Discover the W Panel, the new panel of RSI Video Technologies at SECURITY ESSEN

RSI-wpanelRSI Video Technologies is proud to announce the launch of a new panel, the W panel. The company develops innovative wireless self-powered solutions to resolve security problems for commercial, residential and government applications.  Already sold in France by the largest suppliers of security systems such as banks and insurance companies and by leading monitoring stations, our products have demonstrated their capability with more than thousands of systems already installed.

Jeanne-Marie Ferré, RSI Video Technologies’s Marketing and Communication Manager, says: “RSI Video Technologies has become a market leader through its efforts to listen to and exceed the expectations of its customer base. Security Essen provides the biggest shop window for the security sector in Europe and having our own stand is an important opportunity to demonstrate RSI Video Technologies’s growth in the global market. We very much look forward to meeting our customers face-to-face and having the opportunity to provide a greater insight into our product and service development strategy.”

RSI Video Technologies will be in Hall 2.0 at stand 113 during Security Essen.

When we know that a few minutes are needed for criminals to commit a burglary, we understand the need for an efficient system. RSI Video Technologies has developed an advanced technology that is activated within a few seconds during a burglary: the video verification. When one of the PIRs is triggered the system goes into alarm in the same way as a standard alarm system, but the PIR also generates a 10 second video clip which is automatically sent with the alarm event to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). An ARC is available 24/7 to monitor your system and when an alarm is received the operator will basically be able to view what has activated the PIR. The operators can then action an urgent response for a genuine crime in progress, whereas costly false alarms can be discounted. In many countries around the world now, the law requires visual confirmation of a break-in when an alarm is received by a central monitoring station, before law enforcement can be called in, with risk of a 450€ fine if this is not observed. This measure is meant to avoid unnecessary callouts (more than 95% of alarms triggered are due to improper settings), and especially to increase the efficiency of the police, so that they are only called when it is really necessary.

No wire for transmission either because it works via the GSM/GPRS networks. Communicating with the panel by bi-directional RF, the detectors/cameras MotionViewers are totally autonomous. Battery operated, they offer 4 years of autonomy (for the domestic product), with no physical connection required.

Our new product for this tradeshow is the W panel. The W panel is a wireless alarm system with the capability of verifying an intrusion with videos and sending it through cellular, Ethernet or WLAN. It is designed to protect persons and goods in residential and small business applications where the location of the panel as Ethernet, WLAN or GSM connection. Targets are installers, dealers, monitoring centers…

It’s a product really groundbreaking! The W panel is a modular system composed with options like a wifi module, a wired siren, an Input / output module… The W panel, along with all Videofied devices uses patented S2View® – Spread Spectrum, Videofied, Interactive, AES Encrypted Wireless technology, providing optimum signal integrity and security. Bi-directional RF communication between all system devices and the system control panel assure high signal reliability. Integrated antennas eliminate protruding wires or heavy rods to install and unsightly to consumers, and if damaged could lead to potential system communication problems.

The panel supervises every device (excluding the remote keyfob) to monitor current open/close state, tamper condition, serial number, date of manufacture, firmware revision, and battery status. It’s the most advanced security system with colour video verification, with a bi-directional radio range in 868 MHz European operating frequency.

The user has a protection in a secured area equipped with detection devices (door contacts, PIR, Smoke detectors…). He has the ability to arm and disarm his system through tags, keypads, keyfobs, and smartphone applications.

The W panel can operate with VideoApp4All which provides the reassurance and convenience of remote video request and review (arm, disarm, and request videos and photos…). The video verification eliminates all false alarms. It’s not necessary to have an intervention on the site. The W panel is conform to common certifications: EN50131, NFA2P.

A complete range
The Videofied systems consists of a panel, detectors/cameras Motionviewers and their accessories, motion detector, smoke detector, and an operating system (keyboard, remote control…). The products are installed everywhere, indoor they protect installations (pipes, copper cable, air conditioners…) and outdoor they protect building site machinery, construction site. The installation is quick and easy due to wireless technology. The system is designed to catch looters and stop before they leave with goods.

  •  Wireless
  •  Battery life : 4 years
  •  Weatherfproof (-20°C /+60°C)
  •  Installation is quick and easy
  •  Colour video
  •  No more false alarm

With Videofied, the ARC can:

  • Video verify : actual intrusion ?
  • Save time : no need to move when it’s a false alarm
  • Priority Response in case of actual incident
  • Offer to the end users a wide range of products for varied applications
  • Offer to the end users a range of services and additional options with smartphone Apps

To ensure an effective protection, Videofied products are always installed by security professionals.

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