room, while a duplicate stream is sent to a remote recorder or to the mobile device of one of your operators.

Flexibility, scalability, a higher level of data security: the advantages of IP are very exciting indeed. EVE encoders complement this functionality with a number of features that are normally only found in high-end devices, such as 960H resolution, image quality enhancement (motion-adaptive deinterlacing, 3D noise filter, fog correction) and proven interoperability with third-party systems.

EVE comes in three different flavours. EVE ONE lets you migrate to IP one camera at a time. All you need to do is fit this compact single-channel video encoder into the housing or connection box of your analogue camera and you can operate that camera from anywhere you like. Looking for extra surveillance power? EVE FOUR upgrades four analogue cameras to IP, while EVE 4×4, a sixteen-channel rack encoder, is the perfect replacement for your DVR or analogue video switcher.

“Many companies relying on analogue video surveillance are looking for ways to tap into the huge potential offered by IP technology,” says Roger Decker, Managing Director at Siqura. “However, a full-blown migration is something not all can afford. With EVE, customers can make the move from analogue to digital at a rate that suits their budget. These cost-effective encoders give them all the benefits of IP while protecting the investment they have made in their existing infrastructure.”

About Siqura
Siqura B.V., part of TKH Security Solutions, is a global supplier of advanced video surveillance solutions. It provides a full range of network products based on open technology that simplifies integration and installation. Siqura solutions offer a perfect blend of ease of use and processing power, enabling end users to optimise the effectiveness of their surveillance systems while reducing the total cost of ownership.